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B.S.I. Proposes Two-Year Interim Commercial Agreement with B.S.C.F.A.

There appears to be no resolution in sight for the sugar dispute between A.S.R./B.S.I. and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association. Tonight, B.S.I. is suggesting that the B.S.C.F.A. and the [...]

Start of 2022/2023 Sugar Crop Conditional on Signing of Commercial Agreement

When will the 2022/2023 sugar crop begin? That is the question on the minds of many. Today, A.S.R./B.S.I. issued a statement to the media earlier today saying that the mill [...]

Still No Compromises in Sugar Impasse As Time Draws Near for New Crop

The new sugar crop is four days away and today there’s still no concrete outcome coming out of the mediations between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and A.S.R/B.S.I. The [...]

Final Tally of Damages to Crops Still Being Worked Out

Several farmers in rural Belize and Cayo districts mainly suffered losses in crops due to Hurricane Lisa on November second. Today, the Minister of Agriculture, Jose Abelardo Mai, told reporters [...]

Ministry of Agriculture Graduates Forty Beekeepers Following Training

Over forty newly-qualified beekeepers graduated today after successfully completing training in that field of work. The beekeepers, who hail from all across the country, gathered at Hodie’s Place in San [...]

Mediator for A.S.R./B.S.I.- B.S.C.F.A. Impasse Facilitating Discussions

A.S.R./ B.S.I. and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association are still in negotiation over a revised Commercial Agreement. As we have reported, Julie- Ann Ellis Bradley has been hired as [...]

Celebrating 10 Years of Compete Caribbean

A ceremony was held today at the Biltmore Plaza in Belize to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Compete Caribbean. But what is Compete Caribbean? It is a private sector development [...]

Julie-Ann Bradley is Appointed Mediator in Sugar Impasse

The 2022-2023 sugar crop is scheduled to commence in two weeks, on December nineteenth, but still there is no resolution to the impasse between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association [...]

Sugar Industry Resolution is Critical as Crop is Set to Begin December 19th

The next few days are critical for the industry, as well as the start of the upcoming crop. Agriculture Minister Jose Abelardo Mai says that each day without a resolution, [...]

Minister Mai on Damage Assessment for Agriculture Sector

While with the Minister of Agriculture, the media also asked for an update on the damage assessment to the agriculture sector, following Hurricane Lisa. Minister Jose Abelardo Mai shares detail [...]

Agriculture Official: There Has to Be Land Planning to Avoid Encroachments with Development

We have reported on agricultural encroachments that persist both on the natural corridors of wildlife, as well as unexcavated archaeological sites. It’s done by farmers who procure land and clear [...]

San Pedro Opens Marketing & Development Outlet for Local Producers

Everyone knows that prices of goods are not their cheapest in San Pedro, simply because it is a top tourism destination. So even the price of a regular plate of rice [...]

Knowledge Exchange Program for Agriculture Industry

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in collaboration with the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the PROCASUR Corporation from Chile, hosted a five-day business capacity and [...]

B.S.C.F.A. Regains Positive Outlook on Commercial Agreement Negotiations

The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association says it is making progress with Belize Sugar Industries Limited in naming a mediator for its ongoing negotiations. Today, we spoke with Alfredo Ortega, [...]

B.S.C.F.A. Anticipating Delivery of Two Hundred and Sixty Tons of Stand-Over Sugarcane

With over two hundred and sixty thousand tons of stand-over sugarcane left in the field from last season, B.S.C.F.A. says it has no intentions to cause a blockade or delay [...]

A Media Tour of B.S.I. Factory and the Stainless Steel Investments

The entrance of Tower Hill looks the same way it did ten years ago. But the interior where sugarcane is milled and converted to sugar has undergone a series of [...]

B.S.I. Says B.S.C.F.A. is Being Irrational with Its Demands

The dispute between the American Sugar Refinery, Belize Sugar Industries Limited and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association has gone on for the better part of a year and perhaps [...]

Despite the Differences, B.S.I Hopes to Reach an Agreement by December Nineteenth

There have been some demands that the B.S.C.F.A has made on A.S.R/B.S.I., to furnish financial documents that the company does not feel it is obliged to provide since those documents [...]

BSI On Proposed 60/40 Formula: “That Makes No Logical Sense”

We continue our coverage of the ongoing impasse between the Belize Sugar Industries and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, with more from Mac MacLachlan, the Vice President of International [...]

Millers Open to Individual Agreements with Sugarcane Farmers

And, the conversation regarding the signing of individual agreements between farmers and the millers came up once again in Thursday’s interview. A.S.R./B.S.I says it remains open to signing individual contracts [...]

Agricultural Projects Encroaching on Other Important Terrestrial Land Masses

The inflated freight charges associated with the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine, taught countries the importance of being self-sufficient and how costly dependency on importation of food products [...]

A.S.R./B.S.I. Flips Blame to B.S.C.F.A., says Sugar Cane Farmers Are Stalling C.A. Negotiations

The Belize Sugar Industries Ltd. has set a tentative date of December nineteenth to start the 2022/2023 season.  The announcement was made today during a press conference called by A.S.R/B.S.I. [...]

A.S.R./B.S.I. Hopeful Common Sense Approach Will Prevail in C.A. Negotiation

Despite the tension between A.S.R./B.S.I. and the B.S.C.F.A., the management of the sugar mill is still hopeful that a commercial agreement can be signed before the start of the sugar [...]

B.S.I. Says B.S.C.F.A.’s Regional Sugar Cane Price Comparisons is “Misleading”

In discussing the financial benefits to farmers as a result of B.S.I.’s move to the Port of Big Creek, McLachlan noted that farmers were able to save just over three [...]

B.S.C.F.A. Accuses B.S.I. of Foot-Dragging in Mediator Selection Process

There is unease in the sugar industry tonight, as another sugar crop will likely begin without a revised commercial agreement between the A.S.R./B.S.I. and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association. [...]