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PM Says Not So Fast on Belize City Garbage Tax

The proposal has frequently come up, even under previous City Councils, that the Belize City Council should charge a garbage tax. It is something that the current Mayor, Bernard Wagner, [...]

1% Deferral SSB Could Result In Higher Deductions

The final one percent in social security contributions that was supposed to have taken effect earlier this month was deferred until the new fiscal year, to give people a longer [...]

Other Actuarial Proposals Being Considered On the Table for Discussion

C.E.O. Ruiz said that coupled with contribution reform, there are other actuarial proposals for consideration, but those require in-depth discussions. Later this year, S.S.B. will consult with stakeholders on possible [...]

B.T.I.A. Looks Forward to 2022

Tourism stakeholders, who make up the Belize Tourism Industry Association, today took part in their thirty-sixth Annual General Meeting. The event was held virtually in tandem with COVID protocols. With [...]

New Tourism Programs and Market Expansion in 2022

Belize’s tourism industry, which was the first and most severely impacted sector during the pandemic, is rejuvenating to where it was in pre-COVID days, making what Belize offers even more [...]

Cabinet Reviews COVID in Schools, Virtual Trials and Highway Patrols

In Cabinet news, the Minister of Education reported that all schools are being closely monitored for any potential COVID-19 outbreaks. During the first week of classes, the Ministry of Health [...]

PM: Contractor General Did Review Speednet Contract

In August, the Government of Belize announced that it had contracted the services of Smart as a telecom provider for various ministries.  At the time, the decision was met with [...]

Teachers and Public Officers’ Full Pay Could Be Restored Before Three Years

A year ago, the various unions were preparing to protest in the streets after negotiations between them and the government broke down and a ten percent pay cut for them [...]

School Security Warden Program Important During Pandemic

Sosa says that the school security wardens are playing an important role as children transition back into the classrooms during a pandemic.   Rafael Sosa, School Security Warden Program Coordinator, [...]

90% of Belize District Businesses Affected By COVID-19

The number of businesses in the Belize District being affected by COVID19 is alarming. Since the week began, we have been hearing daily reports of businesses closing for sanitization and [...]

Tips for Keeping Businesses Open: Watch the Socializing and Downtime

And while it seems as if no one can escape this current wave, there are steps businesses can take to potentially prevent going on complete lockdown.   Dr. Melissa Diaz-Musa, [...]

IDB Report: Higher Levels of Trust in Others Leads to Stronger Recovery

What does trust have to do with economics? The Inter-American Development Bank says it is everything. The I.D.B.’s latest report focuses on the lack of trust in Latin America and [...]

City Council Increases Property Tax by One Percent

In an effort to encourage residents to pay their property taxes, Citco has been giving discounts to those who pay within the months of January to March. But in that [...]

Mayor Wagner: Garbage Bill Still an Unresolved Issue

In 2021, garbage woes came to a head, with the City Hall owing Belize Waste Control millions of dollars for garbage collection services. It’s a perennial issue that has been [...]

U.D.P. Questions Legal Fees For Blue Bond Approved in House

U.D.P. Chairman Michael Peyrefitte says he is not satisfied with the response given to him by the Prime Minister on the question of the fifteen million dollars approved by Parliament [...]

Names of Legal Firms Were in Letter from PM

The Prime Minster did respond to Peyrefitte’s request with a three-page document.  A list is provided, but Peyrefitte says he asked for specifics. He requested the details pertaining to how [...]

Labor, Movement, Sick-Out Costs Impact Belizean Businesses

It is no secret that businesses across the country have been severely impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. Going into the third year, business owners across the country continue to brace [...]

The Cost of Employees Isolating or Out With COVID

One of the costs to employers and business owners that most people don’t consider is the cost of having an employee out on sick leave.  While it is necessary for [...]

Cross Border Shopping and Its Impact on Local Business

We also asked Senator Herrera for his thoughts on the reopening of the land borders, and how local businesses have been able to stay afloat as a result of the [...]

Agro Processors Concerned About Investment Climate

While the unions are hailing the signing of the interim commercial agreement between the farmers and the mill at Tower Hill as a successful outcome, members of the Belize Agro-Productive [...]

Prices for Regular Gas and Kerosene Going Up

Well, the holiday spirit is certainly winding down fast, and the price change of two fuel products is not going to help consumers during the “maga season.” The Ministry of [...]

Electricity Rates Going Up, But Was It Necessary? P.U.C. Faults B.E.L.

Your next light bill will more than likely be higher than what it was last month, whether or not you dressed your house for the recent Christmas holidays. The Public [...]

Climate Finance Unit Takes Shape

Following COP26 and other efforts to boost Belize’s sustainable development, the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, and Investment announced it has created a Climate Finance Unit.  The C.F.U. comes on [...]

Visitors Testing Positive Cannot Leave Belize: Hotel Rooms Become Unavailable to Others

Another issue causing challenges for Belize hoteliers is when guests test positive for COVID just as they are about to leave. This means they cannot depart the country as scheduled [...]

Tourism Industry Showing Resilience

The head of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, Steward Krohn, said that the Belizean hotels have proved very resilient during the pandemic and very few have had to close down. [...]