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Government of Belize to Offer Relief to Citrus Industry

And one of those agriculture industries that the PM says is underperforming is the citrus industry. The Minister of Agriculture, Jose Mai says the government has undertaken numerous initiatives recently [...]

El Salvador Looks to Belize for Grain

El Salvador’s Minister of Agriculture, Oscar Enrique Guardado and a technical team have wrapped up a two-day visit to Belize, where they toured selected farms. The purpose of the trip [...]

Minister Mai: El Salvador Serious About Importing Grain from Belize

The two countries plan to begin trading before the year ends, however, there is all the red tape that must be dealt with, and then of course, the supply and [...]

Sugar is Scarce, But Why?

Housewives and bakers experienced the most unusual of situations last week when they discovered that sugar had gone scarce and they were allowed to purchase only a couple pounds each. [...]

Minister Mai to A.S.R/B.S.I & B.S.C.F.A: Resolve Your Issues & Get On with the Business

For well over a year now, government officials have been trying to help the American Sugar Refineries and its partner, the Belize Sugar Industries Limited and the Belize Sugar Cane [...]

Revisiting Belize’s Once Thriving Chicle Industry

Did you know that there was once a thriving chicle industry in Belize?  Sapodilla trees that are native to Central America were used to extract sap which is an ingredient [...]

Will G.O.B. Appeal Sugar Act Ruling? For now, it will Fund S.I.C.B.

While we were with the Minister of Home Affairs, we asked for an update on the sugar industry in the north. Minister Musa is part of the cabinet subcommittee that [...]

Will a New Collective Agreement Be Reached for the Sugar Industry?

The new sugar crop season commences in December of this year and the goal is that a new collective agreement between the millers and all sugar cane farmers associations be [...]

PM Briceño Comments on Sugar Industry Act Ruling

At the start of the week, the High Court made several rulings against the Sugar Industry Act. The court deemed certain features of the legislation as unconstitutional. The Attorney General [...]

New AG Anthony Sylvester Speaks About Taking Up Office

He took up office as Attorney General of Belize at the end of June, replacing Magali Marin-Young after two and a half years as chief legal officer for the Briceño [...]

AG on Partially Unconstitutional Sugar Industry Act

Attorney General Anthony Sylvester also responded to a decision on the Sugar Industry Act where the High Court has ruled that some sections of the act are unconstitutional. Among them [...]

Cabinet to Decide Actions Going Forward following Sugar Ruling

Will G.O.B. appeal the decision of the High Court or will the law be amended?  The decision will be up to cabinet to determine the way forward. Attorney General Anthony [...]

Corozal North Area Rep Encourages Further Modernization of Sugar Act

Last night, we told you about the major ruling coming out of the High Court in a legal challenge brought against the Government of Belize regarding the Sugar Industry Act. [...]

High Court Determines that Sections of Sugar Industry Act are Unconstitutional

The Belize Sugar Industries Limited is partly successful in challenging the existing Sugar Industry Act.  That piece of law which governs the large-scale production of sugar in northern Belize is [...]

What Does High Court Decision Mean for Sugar Regulator?

Justice Patricia Farnese’s decision is that annual payments made to the Sugar Industry Control Board are, in essence, illegal.  But what does it mean for the regulator whose operations are [...]

U.D.P. Chairman Weighs in on Sugar Regulation Court Ruling

Michael Peyrefitte, the Chairman of the United Democratic Party also weighed in on the ruling. This afternoon he held a virtual press briefing where he gave his thoughts on what [...]

Vegetable Interdiction Team’s Purpose Is To Discourage Contraband Activity

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Agriculture announced the establishment of a Vegetable Interdiction Team, aimed at combating contraband activity involving agricultural products. The VIT comprises personnel from various government [...]

New Juices Hit the Shelves, Courtesy Silk Grass Farms

You’ve probably heard the name before – Silk Grass Farms, synonymous with coconut oil produced from that part of southern Belize. Silk Grass Farms is also the manufacturer of a [...]

El Salvador Approves Importation of 4 Fruits/Vegetables from Belize

The Ministry of Agriculture has been exploring other markets where Belize can export its produce.  Last Friday, one such market was successfully opened in El Salvador. The Ministry of Agriculture [...]

Agriculture Minister: B.S.I. Commission of Inquiry Still Pending

While with Minister of Agriculture Jose Abelardo Mai, the media asked about the interim agreement between A.S.R./B.S.I. and Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association. That’s coming to an end, will a [...]

B.S.I. and G.O.B. Reach Agreement on Sugar Industry Regulation, 2023

Several weeks ago the Belize Sugar Industries Limited filed a claim challenging certain aspects of the Sugar Industry Regulations, 2023. An emergency injunction hearing was scheduled to take place on [...]

B.S.I. Announces Near Record Cane Price

In other sugar related news, the Belize Sugar Industries Limited reported the second highest sugar cane price estimates since the year 2000. According to the company, the 2022/2023 cane crop [...]

Agriculture Minister Gives Update on Sugar Impasse

When the media caught up with Agriculture Minister Jose Abelardo Mai today, we asked for an update on the dispute within the sugar industry in the north. A.S.R./B.S.I. is taking [...]

2022-2023 Sugar Crop Comes to a Close

The 2022-2023 sugar crop officially came to a close today. The figures are almost finalized, but the preliminary reports do not look good. The Belize Sugar Industries Limited says there [...]

Sembrando Vida Belize is Officially Launched

Today at the Ministry of Agriculture Station in Orange Walk District, the Sembrando Vida Belize Project was officially launched. The steps to get to this point began back in May [...]