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Jun 9, 2014

An exclusive interview with Christian Ebanks

Christian Ebanks

Christian Ebanks, who also goes by the name Floyd Ebanks Jurado, obtained Supreme Court bail last Friday. He was arrested and charged in May after the Gang Suppression Unit raided the Belize City house he shared with his recently wedded wife. The GSU found an unlicensed nine millimeter pistol hidden in a stove. Ebanks is known in many circles; so news of his arrest was sensational not only because of the unlicensed firearm, but because it was reported that he is wanted in Ecuador in connection with a murder. In an exclusive interview with News Five, Ebanks says that he was set up and speaks on the request for his extradition by Ecuadorean authorities. Tonight we have part one of that exclusive interview.


Christian Ebanks, Charged for Firearm Offences

“The Wednesday that the GSU arrived at my house, I had just gotten there, ten minutes prior. I spoken to my wife and I asked her if she wanted something to eat and I got home. Ten minutes later they show up. They showed up there and they raided the house. I opened the door for them, they come inside and they proceeded to search the entire property. I can’t really divulge much more into that because obviously it is ongoing. My attorneys have told me basically to maintain my innocence, which I am innocent. The funny part about this whole scenario is that I am not the owner nor was the home I was in at that current moment; I did not have possession of. It actually belonged to my wife which I had just married. I have a store in Orange Walk, I have my home in Orange Walk and I had just moved all my stuff there on Saturday of that week, four days prior. Now, the water bill is not in my name, the light bill is not in my name, the lease in not in my name; however, the protocol that I understand that everybody above the age of thirteen should have been charged with that offence. I don’t understand quite well why the protocols were not followed. Now we had a situation where I was in essence targeted. I call it sort of a witch hunt because no one is that bad lucked that you would get the GSU coming at you first, then a media house present when the GSU is doing a raid and then the US Government being called in to do what I call a wild goose chase on a situation with myself. I served brief stint in prison according to law and I was released. I was released actually this Friday.”


Duane Moody

“You made mention of a witch hunt. Could you go into a little more detail there? What do you think happened?”


Christian Ebanks

“Well, I say that because of the extent of the coverage that has been given to my case and because of the fact of the protocols that weren’t followed. The protocol where my wife, Amber Edwards, was not charged—not that I wanted her to be, but just breaking those protocols—to me seem suspicious. Number two, she has very close family ties with a media house here that really made a great deal out of something.  They just made a grandiose scheme in my eyes over things that were prior to this date, touched upon by the police before and they had come to terms that they could not have done me anything because I was a Belizean. So to me it was just a little weird.”


Duane Moody

“So you believe you were set up?”


Christian Ebanks

“I believe…the problem with being involved in all this, it is an ongoing process and having an attorney and having their advice, they are basically telling me to stay away from that. But the way it looks, the procedure that didn’t take place and everything else that came after that, it is a little bit grandiose.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “An exclusive interview with Christian Ebanks”

  1. Timber says:

    Imagine. I want to know whose hands you buttered to get bail, more-so get Belizean citizenship under false pretenses and an alias. Though draconian, the gun laws in Belize are clear. You should have been remanded. Now, I hope your wife and kids, which apparently she has that aren’t yours, which I’ve deduced after reading you statements, can read and see what piece of shit you are and how psychopathic you actually are. You’re throwing them under the bus. All of a sudden, according to you, you weren’t home, you don’t own the home and no bill is in you name. You know the law where you knew that everyone under the age of thirteen should have been arrested.What a man! Amber Edwards, I don’t know who you are, but excuse me if I blast you without cause. You see what TRASH you just help put in our society illegally, whether knowingly or unknowingly? In Creole, “Da Good Fi Yu! On visits to Belize, I notice that too many of you women want an easy life. Many of you see men from abroad as ” Saviors” because of what you think you can get materially. It’s sickening sometimes the way some of you degrade yourselves and I watch in disgust. You have your hands permanently “like Finnegan.” Sorry Mike, you were always used as an analogy when growing up and talking about begging. I wonder where did our values go and reflected upon the days when single women used to bake, cook and try to sell food and learn crafts in order to provide for their kids. Now, lot of you women want to look good and dress up on “nothing.” The attorney who took this case is also a disgusting piece of sh.t also. I sickens me how some of you chase money and have no sense of morality. Don’t worry, UNCLE SAM will make sure you’re sent back some how. They know how to bring political and economic pressure on Belize when they want something.

  2. Timber says:

    Correction, over the age of thirteen, instead of ” under the age of thirteen should be charged.”

  3. belizean says:

    thats not protocol dude, its only those present in the house, it doesnt matter whos name the lease is in.

  4. kunko joe says:

    I could not figure out not one iota of all that babble. The man is obviously illiterate or stupid.

  5. I used to Love Belize says:

    I am so disappointed in this interview. I agree with you, avidchannel5viewer. We want to know about the gun in the oven. We want to know who put it there. We want to know when was the last time he used the oven. We want to know why he was given bail. We want to know about the murder in Ecuador. We want to know Why he felt it necessary to change his name. Everyone knows this guy is Floyd Ebanks. He grew up on Gill street with his family (Garbutt and Ebanks), went to James Garbutt SDA primary school, attended Mount Zion Adventist church with the rest of his no good family. He’s an Ebanks and they are used to getting their way and don’t care who is thrown under the bus in the process. There was always something shady about his family in Ecuador and they were not allowed to speak of it. Yes, this interview is a PR opportunity for him. He’s always been self centered and self righteous!

  6. the voice says:

    @Timber I agree 100% with you. What I dont understand is Why so much publicity for this a&&@#*&?

  7. Tanzlove says:

    @timber. She wasn’t looking for someone to rescue her. She is an American. He wanted her in order to get his citizenship. Please get your facts straight.

  8. proudbelizean says:

    @tanzlove.. YOU should get your facts straight. This man is a belizean citizen. He grew up here in Belize. So don’t come with him marrying this woman in order to get citizenship. This woman, Amber Edwards, isn’t too correct in her head. Hence the reason she got married to him just for his money. She wanted a divorce therefore she tried setting him up by making him look bad. You all need to get your facts right and not listen to these “hear-so” problems that we all belizeans are guilty of. You all are making people look bad with these rumors. And just because she’s a woman, doesn’t mean she has nothing to do with this situation. OFCOURSE she has to do something with it because GSU wouldn’t show up to your house randomly. COMMON SENSE you guys.

  9. Aquamon says:

    I have met this “man” under unfortunate circumstances.
    Trust me, this is a bad apple not too correct in dah head!!!
    Fits extreme criminal profile without doubt!

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