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“New Taxes Stand to Cripple Creatives and Small Business Owners” – U.D.P.

The proposed Trade License Bill that was introduced in the House of Representatives for first reading on Friday has been met with opposition in various quarters, including the business community [...]

Trade License Bill: What are Villages and Who are Entertainers?

In scrutinizing the language of the proposed legislation, attorney OJ Elrington says that persons conducting business at the micro-level in villages will also be affected by the new law once [...]

Chamber Believes There Should Be a Flat Fee for Trade License

The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry says that the conversation with G.O.B. on trade license reform started back in 2009 and has evolved over time. Major concerns were ventilated [...]

The Proposed Trade License Regime Explained

While the discourse on social media is centered around Article Seven of the bill as it relates to entertainers, peddlers and others now having to pay for a trade license, [...]

Consultation Must Continue to Understand the Impact of Proposed Law

The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes that details of the bill remain unclear and need buy-in before being made into law. The bill will be taken to the [...]

Brads Seeks to Quash New SI on Gaming Tax; Shyne Says Tax Brads

Last Friday during the sitting of the House of Representatives, the issue of the contract awarded to Brads Gaming Company was raised.  This was in reference to taxes that should [...]

C.E.O. Shal Clears the Air on Trade Licensing Bill

The debate on the Trade Licensing Bill 2022 continues to rage on social media and in other quarters, despite the government’s effort to clarify what it means for small businessmen [...]

G.O.B. Offers Clarity on Trade Licensing Bill 2022

Over the weekend the Ministry of Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labor and Local Government issued a release on the Trade Licensing Bill 2022 to clarify what they say is erroneous [...]

U.S.D Six Million Dollars Loan Motion to the House

The Government of Belize brought a six million dollar loan motion before the House of Representatives today. The loan, in U.S. dollars, is from the International Bank of Reconstruction and [...]

A Nation of Importation and External Economic Influence

The cost of goods and services has gone up considerably and Belizeans are feeling the pinch in their wallets. But, what are the various factors that are influencing these increases?  [...]

Minister Coye, “Prices Never Go Down”

We asked Minister Coye whether he foresees the cost of essential goods going down in the near future. He explained that in the long term, prices never go back down. [...]

Over One Million Dollars in Tax Reduction on Fuel for April

So why not simply decrease taxes on essential goods? For all intents and purposes, a tax decrease will lower prices on the market, but in the long term it will [...]

No S.I. Means Cost of Flour Should Not Go Up

Any increase in the cost of flour is illegal and if supermarkets and stores are caught selling this commodity at a higher price they will be dealt with by the [...]

Global Climate Fund Stakeholders Workshop

Climate change has become a buzz word for Small Island Developing States like Belize. The effects of climate change are visible along Belize’s coast where many communities are experiencing firsthand [...]

G.C.F. Grants$900,000 to Address Climate Change Coastal Impacts

A ‘G.C.F.’ grant fund for nine hundred thousand dollars was also launched at today’s workshop. The grant fund is being directed towards identifying and finding solution to the effects of [...]

IMF Projects Decline in Primary Balance for 2022

The International Monetary Fund released its 2022 country report on Belize on Tuesday, May tenth. In its report, the IMF took note of Belize’s economic recovery over the last fiscal [...]

Tourism Still Rebounding Well but with Slow Points

While Belize continues to rebound following the onslaught of COVID-19 on our economy, it has required skillful planning to get things back to where they were before the pandemic wreaked [...]

C.B.D. Hold Fifty Second Annual Meeting in Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands are hosting the Fifty-Second Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Development Bank, of which Belize is a borrowing member. The meeting is described as the single [...]

C.D.B.’s Annual Meeting to Address Climate and Resilience Issues Across the Region

At the top of the agenda for this year’s meeting are climate change and sustainability. Dr. Hyginus Leon, President of the Caribbean Development Bank, explained the importance of measurement in [...]

History in the Making: Sembrando Vida to Boost Productive Sector

One government official who was elated about the opportunities for farmers and improving food security was Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise Jose Abelardo Mai. Just last week, Minister [...]

Tradewinds 2022 Officially Begins

Prime Minister John Briceño was present at the launch of the multinational defense exercise Tradewinds 2022, on Saturday in Ladyville Village. The two-week exercise will see one thousand, eight hundred [...]

Belize Co-Hosting Tradewinds 2022

Tradewinds 2022 will be held from May seventh to the twenty-first and will see approximately one thousand; eight hundred military men from twenty nations across the Caribbean and elsewhere converge [...]

Strengthening Capacity of Countries to Intercept Transnational Crimes

Aside from strengthening partnership within the region, chief among the objectives is to expand the region’s capacity to mitigate, plan for and respond to crises, including transnational crimes such as [...]

Health Protocols in Place for Tradewinds 2022

SOUTHCOM Director Kevin Bostick also spoke about safety protocols for the one thousand, nine hundred military personnel who will be participating in the exercise. In 2020, Tradewinds was cancelled due [...]

Government and International Funding Agencies Hold Development Partners Forum

The first Development Partners Forum, marking the start of government’s effort to establish a transparent mechanism for collaboration with its development partners, was held today in Placencia Village. The event [...]