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Jun 3, 2014

Mike Singh defends the attendance of Ministers Contreras and Heredia at Puerto Azul unveiling

Michael Singh

The media grilled Mike Singh about the participation of Contreras and Heredia at the Puerto Azul Experience Party at Cannes. So was it premature for the project to be unveiled by the Italian investors? Here’s what the C.E.O. had to say.


Michael Singh, C.E.O., Ministry of Trade & Investment

“Cabinet is collective; there are sixteen ministers in cabinet. The fact that two ministers took the time to go visit an event where the project is being unveiled does not necessarily indicate that they have signed off on it. Those two ministers support development. Minister Contreras, who is the minister in our ministry, who I work for, he is pro-development. Minister Heredia is pro-tourism; this is a tourism project. The fact that they went to visit with the developers at the launch of the project is to me neither an indication of a general government support nor an indication of any kind of sign off.”


Duane Moody

“Sir, but wouldn’t you say it is premature for it to have been launched given the fact that no one has since given any kind of support for the project?”


Michael Singh

“Well if you are developing a project and you are trying to find investors, would you not unveil it at any point in time? Is there anything illegal with unveiling a project? No, absolutely not.”



“But I would think that you would unveil it when you’ve gotten the full go-ahead and have established that government has given the go-ahead and have gotten the public support. Following up on Duane’s question; if it is premature. It seems that this administration, the government has had problems introducing and selling large project ideas. You had the issue with NCL and now this Northern Two Caye seems to be a problem. Is that a fault of the government in its introduction of these projects to the public?”


Michael Singh

“Giovannie as I said, you are in front of the camera and behind the camera. I always loved that about you. My response to that is very simple. Today we are seeing an unprecedented interest in development and invest in Belize in projects at a much larger scale than we’ve seen in the past. That’s not a bad thing; it is a good sign. It means that people are paying interest in Belize and they seem to be confident in Belize’s investment climate.”



“You have two ministers already with an appearance that they have gotten support for the Puerto Azul project. Hasn’t that kinda defeated the purpose if there is an appearance that government already supports it if it is indeed not feasible?”


Michael Singh

“Well you are assuming support again. Why can’t we turn it around to say that that fact that those ministers have been with the developers and look at the project more closely and they can inform us better as to the details of the project? I think that there is a positive here; it is not a negative. You are looking at public perception and that is what you are reacting to; be practical.”



“Do you think that the ministers being there had done more bad than good to this particular project before it even got out of the crib?”


Michael Singh

“Perhaps that is a decision for the developers would have to make—whether that was a wise move for them to invite the ministers there. In respect to the approval process, it is neither here nor there for us; it will still go through the process.”


While Singh is saying he is not personally supporting the Puerto Azul project, he faced a firestorm from the environmental community over the NCL project on Harvest Caye in the south. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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5 Responses for “Mike Singh defends the attendance of Ministers Contreras and Heredia at Puerto Azul unveiling”

  1. Shaking Head in Disbelief says:

    Top ten Michael Singh’s boneheaded comments of the day:

    10. “Cabinet is collective.” Duh.
    9. “There are sixteen ministers in cabinet.” Duh.
    8. “Minister Contreras is pro-development.” Duh.
    7. “Minister Heredia is pro-tourism.” Duh.
    6. “This is a tourism project.” Duh.

    — Intermission —

    5. “Is there anything illegal with unveiling a project?” Duh.
    4. “No, absolutely not.” Duh-duh.
    3. “Be practical.” Yes, Daddy.
    2. “In respect to the approval process, it is neither here nor there for us.” Duuuh.

    …. and the number One boneheaded comment of the day is:
    1. “G, you are in front of the camera, and behind the camera. I always loved that about you.”

  2. Timber says:

    Mike Singh, you’re living proof that I should give up my career in the US and return to Belize to try to make a difference. If you and your brother can get a post in the ministry then I’m certain that I wouldn’t have a problem doing so also. Hell, you barely scraped through SJC. In conversation in the group, you always had some of the most ignorant logic and boasted for nothing . I’ve said before and will continue saying, tell the Belizean public why you brother Doug ran and left everything in Florida and why Uncle Sam forced the two of you to give up Fed Ex. You have come up; from a runner and processor of customs entry for Eurocaribe to now a hustler. Look who you’re partnered with, Erwin Contrreras, the master hustler. Now, it seems as if you’re backtracking. You’re trying to sound intelligent now by saying what you think is politically correct. Look at my post on the NCL news piece a couple weeks ago and when you made your disparaging remarks about Belize and Tourism. I asked a lot of questions; including the socio-economic impact on Belize and the small vendors as well as the environmental impact. We call that “biting” in the US. I know you read that post. Mike, you’re trying your best to look important. You had the nerve to call one of our friends mediocre at school and stated you didn’t recall him at high school, when he was the president of the student council and gave one of the speeches at graduation. You barely made it and thought that popularity would have gotten you votes when you ran for student council. How many votes did you get that year, THREE? You were a joke in high school and you’re a joke now. Don’t worry, the public will make sure this nor the NCL project go through.

  3. Skeptical says:

    Like most politicians they went there to let the developers know that they are onboard and probably to get their share of the wealth. They will sell the Belizean people out quick and fast for money. They don’t care about damage to the reef or any long term effects. It’s all about them and what they can get out of it. Politicians need to stop bowing down to these developers. If Belize wants a project then make it benefit Belize first and foremost. Belize you are in control here!

  4. CEO says:

    I agree with Singh on this one! As long as there are preliminary or conceptual agreement this is when investors unveil projects to garner investors, but the devil is always in the details.

    This would take some serious planning to develop the area as a whole and not only going in a plopping down a resort. Knowing how things are done in Belize the latter will be the end result and this is what makes this is a bad idea.

    A project like this if it would be done correctly would require mega investments and environmental savvy. The investors do not want to make the necessary financial layout and the boys in the GOB have no training, knowledge or experience in this line.

  5. Islander 1 says:

    They went to Cannes under the pretext that they were going to go and see a project unveiling.

    The reality is they got a free vacation to Cannes on our dime. Who wouldn’t take it? This happens all the time in politics. Why is everyone so surprised?

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