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Jun 10, 2014

Auditor General’s report is leaked; it says Elvin Penner did not act alone

The Auditor-General’s report on corruption in immigration is out…well technically it’s been out since March twenty-first, almost three months ago…sent to the PM and to the Ministry of Immigration. But it has been kept under lockdown. And now it’s out…and we mean really out. COLA today issued a press release revealing that it has gotten hold of a leaked copy, and it is reportedly as damning as was expected. COLA is holding on to the report, claiming that all will be revealed at a press conference on Thursday. But the release does offer some startling information, stating that “the Report establishes that Penner did not act alone…that there was a ring of selected Immigration officials and trusted private citizens who engineered the systemic abuse of the process to manufacture Belizean passport and nationality certificates for several undeserving, unqualified individuals, including Won Hong Kim.” The release continues to state that, “The Report is clear that specific and prosecutable offences may have been committed many times over by Penner.” According to COLA, the Auditor General’s report speaks of many other cases of irregularities within the Immigration and Nationality Department. And COLA says that in the report, Director of Immigration Maria Marin also came under fire. The release states that, “Miss Marin is reproached for showing blatant disrespect to the office of the Auditor-General as it sought the necessary records for its investigation.” As we told you, COLA will be holding a press conference on Thursday to, in its own words, elaborate further on this important development. Sources independent of COLA told News Five today that the twenty-five page report does indeed incriminate former Minister of State Elvin Penner. But more than that, it allegedly points to the involvement of other Ministers in the immigration hustle. Prime Minister Dean Barrow will be hosting a press conference on Wednesday at the Belize Biltmore Plaza. It is not known what topics will be presented but we expect that he will be asked about the Auditor-General’s report.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Auditor General’s report is leaked; it says Elvin Penner did not act alone”

  1. I Belize, Ali Babarrow is the head thief says:

    Who could it be?

    It must have been some low level hourly govt worker that put the Honorable Penner up to pissing on his oath to the country of Belize. Yea, some secretary trading some nooky to spring Kim from a Taiwanese prison. I put zero on that wet dream.

    Going the other direction, who might that be? The unelected Hulse or the top boss Ali?

    $1000 says both Ali & Hulse, this is an organized criminal operation from top to bottom. Penner bends over and takes it where his masters sez. And the govt employees working for Penner do the same, take orders.

    Halifax gibbet for the whole lot!

  2. I Belize, Ali Babarrow is the head thief says:

    The PM lie fest on Wednesday should be a laughable matter.

    He is a criminal, he knows it.
    People sitting next to him are criminals, they know it.
    Belizeans are fools and will believe his BS, or at least tolerate it thinking things will magically get better.

    It will be xmas gifts on June 11.
    Who gets bought next?

  3. Rod says:

    This is just the beginning the first one who should be locked up is this pm judas barrow who has helped cover up all his thieving ministers the breath and scope of corruption in this gov. Is unpresidented in the history of this country and the bodies keep piling up at the morgue because of this impotent pm when will the belizean people get enough will one of your family members have to die for you to act .

  4. belizean@heart says:

    Bunch or criminals,dean barrow and the forty tiefz,well he will do his best to defend his government and defend penner as he has been doing from since the corruption scandal broke up…like I say its a waste of time penner will only recieve a slapp on the face,dean barrow very good fi invent and round up his talking and dat his government is doing very good…he is gud in lying to the people,”da fool di talk but da no fool di listen any more.”

  5. Timber says:

    Thanks to whomever in that office who leaked that report or it would have disappeared. It’s a possibility that some of the employees in immigration are innocent because they only did what they were told for fear of losing their jobs. Ms. Marin knows exactly who the players are in this scheme. The culture in Belize is such that ministers and henchmen have a tendency to go into these government offices and demand things to be done knowing that it’s a hustle. Smiling was one of the main culprits of this act when PUP was in power. PUP, take heed. You complain of the atrocities of this government but when you get in don’t make the same mistakes because the people won’t be as tolerable. I keep saying that we need another riot in Belize like during the times of the “Heads of Agreement.” Don’t worry, the “po po” won’t do anything. My only fear is that some of these street thugs will target innocent people. UDP will leave Belize in such a bad state that we will be in severe debt. Then , they will blame PUP for the ills of the country. I’ve seen the streets, they’re even worse than when I saw them on trips last year. Smart “Lil Darryl”, cementing streets without proper infrastructure and drainage. Then, he gives contracts to people who never even finished school and have no idea of engineering. Vega, Castro, Contrerras, Hulse, Dean and his entire family; all a bunch of hustlers. Castro’s driver is the only one who I’ve seen has nothing. Norman has to hang around until Castro feels like leaving his spot on the Northern highway or the mechanic shop in the city. Even Ashton, when he was driving for Godfrey hustled. He would put in time sheets every day for 16-18 hours of work when we all know that wasn’t possible. Even though I don’t condone it Norman, get something from Castro. He’s hustled enough. He has businesses with his wife and sister, Talapia farms, house for his “side piece” in Belmopan, he sponsors bike teams. I heard PM’s having a conference today. Even though there’s tons of questions for him, the best thing to do was for no one to attend, even the press. Show them how disgusted you are with them. All he’s going to do is use “big words” to try and play on the public’s ignorance. To Dune Moody, I don’t really know you. I’ve seen you on t.v a few times; ( I will call you the little heavier guy who uses ties and slacks. Please excuse me for the description), push the button on Dean. Tell him to break it down for the small man on the street who may not understand all his big jargon . I see you have a zeal for your job but effective journalism means that you have to ask the tough questions, be aggressive, forceful and sometimes brash and annoying. I’m not trying to “knock you” because I know you’re working with the little knowledge you’ve gained and I’m not familiar to know if you went to journalism school. It’s just some constructive criticism. Keep on these crooks and don’t let past issues get swept under the rug. Keep plugging at the NCL projects, the deaths of these babies at KHMH last year, the embezzlement of funds recently discovered there. Ask about that tender that KHMH should have made public early March for medical supplies and medication. Talk to board members. There are
    some who will give information.

  6. CEO says:

    How many of you are surprised by this report?

  7. Antoline MERCHANIKOL says:


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