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Witness to Laddie Gillett Shooting Says They Had No Idea Men in Black Were Police

The shooting death of fourteen-year-old Laddie Gillett in Placencia on Wednesday has sent shock waves across the nation. Tonight, we bring you an exclusive eye-witness report from nineteen-year-old Thomas Palacio, [...]

Those close to Laddie Gillett mourn his death

From the courthouse in Belmopan, Paul Lopez visited with Laddie’s football coaches at Youth for the Mission, and one person who has been around Laddie over the past decade and [...]

Belizean Film Makers Receive Grants

When COVID-19 hit, many industries were hit hard and continue to suffer as a result of the economic shock and the health restrictions. One of those industries is the entertainment [...]

PSU members Lean Towards Accepting GOB Proposals

Is the P.S.U. on the verge of ending their strike? Well, according to one of their leaders, Dean Flowers, the majority of its membership surveyed overnight indicated they are in [...]

Negotiations Coming to an End

Vice President Flowers says negotiations between the Joint Unions and G.O.B. representatives over the budget may be coming to an end after three weeks, but the discussion on good governance [...]

Negotiating Team Acknowledges Joint Union’s Discontent

Government’s negotiating team has acknowledged the joint union’s grievance with the Prime Minister’s national address. On Thursday night, P.S.U. President, Gerald Henry told News Five that an apology was given, [...]

Attorney Darrel Bradley Discusses Good Governance Reform Legislation

In response to pressure from the unions demanding the implementation of good governance legislation to support the U.N. Convention Against Corruption, this week Prime Minister John Briceño issued a document [...]

BPOs donate 80K for COVID-19 response

Representatives of five of the biggest call centers in Belize officially did a handing over of donation to the Ministry of Health. The players in the BPO sector got together [...]

Anigi – a new book by Govel Morgan Jr.

Punta Gorda native and author Govel Morgan Junior recently published his book entitled “Anigi” on the international market. According to Morgan, while the book was originally published in the late [...]

“Corruption will be with us always”, says PM

On Thursday, the Prime Minister’s Business Forum was held under the theme, “Embracing Innovation for Economic Prosperity”. One of the guest speakers at the event was Linner Viik. He is [...]

Corruption Also Involves Private Sector Partners

Corruption is not only a problem that many governments have been battling. Corruption has found its way in not only the government department and ministries but also in the private [...]

Bishops condemn U.S. immigration stance

On Friday, a conference of Bishops of the Anglican Episcopal Churches of Central America and Mexico issued a statement on the planned cancellations of several U.S. programs for immigrants. These [...]

Francine Pitts dies; survived loss of daughter Eyannie Nunez and City house

Belize City resident Francine Pitts gained public attention when her young daughter, Eyannie, was shot and killed as she slept at home. Pitts would go on to experience a long [...]

The next step begins for sixteen Belize Bank scholarship recipients

The Belize Bank is sending sixteen more students to school this year. Through its scholarship program, both high school and sixth form recipients will not have to worry about the [...]

The reality of the employment situation

At least nine percent of the population is jobless. The latest figures released by the Statistical Institute of Belize also show that as of April 2017, almost two thousand persons [...]

The plan to prevent rising suicide and depression

From 2012 to 2016, one hundred and thirteen persons died by their own hand, and three hundred and eighty-two others attempted to do so. There have been three more suicides [...]

Customs reviews policy on uncustomed goods

The Immigration Department is not the first or last Government agency to be audited from within by the Audit Department. Indeed, a general audit is supposed to be conducted annually [...]

Belizeans’ Season’s Greetings from the Streets

It’s less than two days away from Christmas Day and downtown Albert Street was bustling, as residents did their last minute grocery shopping for that traditional turkey dinner, while others [...]

Should Julius Espat Return to the House on Friday?

And our question for tonight is: Do you believe Julius Espat should return to the House on Friday? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or [...]

Should Belizean Tour Operators Be Allowed Access to Harvest Caye Cruise Port?

And tonight’s question is: Do you believe Belizean tour operators should be allowed access to Harvest Caye Cruise Port?  Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or [...]

Do You Believe G.O.B. Will Raise Taxes?

And our question for tonight is: Do you believe G.O.B. will raise taxes as a result of Superbond restructuring? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 [...]

Should Area Rep Gaspar Vega Resign From Office?

And our question for tonight is: with additional information on crooked land deals surfacing, should Area Rep Gaspar Vega, resign from office? Send your comments and responses using your SMART [...]

Should Minister Gapi Vega Remain in G.O.B.?

And our question for tonight is: Having resigned from Cabinet, do you think Minister Gapi Vega should remain in G.O.B.? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to [...]

Belizeans on the Street Ask Government to be More Giving

It’s been officially two weeks since students have not been in the classrooms. Today, a News Five crew took to the streets to poll residents on whether government should give [...]

Union Senator goes to Senate meeting; terms of reference a concern

An N.T.U.C.B. senator has also been named to the Senate Investigation Committee on Immigration. This morning, the N.T.U.C.B. president said that after much debate within the Unions, Union Senator, Elena [...]