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May 27, 2014

Audrey Matura-Shepherd fiery comments on Bain’s dismissal

Audrey Matura-Shepherd

While Fonseca advises respect and rational discussion, activist Audrey Matura-Shepherd is more direct. The outspoken attorney was a guest on OYE this morning and condemned the move to oust Professor Bain, in no uncertain terms. She called it an outright hit orchestrated by the LGBT extremists, stating that instead of rebutting the evidence presented by Bain in court, the detractors found a cheap way to get him out, even before the verdict is out.


Audrey Matura-Shepherd, Activist

“When you now become a hit man to one of the persons in the case, then I have a problem. We went to the courts. You don’t have no confidence in the courts? This is just the first level; you could go to the Court of Appeal and then you could go to the Caribbean Court of Justice. I still want to see that whatever change—because if I want something changed, I would advocate for it too—but whatever change you want about, it cannot be in that extremist way and it cannot be that you think that it is okay for me, at all cost, I’m gonna get what I want even if it means annihilating someone else. And that’s what happened to Professor Bain. So there are many angles to this conversation yo know. And I don’t even want to go into, oh the other innuendos and other things. I want to look at what I am looking at, at this moment, which is whether I agree with Professor Bain or not. He had the right to testify and keep his job because that is his expertise. That is his expertise. So you don’t think that his expertise was right. [Then] discredit it in court; bring the evidence. You had every right. So why haven’t they brought the evidence? Why hasn’t the person who prepared the report given affidavit? Maybe they feel that the other side might annihilate them as well. The problem is that this is at a whole different level. This is different than what happened to me in the sense that here you are called as an expert witness. You could say yes or no. You could say yes or no; you have that choice. But you said yes.”


Marleni Cuellar

“So he chose to testify?”


Audrey Matura-Shepherd

“He chose to testify. In my case, I worked with an organization that was about reef and marine environment and stuff like that. But what I want you to note, that when my issue came up, I had always been writing. My article was simply that the same way we open the floodgates saying that homosexuality is a right, we will open the floodgate that bestiality is a right too and the whole list…necrophilia and all the other things. And it comes down to what will be the moral compass of a nation. That’s what I said, and I will repeat it as many times as I want to and who doesn’t like it, put your head….wah lee cork in your ears and live with it.”


Professor Brendan Bain has received widespread support in the wake of his termination from the Bar Association of Jamaica writing on his behalf.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “Audrey Matura-Shepherd fiery comments on Bain’s dismissal”

  1. Lord LOL says:

    A very strong lady but she better be careful. She needs to articulate her responses more. I hope her public statements are well thought out and not be fuelled by emotion. As I see it, she may end up going back and fort with the LGBT crowd.

  2. oscar965 says:

    She is doing this for political milage. It is clear that she does not like gay people and that is ok. That is her choice, but I do not buy all of her speeches, there is an agenda behind that and it is all political. If not today then tomorrow she will cash on all she is betting on today. Sorry Audrey but I hear what comes out of your mouth but I do not feel the sincerity in it.

  3. Ixchel Pop says:

    Audrey says a lot of things and in all cases speaks with a political slant. I hear what she says but there is not sincerity there. She sounds like she is pitching to a certain base of voters. Her Christian vibe is just not there. As for here problem with LGBT and their supporters, I don’t think she will get far. Time has changed ; the point peeking into people bedroom is just not cool. I say live and let live.

  4. sydney says:

    I like Audrey and there is definitely a place for people like her in Belize but this idea of suggesting the sky will fall down over this issue is simply misplaced and unfortunate.

    Its the typical dooms day type of tactics that all Belize leaders use to manipulate our people. There is NO rational reason to think that this case will open the flood gates to legalizing bestiality.

  5. Jerome says:

    Audrey is saying the right things, but it seems like every time who say something about the lgbt group, you hate them. Well just as how they have a right to speak, so do we. So we won stop. Live with it.

  6. John says:

    Anyone who’s ever read any of her articles in The Amandala knows she’s a homophobe who’s more than happy to use her religious faith to target gays, while conveniently ignoring every other sin going on in the country. And not only that, her continual assertion that gay rights will lead to bestiality rights and paedophilia rights is demonstrably false, as proven by every country in the world that has gay rights.

    She of all people should know why Prof Bain was terminated – she had to leave Oceana for a similar reason, because she couldn’t keep her opinions to herself (not that that stopped her from claiming that she was a victim of an LGBT ‘conspiracy’.

    Like many people in Belize, from Scott Stirm to Patrick Menzies, she has a big mouth and is full of opinions based on incorrect information, and is more than happy to pontificate on any subject, just so long as it gets her airtime. So why do “reputable” news organisations like Channel 5 keep giving oxygen to this loud-mouthed attention-seeker?

  7. OriginalWoman says:

    Cudos to you Ms . Matura-Sheperd!!! The world is legally upside down and many of the ppl who have power and rule it are having sex with other men. This is nothing new under the sun, started back as far as with the Romans. Caucasian ppl are perverted and corrupt for the majority of them and they have the power and rulers hip over many, many countries. What the UN and England & US are doing to force their perverted “legalized” system upon other countries is just another sign of more to come. The problem is that too many ppl are following this “trend” today and justifying their actions in the name of love. I know not all gay ppl are bad ppl but, this “abnormal sexual practice” is becoming the “norm” right before our eyes, in our quest to keep up with “modern times.” And I agree it is only a matter of time when others who have “unnatural lust” for others whether it be beast, “little boys” or “little girls” the list can go on and on. There will be no limits if this continue. Continue to speak out Ms. Matura-Shepherd many share your sentiments!!

  8. Paco Smith says:

    I agree with Audrey Matura-Shepherd concerning this matter. If the presumably aggrieved parties did not agree with Professor Bain’s expert testimony, there are legal avenues through which to rebut or try to disprove his professional, researched-based opinion.

    The decision taken by the University, to terminate Professor Bain’s contract, sets a very dangerous precedence, in particular as it relates to objective-academic and medical research. It can be discerned that such efforts and their findings shall now be subject to the “politically correct” litmus tests of certain “special interest” groups. That portends a very troubling future, within many respects.

    Continue to speak out Mrs. Matura Shepherd because far too many people who share your, informed view have relegated themselves to the proverbial sideline.

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