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Fuel Tanker Overturns on Hummingbird Highway

There is an advisory from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing.  A fuel tanker has overturned at mile thirty-four on the Hummingbird Highway and motorists are advised to be [...]

It’s Going to be a Rainy Weekend!

It’s going to be a wet weekend – that’s the news coming out of the national met service.  The forecast is for a weekend with mostly rain and some thunderstorms. [...]

Jose Mendez’s Body Retrieved from Water Two Days after Canoe Capsized

The body of Jose Mendez was retrieved today, two days after his canoe capsized in Franks Eddy Village.  Police say that Mendez, his son and a friend were transporting some [...]

Central and Southern Belize Brace for Flooding!

The National Emergency Management Organization is advising the public to be on the lookout for the possibility of flooding in some areas in the country.  While the remnants of Hurricane [...]

Northern Belize Could Experience Rising Waters!

Principal Hydrologist Tennielle Hendy says that they have received reports that water is already high in some areas. For now, the Iguana Creek Bridge in Spanish Lookout is closed – [...]

Will Monkey River Flood?

And on the topic of rising waters – residents in the community of Monkey River are reporting that they are experiencing an elevation in the water levels. Today, we asked [...]

A 24-hour Weather Forecast from the MET Service!

And to find out more about the overall weather conditions, we got an update from Chief Meteorological Officer Ronald Gordon. He says that while the system associated with Hurricane Iota [...]

Portions of Boom Flooded Out

Nine families in Burrell Boom are flooded out as a portion of the main road in the village is submerged. Shelters in the Belize River Valley area remain open, as [...]

Floodwaters Continue to Inundate Crooked Tree Village

Tonight, there is water everywhere in rural Belize District and the Crooked Tree causeway is impassable.  Residents leave or enter the village with the assistance of the Belize Coast Guard [...]

Flooding in Burrell Boom; Several Families Evacuated, Shelter Opened

The situation is also dire in Burrell Boom where a number of homes along the Belize River Valley area remain under water. As was expected, water levels have been rising [...]

Hurricane Iota Barrels Towards Northeastern Nicaragua

Nicaragua is for a second time in less than three weeks is bracing for another massive hurricane.  Iota, a category five storm, the strongest Atlantic weather system to form in [...]

Tomato Farmers Grappling with Losses!

Since last week, we’ve been reporting on the impact of the floods across Belize. And tonight we give you a first look at the damage the flooding has caused on [...]

Body of Missing Guatemalan Man Found Floating Near Hunting Caye

There is also a sudden death to report tonight. On Tuesday afternoon, the body of a man was discovered floating in the sea, about five miles northeast of Hunting Caye. [...]

Rising River in Belize River Valley Prompts Evacuation Operations

As many as thirty thousand persons in the western corridor as well as parts of the south have been affected by the severe floods brought about by the outer bands [...]

Evacuation Operations Underway in Belize River Valley

Tonight, the Belize Coast Guard is carrying out rescue and relief efforts in the Belize River Valley Area. Officers have been deployed to the villages of Rancho de Dolores and [...]

Belize Coast Guard Comes to the Rescue!!!

In times of crisis, the Belize Coast Guard is a critical component of the national emergency response mechanism. Since the flooding began last week in the Cayo District, the Belize [...]

Gracie Rock, Hattieville and Eight Miles Take on Floodwaters

As the waters head downstream, many families are still unable to leave their homes. In some communities along the Sibun River, the water reached as high as chest level. Some [...]

Devastation in Roaring Creek Village

In the aftermath of one the most severe flooding, residents in Roaring Creek are heading back home to pick up the pieces. Damages to homes, household items and those sustained [...]

Ten Million Dollars Earmarked by G.O.B. for Flood Relief

Assessment of damages is ongoing and a clear picture will emerge in the next few days of the extent of damages.  On Saturday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow held his final [...]

Humanitarian Relief is being Organized for Belize

As Tropical Storm Eta continues to barrel her way through the Gulf of Mexico towards Key West, Florida it is recorded as the second most intense November hurricane, as well [...]

Flooding Hits Agriculture Sector Hard in Valley of Peace

Cabbage, tomatoes and sweet pepper crops are under water tonight in Valley of Peace.  The scale of losses experienced by the farmers will not be clear until another couple days [...]

Businesses in Recovery Mode in Cayo Following Natural Disaster

We also headed to San Ignacio which was hard hit and completely flooded when the torrential rains started last week.  It was so bad, only the roof of the Welcome [...]

Evacuating Flooding Victims Amid COVID-19

Disaster relief amid a pandemic will prove challenging for frontline workers who are tasked with carrying out evacuation efforts in flood affected communities across the country.  With a ballooning of [...]

Downtown San Ignacio Remains under Water

Tonight, Eta is churning toward the Caribbean, but it is leaving behind a rising death toll in Guatemala and Honduras.  The storm, which is one of the worst to affect [...]

Roaring Creek Residents Affected by Flood Waters

….from the twin towns to Roaring Creek, where drenching rains, the outer bands of ETA, caused the river to spill over.  The overflow covered the old low-lying bridge and reached [...]