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Price for Diesel Goes Up

It is rough for consumers across the country due to COVID-19 pandemic and this Wednesday, it is going to be tougher.  That’s because the price of diesel will take a [...]

Government Asks Ministries to Cut Down on Rental Cost

Government continues to cut costs as it struggles with the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its latest austerity measure is cutting down on rental costs. A memo dated July [...]

Dissecting the PUC/BEL/Santander Quagmire

The Public Utilities Commission is enforcing an order which makes it compulsory for Belize Electricity Limited to sign on to a power purchase agreement with Santander Sugar for the supply [...]

36 P.B.L. Workers to be Made Redundant?

Thirty-six workers of the Port of Belize Limited are staring down termination. Of the thirty-six employees, twenty-nine of them are members of the Christian Workers Union.  The declared redundancies may [...]

N.H.I.’s Facing Financial Problems; Support Services Caps Exhausted for July

There is bad news tonight for persons who rely on the National Health Insurance Programme. A notice was issued today and it says that all referrals have been exhausted for [...]

New Limits on International Credit Accounts

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreck havoc on the economy and budget cuts are been imposed in most sectors, the foreign exchange crunch is not improving.  Businesses are being [...]

International Financial Assistance is Trickling in for Belize’s COVID-19 Response

The economy has been ravaged by the COVID-19 and up to date, not all the assistance sought from the international financial institutions has been received including from  International Monetary Fund  [...]

B.C.C.I. Calls on G.O.B. to Exercise Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance

The Barrow administration is being called upon to exercise transparency, accountability and good governance.  This comes on the heels of long term contracts recently issued past the life of the [...]

Everything Elsy – a Delicious Assortment of Fresh Fruit Arrangements

In the following story you will meet an enterprising single mother of four children. She is Elsy Rosales and she started a small business from scratch. She did not have [...]

N.H.I.’s Budget Cut

Last week, we reported on the cuts at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where Doctors Fernando Cuellar and Amin Hegar have been terminated.  Tonight, we can confirm that the National [...]

Dalla Vans Increase Price by 100%

The dollar fare on the well-known ‘Dalla Van’ that run in the south side of the city is soaring by as much as a hundred percent. Commuters are now paying [...]

C.W.U. Continues Protest Against P.B.L.

The staff at the Port of Belize Limited today continued their demonstration against their employer. The management at the Port has decided to cut staff salaries by ten percent due [...]

More Details on G.O.B.’s M.S.M.E. Support Programme

The government on Thursday presented its plan to financially assist micro, small, and medium enterprises that have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Up to fourteen million dollars are [...]

Application for M.S.M.E. Support Programme Starts on August First

According to C.E.O. in the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Commerce, Duane Belisle, the M.S.M.E. Support Programme will be implemented over a course of three months starting on August first, when the [...]

An MSME Support Program for Private Sector Businesses

As government prepares to rollout out phase two of its unemployment relief program, it is also gearing up for the introduction of another initiative to assist micro, small and medium [...]

Up to Fourteen Million Dollars in MSME Assistance

The application process will run for a period of twenty-one days beginning in August.  There are specific conditions to qualify for assistance, including the use of those monies to cover [...]

4 Loan Motions Passed by Senate, including a C.D.B. Loan to Service Debt

The Senate met today in Belmopan on four loan motions that were tabled in the House last Friday and were passed after heated debate. Government is borrowing a total of [...]

Private Sector Senator Says G.O.B. Has No Plan for Economic Recovery

According to Private Sector Senator Mark Lizarraga, the government has no solid plan for economic recovery and the right thing to do is to call elections now to give way [...]

I.D.B. Loan to Provide Safety Nets for Vulnerable Populations Affected by COVID-19

Forty-five thousand persons have benefitted from the COVID-19 Relief Programme by the government; fifteen thousand were directly employed in the tourism industry. Those were the figures presented by Doctor Carla [...]

Is Money for Election?

But Lead P.U.P. Senator Michel Chebat is asking where the millions of dollars went, concluding that the government is asking for money for electioneering.   Michel Chebat, Lead P.U.P. Senator [...]

The Financial Position of the Council as Recovers from COVID-19

COVID-19 affected many businesses, including the town and city councils across the country; in Belize City, the revenue stream trickled as services came to a screeching halt, though CitCo provided [...]

Series 1 of Municipal Bond a Success; 23 Streets to be Fixed!

In March, prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, the Belize City Council launched a ten-million-dollar municipal bond. Back then, it was announced, that the monies would be used to retire any [...]

Foodie Expo Held in Belize City

A gastronomic event took place this weekend; it was a Foodie Expo that brought together persons in the food industry.  It was staged at 501 Hub in Belize City on [...]

A First Cohort of Entrepreneurs from the Belize Accelerator Program

The Belize City Council has embarked on a programme to assist new businesses. They are providing training and some equipment to assist businesses to get off the ground. The initiative, [...]

Sparks Fly Over Loan Motions

On Friday, sparks flew in the National Assembly building during the Sitting of the House of Representatives when loan motions were tabled.  One such involved the Caribbean Development Bank COVID-19 [...]