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Minister Says S.I. 57 Allows for Inclusion

On Tuesday, we reported that fisher folk was up in arms about a decision made by the Minister of Blue Economy to give foreign nationals who have permanent residency in [...]

Minister Perez: Anybody Has Right to Apply for Fishing License

As to the assertions made by fishers on Tuesday that Belizeans are unable to acquire the requisite licence to fish, Minister Perez says these persons should visit his office because [...]

Ministry of Blue Economy to Address Illegal Fishing

Minister Perez says that the issuing of licensing is not to be confused with the larger issue of illegal fishing.  There have been multiple reports and documentation from the South [...]

Belize Federation of Fishers and Others Condemn S.I. 57 of 2021

Statutory Instrument Number fifty-seven of 2021 may have been passed and slipped under the radar of most people, but not the fisher folk community who today, came out expressing their [...]

Conch Season Closed: Almost 3,000 Fishers to Benefit from Growing Season

Conch season officially closed last week on June eighteenth and will remain closed for the next three months. Mario Gongora, Fisheries Officer at the Belize Fisheries Department says the national [...]

Conch Season Closed: Eat Something Else in Your Ceviche for Now

The Queen Conch season officially closes today. This means all you conch ceviche lovers will not be able to find that dish or any conch dishes at your favorite restaurant, [...]

Cane Farmers Pledge Support for UN Goals of Ending Child Labor

To commemorate Child Labour Elimination Day on June twelfth, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association is pledging its commitment to develop and ratify its Youth Policy for decent employment, skills [...]

Cleaning Up the Mess at the Ministry of Agriculture

Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise recently concluded a working tour of the country to gain insight into what’s happening on the ground at the various branches and departments.  [...]

Rainy Season Starts; Will Northern Cane Make it to the Mills in Time?

While with the Agriculture Minister, News Five got an update on the 2020 sugar crop. People are wondering whether the industry is going to experience another loss because sugar cane [...]

Minister says “Cabinet decision on sugar is policy; operationalising is another matter”

Minister Mai says that the sugar cane that is being delivered at this time to the millers in the north should have been harvested one or two months ago, so [...]

Sugar Shake Up – Santander Issued a Manufacturer’s License

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise has notified chairpersons of the various sugar cane producers association in the north that the Santander Sugar Group has received a manufacturer’s [...]

A.S.R./B.S.I. Concerned About Cabinet Decision to Mill Excess Sugarcane

The ongoing situation involving Santander, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the milling of excess sugarcane from the north has prompted A.S.R./B.S.I. to come forward and share its position on government’s [...]

A.S.R./B.S.I. Wouldn’t Want to Seek Legal Action over Milling of Sugar

While there is legislation that allows for A.S.R./B.S.I. to mill no less than one point five million tons of sugarcane per crop season, the miller said it would not want [...]

Livestock Breeding Program Gets Equipment from Taiwan

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise has received a tractor with forage harvester, a used Mitsubishi four-wheel drive pickup, and other farm implements from the Embassy of the [...]

A Sustainably Harvested Honey in Toledo That’s Helping to Preserve Wild Forests!

If you like your honey golden and sweet, you are in for double the treat when you find out that the honey coming out of Toledo is also helping the [...]

ASR/B.S.I. Responds to G.O.B.’s Decision to Use Santander

ASR/B.S.I. has responded to the decision taken by G.O.B. for Santander Sugar Company to mill sugar cane from the north. According to a release issued to stakeholders in the northern [...]

Sugar Cane Varieties and Pest Management Validation Project is Launched

The first phase of a five-year project to build the adaptive capacity of sugarcane farmers in northern Belize was virtually launched on Tuesday. In its first year, the Belize Sugar [...]

Santander to Mill 50K Tonnes of Sugarcane for Northern Farmers

During this week’s cabinet meeting, the government authorized that fifty thousand tonnes of sugar cane from Orange Walk and Corozal sugarcane famers be delivered for milling by the Santander Sugar [...]

What’s Up with B.S.I.’s Mill?

Because B.S.I. cannot mill the estimated tonnes of sugarcane it had initially informed farmers it would do, this has left thousands of tonnes of sugarcane in the fields.  Osorio says [...]

Will Santander Offer Competitive Prices for Northern Sugarcane Farmers?

We also asked Osorio if this decision to take fifty thousand tonnes of sugar cane to be milled at Santander would affect the prices for the farmers. Here’s what he [...]

Dead Chickens Dumped in Spanish Lookout

This morning images surfaced showing the carcasses of over two hundred heads of chickens along the highway in the Spanish Lookout Community. News Five has since learnt that the chickens [...]

Belizeans Feeling Pinch of Chicken Price Increase

The only thing that Belizeans love more than a good “brukdown” session is chicken. Whether, fried, stewed, baked or a favourite, barbequed, chicken is an ingredient on the Belizean family’s [...]

Ministry of Agriculture provides over one hundred thousand vegetable seedlings to farmers

The Ministry of Agriculture, through its Central Farm facility, has embarked on a journey to provide over one hundred thousand vegetable seedlings to farmers affected by incessant rains which resulted [...]

A Biological Pest Control Program is Launched

Last week, we reported on the issue of the Asian bean thrip in Belize that has been affecting the grain industry.  And today at the National Agriculture and Trade Show [...]

Rice Industry Gets Renewed Attention in Toledo

The revival of the Rice Production Program is being celebrated at the Rice Mill in Big Falls Village, Toledo. Late last week, Minister of Agriculture Jose Abelardo Mai attended a [...]