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First Cousins Killed in Belmopan Double Murder

A rash of murders has the community on edge in Belmopan. We start with a double murder in the San Martin area of Belmopan on Saturday morning. Two cousins, both [...]

A Sad Ending in the Search for Adamir Choc

The Choc family also of San Martin area in Belmopan, though hoping for the best, had their worst fears confirmed on Saturday. The body of nineteen-year-old Adamir Choc was found [...]

Two More Honduran Nationals Charged With Recent Drug Plane Landing

There are two more arrests in connection with a drug bust that yielded police over one thousand three hundred kilos of cocaine. Thirty-six-year-old Terencio Mejia Cruz and fifty-three-year-old Jacobo Yovany [...]

Police Chase and Shoot at Robbers in Trinidad Village

Armed robbers were on a rampage targeting business establishments in Trinidad Village, Orange Walk on Friday night.  The group of at least five men first hit Primavera Bar, holding patrons [...]

Police Considers Extending Curfew Across the Country Following String of Teen Murders

Today, police say there is still no solid lead that explains why thirteen-year-old Christopher Chi was killed, but investigators have reason to believe it may be drug related. So far, [...]

Two adults and a sixteen-year-old are charged for Christopher Chi’s murder

A minor has been arraigned for the murder of Christopher Chi, his thirteen-year-old friend from the village of Yo Creek in the Orange Walk District. The minor was arraigned this [...]

A Bella Vista Man is charged with the murder of a store owner in the village

Police have cracked the murder of storeowner, Jiang Zhang Xu. The execution occurred on September tenth after seven o’clock on Sunday night. Xu was sitting behind the counter of his [...]

Two Hondurans Taken Into Custody, Any Link to Recent Drug Plane?

There are developments tonight in respect of a drug plane that landed off the Coastal Road at an illegal airstrip on Sunday night. On Thursday afternoon, the alert owner of [...]

Will Danny Mason’s Witness Take the Stand in Murder Trial?

The trial of accused murderer William “Danny” Mason and four others charged jointly for beheading Pastor Llewellyn Lucas in July 2016, has been adjourned until September eighteenth, while the Supreme [...]

A 17 year old is accused of unlawful sex with a 13 year old

A teenager, who turns eighteen years this Saturday, was granted Supreme Court bail today for unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. The Galen University student is accused of illegal sex [...]

Kareem Francis scrambles to post bail

Tonight twenty-nine-year old Kareem Francis, who has beaten more than one murder charge in the past, remains in police custody until he can pay an old fine then post bail [...]

Troy Hyde is granted bail but unable to meet conditions

After a week on remand at the Belize Central Prison, accused of being a member of a gang, thirty-two-year old murder suspect, Troy Dion Hyde, a resident of Belize City, [...]

Crocodile Tears or Sincere Grief Over the Loss of a Dearly Beheaded Friend?

William “Danny” Mason had his day in court today. Mason chose to give testimony from the dock on the murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas who was beheaded in July 2016.  [...]

Two minors and an adult remain detained pending charge’s for Christopher Chi’s murder

Three persons, two of them minors, remain detained at the Orange Walk Police Station pending charges for the murder of thirteen-year-old Christopher Chi. The child’s body was found tucked in [...]

A Frantic Search for Adamir Choc, Six Days Later

It has been six days since nineteen-year-old Adamir Choc was last seen by family and friends and a frantic search to locate the Belmopan resident is underway tonight in the [...]

No Word From Missing Teenager in Belmopan

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett, an official report was filed with Belmopan police on September eleventh.  Choc’s cell phone was reportedly left with a friend and all [...]

GOB distances itself from Deputy Director, Reynaldo Verde detained by the FBI for alleged extortion

The government today issued a statement in respect of Reynaldo Verde, the Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Services Department seeking to distance itself from the forty-seven-year old tax officer. [...]

Teenager on remand for Arson

Tonight, teenager, Vince Timmons is on remand at the Belize Central Prison on three criminal offenses, including an indictable offense of arson. Late on Wednesday, Timmons  appeared before two different [...]

Robbers target Madisco employees in Belize City

Police are currently looking for two persons who robbed two men while conducting business in Belize City. Superintendent Hilberto Romero told the media today that on Wednesday, armed men held [...]

Friends turn on fourteen-year-old killing him; Police say it is drug related

A chilling murder took place in the Orange Wald District in the past few days. A fourteen-year-old boy from the village of Yo Creek died a horrible death. His head [...]

A Chinese Store Owner is Gunned Down in Bella Vista

In the village of Bella Vista in the Toledo District, a Chinese grocer was the second victim of murder during the Tenth holiday. Shortly after seven o’clock on Tuesday night, [...]

One Suspect in Custody for Murder of Chinese Businessman

This afternoon, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke briefly on the murder of Jingzhang Wu. He also confirmed that a suspect has been detained for the deadly shooting.   Chester [...]

Four men are charged for a drug bust at an illegal airstrip off the Coastal Road

Police are moving swiftly with charges relating to one of the biggest drug busts in Belize. Four of six foreigners were arraigned today for the drug plane that landed at [...]

1,341 Kilos of Cocaine!

According to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, the two hospitalized suspects will be criminally charged once they are discharged from the K.H.M.H. When the six men were apprehended on Sunday [...]

Illegal Airstrips; Here, There, Everywhere?

The illegal plane landing took place on an illegal airstrip on private property off the Coastal Road in the Belize District. It is believed that the men legally entered through [...]