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Girls and Women are Disproportionately Affected by Climate Change in Trinidad and Tobago

Girls and women are disproportionately affected by climate change. Gender disparities have resulted in threats to the safety, health, and livelihoods of these groups, all of which are amplified during [...]

Sarteneja Fisherman Fined $38K for Out-of-season Conchs

The conch season officially opens on Sunday, October first, and will run through to the end of June 2024.  If the production quota is realized earlier, the conch season will [...]

U.D.P. Celebrates its Fiftieth Anniversary

The United Democratic Party is celebrating a milestone today as it turns fifty.  The political organization was founded on September twenty-seventh, 1973, as an amalgamation of the National Independence Party [...]

The Development Finance Corporation Celebrates 60 Years

The Development Finance Corporation has endured the test of the last sixty years. Today the financial institution celebrated its sixtieth year of service to Belize. D.F.C. has faced its share [...]

Economic Growth Starting to Slow in 2023?

Additional data coming out of the Statistical Institute of Belize also shows that the G.D.P. growth for the second quarter in 2023 was two point six percent. This is the [...]

Prime Minister Encourage Banks to Lend More to Belizeans

And staying on finances, in its last report, the Central Bank announced that there is excess liquidity in Belize’s financial system. Central Bank noted that most of this liquidity is [...]

Briceño Administration Wants to Ramp up MIDH Housing Project

And, with a commitment to build ten thousand homes for Belizeans, Prime Minister John Briceño says Cabinet is looking at ways to increase funding for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development’s [...]

Do You Know Why Your Insurance Premiums Went Up?

Insurance premiums – it is a conversation we don’t want to have until an accident, misfortune or disaster hits and we need that financial support to get back on our [...]

Inflation at 4.5%, Imports Up & Exports Down so far for 2023

Today, the Statistical Institute of Belize held its quarterly press conference, looking primarily at the second quarter of 2023. The presentations centred on the gross domestic product estimates of the [...]

Government of Belize to Offer Relief to Citrus Industry

And one of those agriculture industries that the PM says is underperforming is the citrus industry. The Minister of Agriculture, Jose Mai says the government has undertaken numerous initiatives recently [...]

El Salvador Looks to Belize for Grain

El Salvador’s Minister of Agriculture, Oscar Enrique Guardado and a technical team have wrapped up a two-day visit to Belize, where they toured selected farms. The purpose of the trip [...]

Minister Mai: El Salvador Serious About Importing Grain from Belize

The two countries plan to begin trading before the year ends, however, there is all the red tape that must be dealt with, and then of course, the supply and [...]

Another Mega Bingo Jackpot Winner in 10 Days

There is a new Mega Bingo jackpot winner; the second in less than two weeks. She is a mother of an eleven-year-old son who has been playing the game since [...]

Grace Kennedy Belize Donates Hand Sanitizers to K.H.M.H.

One could never have too many sanitary supplies at the nation’s referral hospital. Today, Grace Kennedy Belize donated thirty-six gallons of hand sanitizers to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The [...]

U.D.P. Says It’s Ready for March 2024 Municipals

The next municipal elections are slated for March 2024 and both major political organizations are putting together their respective lists of candidates who will be taking part in the upcoming [...]

125 Applications to Run Under PUP Banner in Municipals 2024

Last night, we told you about the People’s United Party’s meeting at Independence Hall where the national executive discussed the municipal elections slates for March 2024. As many as one [...]

Sending Security to Haiti from Belize

When a high-level U.S. delegation visited Belize in early August, discussions were held about the likelihood of Belize joining a multinational security mission to Haiti to help stabilize the country. [...]

Shyne Sympathizes with Haiti, but Supports Conscription

When asked for his thoughts on Belize joining the international community in aiding Haiti in this time of upheaval, Opposition Leader Shyne Barrow also used the opportunity to suggest that [...]

Shyne’s Take on Addressing Inflation Crisis

The steep hike in the cost of basic food items, fuel and other essentials, remains an issue that the Government of Belize is grappling with.  Several measures have been put [...]

Tacos for Breakfast is Culture, But Prices Have Increased

Tacos have been a Belizean staple in every city, town, and village over the last three decades. Many vendors have raised their families by making and selling tacos. They have [...]

Belmopan Vendor Enraged Over Lack of Council’s Consultation

A well-known Belmopan vendor who has been operating in Mae Gordon Park for the past fifteen years is tonight up in arms. Guadalupe Gabourel, the owner of G2 Barbeque, claims [...]

Sugar is Scarce, But Why?

Housewives and bakers experienced the most unusual of situations last week when they discovered that sugar had gone scarce and they were allowed to purchase only a couple pounds each. [...]

Minister Mai to A.S.R/B.S.I & B.S.C.F.A: Resolve Your Issues & Get On with the Business

For well over a year now, government officials have been trying to help the American Sugar Refineries and its partner, the Belize Sugar Industries Limited and the Belize Sugar Cane [...]

Opposition Leader Cans Prime Minister’s Independence Address

Prime Minister John Briceño delivered his annual Independence Day address last Thursday in Belmopan, where an official ceremony was held in commemoration of Belize’s forty second anniversary of self-rule.  His [...]

Why Borrow Money to Build Another Administration Building in Belize City?

On Friday, the Social Security Board introduced a proposal for the construction of another administration building adjacent to the Eleanor Hall Building on Lake Independence Boulevard.  That undertaking would be [...]