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Assistance for Belizean Students Abroad

The Deputy Chief Education Officer Doctor Neulin Villanueva also addressed the matter of Belizeans students who are stuck overseas and unable to return home except under special circumstances, because borders [...]

Deputy Chief Education Officer Explains Education Rules Regarding Graduations, Promotions

Doctor Neulin Villanueva also spoke on promotions and graduations in primary and high school. The Ministry has decided that students will be promoted though exams will not be taken.  Doctor [...]

Finnegan Commends Teachers Amid Delayed Salaries

Educators across the country, those whose salaries are covered by government, will be paid on April twenty-ninth, along with all other public officers.  The unusually tardy payday is the result [...]

M.O.E. Cuts Back Schools’ Subventions for April

The Ministry of Education says that the nearly non-existent revenue flow has forced it to make a difficult decision. The Ministry has decided, after a meeting with managing authorities that [...]

UB “Steps Up” Using Online Education

The University of Belize has made plans for its student body and while its president, Professor Clement Sankat, hopes to complete semester-two of this academic year, those hopes depend entirely [...]

Late Pay for Teachers Sparks Concerns About Salaries

April twenty-fourth is the last Friday of the month and across the country several thousand teachers were expecting that their salaries would have been deposited in their accounts going into [...]

No Guarantees that Teachers Will Receive Full Pay Going Forward

In a meeting with Financial Secretary Joseph Waight back in March, assurances were given that teachers would be paid at the end of each month, notwithstanding the financial constraints.  The [...]

Harvard Students Offer Free Tutoring to Belizean Students

A group of Harvard students and one from Emory University have joined efforts to provide free tutoring service for fourth and six formers while classes remain suspended. The services are [...]

MOE Re-Emphasizes Response and Action for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Schools

Deputy Chief Education Officer Cecilia Ramirez Smith was the featured guest on today’s Ask the Experts Webcast.  Students are at home doing home-based learning and so the Ministry of Education [...]

MOE Says School Work During SOE Not Meant to be Assessed for Grades

And continuing on the matter of education, Cecilia Ramirez Smith says that the lessons and work being given to students from the pre-primary, to high school levels must not be [...]

Teachers Licenses Continue to Process!

While that information is for the students, there is also some news tonight for the teachers. Cecilia Ramirez Smith of the Ministry of Education announced that the processing of teachers [...]

MOE Offers Online Resources for Teachers

…and while the ministry has called on teachers to play a critical role during this time that classes remain closed, today Cecilia Ramirez Smith says that they are also making [...]

COVID-19 Disrupts Present Academic Calendar; All Schools Remain Closed

High Schools normally close in May followed by primary schools in June for the summer break. But COVID-19 has disrupted every facet of life. The Ministry of Education today announced [...]

Can Government Meet Teachers Wage Bill?

A new budget for the 2020 fiscal calendar came into effect at the beginning of April, but with the fluid economic situation involving COVID-19, there are concerns as to whether [...]

Education Budget Remains Intact Says Patrick Faber

The fiscal allowance for education is the second largest area for recurrent expenditure for government, after the Ministry of Finance.  Given the dire state of the local economy amid the [...]

Ministry of Education Recommends CPD for Teachers on Vacation

Ending the school year with home-based learning is a historic first for the education sector when traditionally the months of May and June are reserved for examinations.  Whereas BJAT, P.S.E. [...]

When Will School Reopen?

When will classes be re-opened? That’s the question parents, teachers and students are asking. But that answer isn’t so clear cut at this time. As you know there are a [...]

Home-based Learning Continues; BJAT, PSE and CXC Postponed Indefinitely

Schools across the country have closed due to COVID-19 as a way to enforce social distancing among the young.  It means that thousands of children are now at home and [...]

National Hand Washing Day; Clean Hands Save Lives

National Hand Washing Day was celebrated today; to mark the occasion hand washing stations were set up across the country where residents were exposed to proper techniques to keep your [...]

Education Minister of COVID-19, Implications and Way Forward

One of the preventative measures taken in preparation against the novel coronavirus is that schools at all levels and across the country will be closed for two weeks leading into [...]

Students to Practice Home-Based Learning During 2 Weeks of No Classes

Going forward, schools are being asked to provide parents with a home-based learning plan for their children.  Parents are to ensure that students spend a part of each day in [...]

Ministry of Education Suspends P.S.E., CSEC and CAPE Exams

As for the Primary School Examination and the CSEC, those have been postponed indefinitely, says Minister Faber. According to Faber, it is not certain when students will sit the tests. [...]

2020 P.S.E. Suspended Amid Coronavirus Threat

Primary School Examinations, the first sitting which was to have been held on March thirty-first, have been suspended amid the COVID-19 threat.  That decision comes from the Ministry of Education [...]

Created for Success – Nazarene High Hosts its Biennial Expo

The compound of the Nazarene High School was buzzing with activity today as students participated in an expo to show off their knowledge and skills. While some students chose to [...]

Healthy Living: SCA Tests Cyber-School Day

The W.H.O. declared COVID-19 a pandemic on Wednesday, acknowledging that the disease is spreading across the globe. You saw earlier in the newscast the Prime Minister outlining the country’s preparation [...]