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D.F.C. Steps in to Assist Tourism Stakeholders

The Prime Minister today announced a measure to assist the ailing tourism sector. The Development Finance Corporation has been tapped by government to assist with the financial recovery of the [...]

Regular Gar Price Increases Again!

The price of fuel is creeping up again. Regular fuel will go by forty-six cents at midnight on Saturday to retail at eight dollars per gallon. This is the second [...]

Hiccups with G.O.B.’s Unemployment Relief Programme

The pandemic has pushed employment numbers up and a full economic recovery will take time to occur. Most businesses project two years to be able to recover.  Eighty-three thousand persons [...]

Meeting the Country’s Needs Amid Economic Hardship

The massive relief effort to assist thousands of destitute families with food supplies during the economic hardship that has befallen the country since the initial wave of COVID-19 is ongoing.  [...]

The Potential in Growing Hemp for Foreign Exchange

The PM said today that the Belize dollar remains strong.  But while the foreign exchange position is holding, there is a need for additional foreign exchange in the very near [...]

FinSec Memo: Increment Forgone Until Retirement

Earlier today, Financial Secretary Joseph Waight sent out a circular reiterating government’s position on the forgoing of increments for public officers.  In the bulletin which was issued to the Office [...]

Is Belize in a Recession?

COVID-19 has not only overwhelmed health systems and claimed the lives of one hundred thousand people, but it also continues to halt economies.  An IMF Blog post in April states [...]

Tourism Hit Hard by COVID-19!

The tourism industry collapsed in a matter of days as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As far as it is known, one major airline, Southwest is not scheduled to [...]

G.D.P. Declines for Fourth Consecutive Quarter

The numbers from the Statistical Institute of Belize show that the economy shrunk considerably.  It declined by four point five percent in the first quarter of this year. Prices of [...]

Business Community Struggling; What’s Next?

It’s been forty-five days since there has not been a confirmed case of COVID-19 recorded in Belize, a fact that has placed Belize in a unique health position on this [...]

Revenue Stream Update from Belize City Mayor

While we were with the Belize City Mayor today, the media asked for an update on the revenue streams at the Council. In April when the state of emergency was [...]

FECTAB Wants 40/60 Split for Sales on Mainland Tours

A week after its leaders were arrested for holding an illegal protest, the FECTAB executive held a press conference in Belize City. And because of social distancing and the size [...]

FECTAB Sides with Stake Bank Cruise Port

As we reported on Thursday, FECTAB was founded in 2010 by Tom Greenwood, Yhonny Rosado, Troy Gabb and two others who have since defected from the organization.  Gabb is now [...]

Why Hasn’t FECTAB Fully Registered its Organization?

Is FECTAB a legally recognized organization, despite not submitting its articles of association and its by-laws to the Companies Registry for over ten years?  Since its establishment in 2010, FECTAB [...]

Regular Fuel Going UP

The price of regular gasoline went down in April by just under three dollars per gallon when crude oil plunged to historic levels on the international market. But the savings [...]

Two Years of Recovery for Bus Industry

We have been reporting on the economic woes of the transportation which has been battered by the COVID 19. A full recovery for the industry is a few years away, [...]

Bus Operators Aren’t Breaking Even

As it stands, the state of the bus industry will get worst in the weeks ahead before it gets any better.  In the summer months passengers commute less than they [...]

BPOs stand strong during COVID-19 economic impacts

Today, five of the BPOs in Belize shared their experience on how; they have been able to navigate the turbulent COVID-19 business climate. A few of the call centre lost [...]

Public Transportation Takes a Hit, Tropic Air Faces Massive Layoffs

The once booming tourism industry has been hardest hit as COVID-19 continues to wreck havoc to the economy.  On Tuesday night, we reported that Tropic Air is cutting staff; today [...]

Salary Cuts at the Government-owned Digi

The cut backs are not exclusive to the domestic airline industry; every sector has had to make adjustments, including telecommunications. Over at Digi, a tiered approach to cuts in salary is [...]

Changes in the De-Reservation of Monthly Recurrent Expenditure to Ministries, Departments

As you have heard, the economy continues to shrink and with it, hundreds more join the unemployment numbers. Government is struggling with an astronomical monthly wage bill of forty-five million [...]

How Would Patrick Faber Solve Economic Situation in Belize?

Still on the economic downturn…last week, Prime Minister Dean Barrow famously said that he intends to borrow and borrow to keep public officers employed.  But the PM also warned that [...]

Education Minister Says Teachers’ Salaries Will Not Be Touched

Minister of Education, Patrick Faber says that there will be cuts in some of the services that his ministry offers in the days ahead, as a matter of priority to [...]

The Possibility of Retrenchment in the Public Sector is Real

And while public officers and teachers are forgoing their increments, will they face retrenchment? At his press conference last week, the Prime Minister said he will borrow as long as [...]

War of Words – PM, P.S.U. and B.N.T.U. Disagree on “Forego”

It is a big day of news. So we start with the negotiations between the Prime Minister, the Public Service Union, and the Belize National Teachers Union. That matter is [...]