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Central Bank’s Account of the Super Bond Meeting Cancellation

The Super Bond restructuring remains in limbo, following the cancellation of a virtual meeting between Minister of State Christopher Coye and the two largest holders of the Government of Belize’s [...]

PM Briceño: “Public Officers Responsible for Tax Collection”

PM Briceño also spoke about the outstanding taxes owed to the government and why collecting those taxes is not a simple solution to the economic crisis. He noted that the [...]

P.U.P. Administration Committed to Constitutional Reform

PM Briceño also contended that while there are those expecting his administration to solve the nation’s economic crisis within a short span of time, those most critical have been members [...]

Will the Super Bond be Restructured for a Fifth Time?

There are questions tonight about Belize’s homegrown economic recovery plan after Reuters news agency is reporting that creditors have been urging Belize to agree to an I.M.F. program, and Belize [...]

P.S.U. Says Superbond May Be Affecting Talks

The reported pressure that G.O.B. is facing from superbond holders may also be having a rippling effect on ongoing negotiations with the joint unions.  Today, President of the P.S.U., Gerald [...]

Is M.O.E. Directing Managing Authorities to Dock Teachers Salary?

Turning back to the unions…Teachers have been on strike since Monday of last week. The law provides that teachers’ salaries can be cut for their time out of the classroom [...]

A.P.S.S.M. President Says Supplementary Bill Can Reverse Salary Cut

While teachers are waiting to see if their pay slips will reflect that salary deduction, on a similar front the Joint Unions are fighting to regain the ten percent salary [...]

Public Officers Take to the Streets

At midday today, public officers across the country walked out of their respective government buildings and took to the streets in the various municipalities in anticipation of strike action that [...]

Strike Action is Imminent!

The Joint Unions Negotiating Team met in a marathon session on Thursday evening to devise a strategy going forward, as public officers are set to commence a strike on May [...]

P.S.U. is Backed by B.N.T.U. and A.P.S.S.M.

While the Public Service Union will be leading the charge this time, Henry says that the P.S.U. enjoys the full support of the Belize National Teachers Union and the Association [...]

101st A.G.M. for Chamber of Commerce

The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry held its hundred and first annual general meeting on Thursday night to a virtual audience.  Despite the physical presence of its membership, the [...]

Concerns over Belize’s Economic State

Since 2020, Belize’s economy has been in a precarious situation which has been made worse by the pandemic.  According to Aikman, the uncertainty of what is to come is worrying [...]

Joint Unions Plot Way Forward After Senate Passes Budget

The Joint Unions Negotiating Team met this afternoon in an extended virtual session, following the passage of the 2021 Budget in the upper house on Wednesday.  The way forward for [...]

N.T.U.C.B. Responds to Former Attorney General

The National Trade Union Congress of Belize is refuting claims made by former Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte during an interview with News Five on Wednesday. Peyrefitte said the unions are [...]

Senate Vote Divided, but Senator Coye Calls for Belizean Unity

Wednesday’s Senate debate on the 2021/2022 General Revenue Appropriation Bill ended in a division vote.  All six P.U.P. senators voted in favor of the Bill, as did the Senator for [...]

Principal Arnold: Salary Cut is a Slap in the Face

Principal Karema Arnold has broken her silence on the salary cut and increment freeze for teachers and public officers.  Today, the staff over at Stella Maris School wore their green [...]

Looking Back at the Cost of Living in March

The S.I.B. released its latest monthly figures on Wednesday indicated that Belize exported more than it imported in March.  The cost of living also inched its way upward as food [...]

B.N.T.U. Strike Action, Day 1

The Belize National Teachers Union took the streets today in their first day of protest. How like will the Union sustain this protest action? And, will their decision to protest [...]

Cost of Premium Gas Goes Down Slightly

Motorists will experience a slight relief in the cost of fuel at midnight, as the price per gallon of premium gasoline will decrease by thirty-eight cents.  The new price as [...]

Hugo Patt Says the Budget Burdens Belizeans

Area Representative for Corozal North, Hugo Patt criticized the 2021/2022 budget as being a bill that creates additional burdens for the Belizean people.  He noted that while the U.D.P. administration [...]

AG Comments on Fixing Salaries

On Tuesday, Public Service Minister Henry Charles Usher informed cabinet of his intent to fix the salaries of public officers.  According to a cabinet brief released on Thursday, the minister [...]

PM Refutes Asset Sales

Prime Minister John Briceño began wrapping up the budget debate a little after five p.m. today.  PM Briceño responded to accusations from Mesopotamia area rep Moses ‘Shyne’ Barrow who accused [...]

PM Blames U.D.P. for Unsustainable Wage Bill

And, finally from inside the National Assembly chambers, Prime Minister Briceño sought to set the record straight about why the public service wage bill has become unsustainable. PM Briceño referred [...]

P.S.U. and Teachers Protest Outside National Assembly Building

All eyes today were on Independence Hill, as teachers, nurses and other members of the joint unions came out to express their discontent with G.O.B. and its intent to cut [...]

2021 Budget Debate Off to a Tepid Start

While the unions made their presence known outside the National Assembly, on the inside, it was business as usual for the first day of the Budget Debate, as the members [...]