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The Financial Secretary Comments on Bond Payment extension

It has been reported in the international press and today the Financial Secretary Joseph Waight said that yes, some of Belize’s creditors have agreed to extend the grace period on [...]

FinSec on International Financing

But, undoubtedly these repeated defaults on loan payments to bond holders have had a negative impact on Belize’s international reputation.  Waight says Belize continues to bilateral financing, but he acknowledges [...]

Is Belize Passed the Worst in Terms of Foreign Reserves?

Belize’s foreign reserves have withstood some of the worst days it has seen. Now, the Financial Secretary says the nation’s reserves are bouncing back. He noted that the process to [...]

P.S.U. Prez Breaks Down the New Pay Scale

In our analysis of the new pay scales for teachers and public officers, we spoke with Dean Flowers, President of the Public Service Union.  He gave us a perspective on [...]

New Pay Scale to Affect Public Officers Making More than Twelve Thousand Dollars

Financial Secretary Joseph Waight says the new pay scale for government workers and teachers is backed by agreements made in negotiations with the Unions and legislations passed in the House. [...]

Financial Secretary Urges “Be good citizens”

The Financial Secretary also appealed to the wider Belizean to assist in the nation’s economic recovery.  Waight says in addition to paying their taxes, people should view the economic rebound [...]

New Pay Scales a Set Back for Public Officers and Teachers

The ten percent salary reduction for teachers and public officers, which came into force at the beginning of June, is even more dire than what was previously anticipated.  That is [...]

D.P.M. says the Wage Cuts are Not Forever

According to Deputy Prime Minister Cordel Hyde, however, the enactment of a new pay scale is for legal purposes and does not affect government’s commitment to implement the wage cuts [...]

Acting PM Says Pay Cuts Were Difficult Decision

And, while teachers and public servants will feel the pinch of the salary deduction in their next paycheck, Deputy PM Cordel Hyde says he too is feeling pain and discomfort. [...]

New Business Complex Opened in Belmopan

The City of Belmopan has a new landmark.  The David L. McKoy Business Center, which sits on the Social Security Board compound, was officially opened today.  The building is named [...]

Salary Reductions “Kick Een” for Teachers and Public Officers

It’s official: salaries for teachers, public officers and open vote workers will be readjusted to reflect a ten percent reduction as of June first.  Earlier today, Financial Secretary Joseph Waight [...]

Bondholders Agree to Grace Period Extension

On Monday, Prime Minister John Briceño said in an interview on Channel Five’s Open Your Eyes that Belize’s international bondholders had been playing what he called “hard ball,” but were [...]

Public Service Vacancies Now Online and Training Given to Finance Officers

Job seekers may be interested to know that openings in the public service will soon be advertised on a new job search website launched today. According to the ministry, the [...]

Prime Minister Briceño: “Bondholders Playing Hardball”

On the topic of the so called “super bond,” PM John Briceño says that his government will not continue to pay unless there are further renegotiations.  As we told you [...]

Senators on Offshore Financial Services

On Friday, the Senate also debated the Income and Business Tax amendment bill 2021 which seeks to reposition Belize as an appealing option for the offshore financial sector. With many [...]

G.O.B. Has Not Consulted U.D.P. on Superbond Coupon Extension

On June first, the Ministry of Finance issued a press release to say that government was seeking to extend the time of consent solicitation to Friday June eleventh in order [...]

Creditors Reject G.O.B.’s Latest Super Bond Proposal

Bondholders of Belize’s five hundred and fifty million U.S. dollar external debt have once again rejected government’s proposal of new terms until a meeting is held among all parties.  The [...]

Ten Percent Salary Reduction Takes Effect Today

The Briceño administration is proceeding with the reduction of working hours for public officers effective June fourteenth.  This morning, Public Service C.E.O. Rolando Zetina sent a circular memo to the [...]

“Dark Days of Summer” Ahead for CitCo

We also asked Mayor Wagner about the flow of the tax revenue coming into the Belize City Council. He says hard times mean it is harder to collect taxes owed [...]

First Reading to Introduce 10% Salary Cut

While teachers were outside demonstrating on Independence Hill, Prime Minister Briceño introduced a motion that, when passed, will see the reduction of their monthly salaries by ten percent.  It will [...]

To Reiterate, No IMF Standby Program for Belize

As previously reported, Belize was unable to meet its “superbond” payment last Thursday, resulting in a default on its commitment to bondholders.  During today’s house meeting, Prime Minister John Briceño [...]

More Gas Problems for Motorists

Premium, regular and diesel gasoline remain the most sought after commodities tonight, amid a shortage of fuel that has been affecting consumers since Tuesday.  An expected shipment of fuel was [...]

LPG Prices Decrease

Turning to liquefied petroleum gas prices….a release from the Supplies Control Unit indicates the wholesale price of LPG will drop to three dollars and thirty-nine cents.  This price will be [...]

Fuel Shortage Causes Panic Buying

There were long lines, honking horns and chaos at service stations from north to south today, as the shortage of fuel saw almost everyone who owns a vehicle heading straight [...]

Public Service Minister Says Salary Cuts Unavoidable

Public Service Minister Henry Charles Usher is one of the government players meeting with Joint Unions Negotiating Team as the impasse over the ten percent salary cut and increment freeze [...]