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May 27, 2014

Do you support the termination of Professor Brendan Bain from the CHART?

And tonight’s question is: Do you support the termination of Professor Brendan Bain from the CHART program at UWI? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Do you support the termination of Professor Brendan Bain from the CHART?”

  1. Louisville,Ky. says:

    Of course not!
    That was a wicked act!!

  2. Lord LOL says:

    I read his statement and it is all truths.

  3. Jesusdisciple says:

    No, this is LGBT bullying the world. Enough is enough!!!

  4. Belizean says:

    No no and no. The reason why he was terminated was because the left community is afraid. It was a fear driven act. WICKED to the uttermost. NO I DO NOT SUPPORT PROFESSOR BAINS’ REMOVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Concern Citizen says:

    Professor Brendan Bain did no wrong. In fact if we follow what he is telling us, it will help to curb AIDS, and the many other deadly diseases associated with it. He was wrongly terminated, and don’t tell us about a conflict of interest. For that position, we need someone who will show the young people that there are dangers in thinking that in being a MSM is all fine and dandy, because it’s not.

  6. OW says:

    He should be re-instated…

  7. Buju says:

    Thats they reason they are called homos

    They act like “W”itch with a “B”

  8. Belizean Pride says:

    A Big NO!!!!

  9. Belizean says:

    This poll obviously indicates the feeling of the people of Belize!! The GOB should instantly heed the call of the people of BELIZE!!

  10. Sasha101 says:

    Ofcourse not!

  11. Moses says:

    Are no saying that a person should be discriminated against because of the Moral and religious Believes, when there believes have substantial fact to support that indeed the normal way of life in nature is male to female. I don’t have a problem with a person who is a homo, they have the right to make a choice as all of us as human in every thing have to make a personal choice, to steal, to kill, to rape, to lie, to go to school or not to go etc., but when we choose to do something wrong its our choice but we should not expect every one else to agree with our choice. We know what are the guiding principle of right and wrong we have the right to choose right or wrong but we don’t have the right to tell every one else to agree with the choices we make.

  12. Harridan says:

    There are none so blind as those who will not see… If Professor Bain had truly followed his heart, and ethics, he should have resigned his position, since the mission statement of CHART was to reduce punitive measures and barriers for treatment of HIV/AIDS. Bain’s colleagues asked him not to submit an affidavit in support of the churches’ position for keeping Sec 53, because of the large body of evidence which clearly shows it marginalizes a minority of citizens, and hinders education and medical care… Given the FACTS that over 60% of babies born in Belize are to unwed mothers, and that 70% of HIV/AIDS cases are heterosexually-transmitted, why are the churches not focusing on THOSE troublesome areas?

  13. david says:

    Just ask the 35 organizations working with him, most of them were not ‘gay’ organizations.

  14. Asa DeMatteo, Ph.D. says:

    I felt a little strange voting. UWI and CHART are not democracies. And instead of a firing, I would rather have seen Dr. Bain resign when informed that he had lost the confidence of his colleagues and sister institutions. That’s what an ethical leader would have done.

  15. Paco Smith says:

    By no stretch of the boundless, human imagination can I support the sacking of Professor Bain. The University of the West Indies’ rationale for terminating his contract is bogus, plain and simple! They even admitted finding no fault with his research.

    This is a simple case of UWI’s Board, succumbing to the demands of “special interest groups that brought pressure to bear, as it relates to funding. It is a damn shame and the University’s decision sets an extremely dangerous precedent as it relates to objective, academic and medical research. There are also serious implications as to just how such scholarly efforts will be viewed in the future.

    In effect, the decision by the University’s Board has opened the floodgates in which those who conduct sound, objective research can be muzzled into saying that which is “politically correct” to certain “special interest groups” and thereby setting aside the true findings of their research.

    Indeed, through the sacking of Professor Bain, the University has opened up the proverbial ‘can of worms’. I say, without hesitation, that Professor Bain should seek legal recourse and I am convinced that under the glare of legal scrutiny, it shall be determined that based on the reason given for the termination of his contract, the University acted wrongly.

    Those who determined to terminate Professor Bain’s contract should be entirely ashamed of themselves for taking the easy route and appeasing these “special interest groups”. Let it be known, that which is deemed politically correct, is not necessarily the most judicious and appropriate action.

    I therefore do NOT support the termination of Professor Brendan Bain from the CHART programme at UWI.

  16. Belizean says:

    @ Harridan,

    If the percentage of AIDS cases are so high with heterosexuals, why why why do you and the other groups want to open a door to HIV/AIDS that is 100 time as bad as what we already have? Why do you have to support such a devastating life style? Do you actually want us to have more problems on our hands? If we know deep in our heart, the convictions our conscience gives us, why do we go againts that? And a comment over a comment that Moses made. I agree with him, choices we all must make, but let us not impose our choices as a must for others to take – which is exactly the gay community is doing. It has started, they are firing, mistreating, undermining, victimizing and taking the RIGHTS AWAY that we have always had!!!!!!!!!!!! Now were to swallow the crap that they are doing, which is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!!!

  17. southside says:

    As usual, most people who comment on these things are entirely missing the point, including the media. He had to go and for good reason, as stated above by Harridan quite clearly. Understand this has to do with a ‘conflict of interest’ relating his role at UWI, of course that’s an alien phrase here in Belize, so perhaps explains any ignorance of the actual situation.
    Belize needs to stop taking things like this so personally and preciously when there are so many more issues at hand that need demonstrating against. Priorities people, priorities.

  18. Belizean says:


    We will keep on taking it personally and preciously. If you are missing these 2 points, get out of this country and make yourself at home where the gays abide freely!! Poeple of Belize need to take every single thing serious in this country, especially things that will have serious negative effects on the country, and the future of human race itself. Can the real bigots please stand up?

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