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Scotiabank to Operate as “Belize Bank Corporation Limited” During Transition Period

The merger of the Belize Bank Limited and the Bank of Nova Scotia limited is a done deal. This was first confirmed via a cabinet press release two days ago. [...]

Belize Bank and Scotia Bank Merger Gets the Go Ahead

Prime Minister John Briceño and his cabinet today confirmed that the merger between Belize Bank Limited and the Bank of Nova Scotia Limited has been approved.  The confirmation was sent [...]

Changes at the Pump; Regular Gas Down by 25 Cents

As of November nineteenth, there has been a change in fuel prices at fuel pumps. The prices for premium gasoline and diesel registered an increase, while regular gasoline took a [...]

PM Briceño on Economic State of Affairs

As the Briceño administration settles into office, the dire economic situation facing Belize is coming to light.  On Tuesday, Briceño received briefings by senior officials at the Ministry of Finance [...]

Former B.T.L. Chair Racked Up $859,197 in Credit Card, Fuel, and Insurance

Details are beginning to emerge on the charges made to the B.T.L. corporate credit card by its former chairman, Net Vasquez. These were racked up generally for personal matters and [...]

Briceño Says he Will Re-Open the Free Zone in time for Christmas

According to Briceño, if he becomes the next Prime Minister several things will change, especially as it relates to the COVID-19 restrictions. He says that there must be greater relaxations [...]

P.U.C. Chairman Explains New Electricity Rates

The Public Utilities Commission on Thursday announced its final decision in respect of the 2020 Full Tariff Review Proceeding for B.E.L.  In January of this year, B.E.L. made a submission [...]

P.S.U. Withdraws “Election Go-Slow” Threat, Calls for No Retrenchment

The Public Service Union is calling on thousands of public officers to wake up the sleeping giant and fight any government that attempts to fire public officers to reduce the [...]

P.S.U. President Says Patrick Faber Disrespected Public Officers

According to Henry, Leader of the Opposition John Briceño has agreed to meet and discuss the P.S.U.’s concerns. He says, however, that U.D.P. Leader Patrick Faber has failed to answer [...]

More Contract Officers Being Hired During COVID-19 Pandemic

According to Henry, additional contract officers are currently being added to the wage bill.  He says that the government is being insensitive to the sacrifices that public officers are making [...]

G.O.B.’s Wage Bill: Staring Down a Difficult Situation

Government’s bloated wage bill is in excess of half a billion dollars in salaries for public officers.  It is a looming crisis that any new government would have to deal [...]

What’s the Fate of the Unemployment Relief Program

The fate of the Unemployment Relief Programme which is a government initiative overseen by Doctor Carla Barnett hangs in the balance as the election date draws nearer.  At present, a [...]

Attorney for Former Importers Denounces LPG Increase!

On Tuesday, the Belize Bureau of Standards announced a change in the price of butane that became effective today. The new fixed controlled price for Liquefied Petroleum Gas for wholesale [...]

Are the Central American LPG Companies Being Forced Out of the Business?

According to Matura, the government has not defined what a wholesale volume is. She says that the way it is regulated – or the lack thereof – is essentially aimed [...]

The Economic Figures for August

The COVID pandemic continues to batter Belize. The economic figures for August show a significant drop of fifteen point two percent in imports down to one hundred and forty-three point [...]

Opposition Leader Says PM is to Blame for Economic Struggles

During the months of April to June 2020 the economy shrunk twenty-three percent. It is the largest quarterly decline seen and the contraction was the result of the COVID-19. The [...]

62,000+ Persons Apply for Unemployment Relief, but Only 32% are Approved

The COVID 19 pandemic has left thousands jobless, without income and in desperate need of assistance.  Latest figures show that sixty-two thousand three hundred and sixty-three persons applied to benefit [...]

Regular Gasoline to increase by twenty-seven cents at midnight

Going into the tenth September, the pump price for regular gasoline will increase by twenty-seven cents from eight dollars and sixty-two cents to eight dollars and eighty nine cents per [...]

Mexican Investors Allowed One Day to Check on Businesses in Free Zone

For the past five months, Mexican investors in the Corozal Free Zone have been barred from entering Belize to check on their businesses due to the closure of the country’s [...]

Business at Corozal Free Zone Remains Halted

As for the state of the Corozal Free Zone, Hotchandani says that everything remains at a standstill and business owners continue to lose significant sums of money the longer the [...]

What’s Up with Foreign Exchange and the Economy?

Earlier this week, the Statistical Institute of Belize released its latest figures on the performance of the economy.  The past three months have been dismal, to say the least, as [...]

Farmers to Receive COVID Relief in the Agriculture Sector

The agro-productive sector is getting some much needed COVID relief from the Ministry of Agriculture.  A sum of sixteen million dollars will be made available by the end of September [...]

Financial Assistance is Never too Late for Farmers

Minister Hulse breaks down how the funds will be disbursed based on the constriction of the agriculture sector due to COVID-19.  The Belize Agriculture Information Management System is the database [...]

Airline Industry Continues to Reel from Airport Closure

With a deep drop in tourism arrivals due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the local airline industry has been devastated.  According to the latest figures from the Statistical Industry of Belize, [...]

The Stress of COVID-19 on Income; G.O.B. Economic Response

The economy contracted as much as twenty-three percent between April and June due to COVID-19.  Most sectors felt the devastating effects of the pandemic rending thousands of Belizeans jobless.  Today, [...]