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Inflation is Heavily Felt in Rural Communities

Higher prices on goods and fuel are taking a serious financial toll on all Belizeans. Across the country, an increase in the cost of basic commodities is impacting the ability [...]

BELTRAIDE Launches “National Competitive Month”

BELTRAIDE launched its fifth National Competitive Month, under the theme “unlocking competiveness through innovation and transformation”. The launch was held at the Biltmore where micro, small and medium enterprises shared [...]

Gains for Formalized Businesses

Doctor Almendarez also spoke about BELTRAIDE’s efforts to gather data on the number of informal businesses in Belize. While they estimate that informal business accounts for some forty percent of [...]

Feasibility Study to Be Conducted on Five of Belize’s Public Hospitals

Last September, the Ministry of Economic Development requested technical support for a non-refundable feasibility study on five of Belize’s public hospitals.  That study will be conducted after CABEI responded favorably [...]

Cost of LPG Goes Down

As of midnight on Thursday, the cost of liquefied petroleum gas went down a few cents. The Supplies Control Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise released [...]

Cabinet Says No to Increase in Cost of Sliced Bread

Government has rejected a recent proposal to increase the cost of sliced bread, despite a notice that was issued last week by the Association of Bakers informing retailers of an [...]

Brace Yourself – the Cost of Bread is Going Up!

It is inevitable; the cost of bread is going up. We have been reporting that some stores and bakers have been selling a sixteen-ounce pack of sliced bread at two [...]

Cost of Beans, Rice & Corn Likely to Go Up as Well

According to Minister Mai, rice farmers are also reaching out. This is because the acquisition cost of fertilizers, as well as increasing prices for fuel, triggered by the conflict between [...]

Diversifying Trade Markets & Turning Interests to Central America

Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise Jose Abelardo Mai has been on record to say that Belize should shift its trade interests from CARICOM to Central America. He says [...]

Blue Bond Has Provided Substantial Debt Relief

Belize’s Blue Bond has given Belize substantial debt relief. That was among the main pieces of information coming out of the University of Belize’s Second Annual Gian Ghandi Memorial Lecture [...]

Economic Growth for 2022 Looks Promising

Waight said that the outlook for this year is promising and that tourism and agriculture are performing as Belize’s biggest revenue earners.   Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary “We’re on a [...]

Medium-term Development Strategy Almost Complete

In tandem with Belize’s economic performance is the medium-term development strategy that was scheduled to have been completed by the end of February, but the government was engaged in consultations [...]

Has Inflation Increased the Poverty Rate?

We asked Dr. Martinez, against the backdrop of the cost of living going up and the poverty rate that has likely increased, whether there is a disconnect between government’s commendable [...]

Consumer Price Index Indicates that Everything Di Go Up!!

Consumer prices for the month of March were up by almost six percent, as the cost of fuel, food and liquefied petroleum gas were most affected.  The Statistical Institute of [...]

Payment Plans Possible from Patients with Outstanding Bills

Cansino explained that people with high hospital bills with the K.H.M.H. can work out payment plans to cover their debts. She said that a lot of times, patients’ bills are [...]

B.T.B. Reviewing Implication of Marijuana Legislation on Tourism Industry

One industry that is expected to be impacted by the legalization of marijuana is tourism. Hundreds of thousands of tourist visit the country annually and are exposed to the drug. [...]

Increase in Cost of Bread is Illegal

The cost of goods has gone up considerably, due to various factors and we’ve been reporting on some of those cases. But recently, there was a circular proposing an increase [...]

Reconfirmed: 10% to be returned to Teachers & Public Officers

Today, the Minister of Education Francis Fonseca, one of government’s lead negotiators when dealing with the Joint Unions Negotiating Team, reconfirmed that come July first, public officers and teachers who [...]

Tourism Numbers Up to 75% of 2019 Figures

The tourism industry has been rebounding in the past few months, and over the Easter weekend, the number of flights touching down at the P.G.I.A. and the tourists across the [...]

A Strategic Plan to Get Tourism Numbers Up

So what’s the strategy to get those numbers up? Director Evan Tillett breaks down how that’s going to look.    Evan Tillett, Director of Tourism, B.T.B. “One of the things [...]

Tourism Director Speaks on Calls to Port and Cruise Ports

A delegation from Belize left the country to meet with cruise line representatives to further develop the cruise tourism industry in Belize. The cruise sector is said to have been [...]

Enhancing the Economic Empowerment of Women through Financial Inclusion

This morning a group of women from various backgrounds in business, government, and the education sector, came together to take part in a workshop on empowering themselves through financial inclusion. [...]

Creating Investment Opportunities for Belize

Recently, representatives from Belize and Quintana Roo, Mexico engaged in a three-day Investment Exchange Program. The aim was to create economic opportunities for both countries and assist Mexico with tapping [...]

Bus Fares Increase, but Bus Upgrades Also Coming

As we reported earlier this week, bus fares from district to district will be increased by a dollar maximum, if you are going further than twenty-five miles and take a [...]

How Will You Make Your Fish This Easter?

Many people will be flocking the fish markets to purchase their fish for Good Friday, but how much will the fish cost this year? News Five’s Marion Ali went looking [...]