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May 20, 2014

15 year old executed behind Port of Belize

Kevin Connor

The youngest murder victim for this year is a fifteen year old Belize City resident. He was executed on Monday, shot twice to the head at close range. Police found the body of Kevin Connor in a deserted area behind the Port of Belize compound at around eleven p.m. Connor left his house around nine in the morning and it is not known at what time he was executed. He was no stranger to the law, and was recently detained for questioning in the murder of a notorious street figure, Patrick Bevans. Bevans was gunned down in the Jane Usher Boulevard area less than a month ago. Connor’s family is convinced that his brutal death is in retaliation for the slaying of Bevans. Mike Rudon went looking for answers this morning and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Sometime on Monday, fifteen year old Kevin Connor was taken to this deserted area about a mile behind the Port of Belize compound, a stone’s throw from Jane Usher Boulevard. Only his executioners would know exactly what happened then, but a pool of Connor’s blood remains to show where he fell to the ground and took his last breath.


Roberto Novelo

Sgt. Roberto Novelo, Head, CIB, Precinct Two

“On Monday, the nineteenth of May 2014, at around ten fifty pm, the Police visited an area in the Port of Belize, that would be the proposed Free Zone in the Port of Belize, where they saw a male person identified as Kevin Connor. He is fifteen years old and was seen with apparent gunshots to the left temple and the left cheek. One expended point three eighty shell was found there and one three eighty live round.”


Sharon Connor, Mother of Deceased

“Twelve o’clock last night I get the news that they find a back a customs with two gunshot inna e head. So dey come and ask me fu go da di hospital fu go identify di body. Me and mi daughter gawn da di hospital and I confirm that da mi son.”


Sharon Connor and her family lived in Jane Usher Boulevard, but moved two years ago when her son, eighteen year old Christopher Jorgenson, was gunned down in the area. She has now lost another son to that crime-ridden area of Belize City. Her last words to Kevin as he left home after nine that morning were angry ones, because she warned him not to go but he wouldn’t listen.


Sharon Connor

“Yesterday when he wake up, yesterday morning, we neva really had no kinda conversation, because usually weh he do da mawning he just pick up iself and go heng out with fu he friends and yesterday da mi my day off so I mi deh home all day, and he noh really tell me nothing. He just pick up iself and e gawn, so I just lef a lone. Because I mi done tiad a talk to a and tell a that you know what, back deh da no fu we…dey done kill yu bredda. We noh even know who kill a and now dey done deh blame yu fu something weh yu no do…no trust nobody back deh. Dat da mi my last words I tell my son.”


Sharon Connor

Sharon Connor was fearful because her son was detained by Police after the Patrick Bevans murder one month ago. He was questioned and released, but word on the street in Jane Usher Boulevard is that he was a marked man. So while his mother is grieving, Kevin Connor’s death comes as no surprise.


Sharon Connor

“Surprised…I neva surprised, but da just the way how dey do it. His own friends dey ker a to e death, you know…because they accuse a of a murder weh he neva even commit and because of da murder and the Police dey mi hold a, deh just decide that dey wah target my son fu that. And they just mek e believe that e done, and since he know to iself dat he noh do nothing, he gawn mongst dey again, and da dey same one who he gawn mongst, who he call friends and who he mi trust with e life, tek weh e life.”


For this mother who has seen violence take two of her sons, there is no thought of retaliation or hatred. She will bury her son and leave the rest in God’s hands.


Sharon Connor

“Mi son done dead…dey done kill a. A noh know weh dey get out a it. Because they mi kill my first son and even if dey mi bring the murderer front a my face and kill a, dat neva mi wah give me no satisfaction cause they can’t give me back my son. So all I gat fu tell dey…dey know who dey, and they know why they do it, and I just hope they know that God no deh sleep. Wah powerful God deh up deh and he daw ah powerful man and da he wah tek care of everything. I lef everything inna God hands.”


Kelly Connor

Kelly Connor, Brother of Deceased

“I just hope di one weh midi call e name happy dat e dead now. I wah know weh dey wah get out of it. Only dat I gat fu seh sir. Da mi my only bredda from my pa side weh I mi know.”


At news time this evening, Police had not detained any persons of interest in the murder. Mike Rudon for News Five.


The area where Connor’s body was found is the site which was designated for a Belize Port Free Zone. Police only found the body because after reports that persons were frequenting the area, a mobile patrol now drives through once every shift.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “15 year old executed behind Port of Belize”

  1. Rod says:

    Unu need fu march to this pm house all a unu need fu march get rid of this useless pm and gov. Before your loved one is the next one to be lying in the drain .now it’s 4055. People dead and counting.

  2. saint diablo says:

    These mothers (as most are unfortunately single parents) are completely aware of the life their kids lead. While it is disturbing that murders are occuring at such an alarming rate, it is also no surprise that this perpetual cycle of violence and death occurs. Part of it is due to the demi-god status these guys are given after committing a crime.
    What I find interesting from an economic point of view, is that these “big bad drug/gun man” don’t make enough money that they still live at home. Granted this victim was 15, but then it begs one to ask, why wasn’t he in school or a trade school and why doesn’t the GOBhave a program where parent(s) can call a hotline and have their kids taken to school?
    The system is broken and it will take more than a “band aid” approach to fixing it. But the responsibility starts at home, not with GOB, not with the police, not with the church… starts at home. If you can’t control your kid, someday someone will do that job for you…be it with lead or “wah bax kras deh haad head”

  3. Al Rich says:

    The sad thing is that this poor woman could loose her next son, because it seems that this is a marked family. The word of God says, live by the sword die by the sword, these kids do not understand when you join a gang your days are numbered, sooner or later the bulls eye is on you. This poor mother is still in denial of her sons criminal activity, my heart goes out to her.

  4. meandi says:

    On a week day in the morning when I was 15 I went to school. I didn’t go hang out with my friends. My mom knew where the hell I was and who my friends were. Its all too common now that parents 1. have no communication with their children, 2. Kids rule the roost, 3. I had to report home to my parents once school was out. Its not the PM’s obligation, Parents have to be responsible for their children too you cant just make them and have someone else provide security for them.

  5. dats just gud says:

    @ Al Rich I fully agree with you……she has been tolerating them ever since, so now are the consequences. Look at the faces of the two beside her, they would take your money and would not hesitate to kill for what is not theirs.

    you see what the mothers says… “because usually weh he do da mawning he just pick up iself and go heng out with fu he friends…” ” He just pick up iself and e gawn, so I just lef a lone….” it seems that he has no school to go to, neither interested to find a job……..

  6. saint diablo says:

    @Al Rich – given the track record it is more likely than not, that she will be back on the news being interviewed about the involvement of her next son in an illegal activity, be it a participant or victim of. Knowing this, what intervention(s) are available?
    1. Does she or her kids have access to social support?
    2. Where is the father and has he been paying child support?
    3. Is the child in school, and if no, who is responsible for this?

    System is broken. The plague of absent disciplinarian in the family is nothing new, in fact history demonstrates this has been an issue that has been present 60+ years ago with men having two families in different districts (the good ol days of rudimentary communication and transportation tools). Churches, politicians, police, etc….its easy to put the blame on someone else. But I ask again, if the parents are aware of what their kids are doing, why don’t they do something about it? Why do they allow them to live under their roof? Why do they not turn them over to the police? More questions than answer, this will be the case for now.

  7. H@tari says:

    I totally agree with St. Diablo’s comment. The system is broken! And it all boils down to the collapse of the family. These little monsters were allowed to become vicious dogs and then they are set loose on the rest of us. Who can stop this? Only “we the people”. Stand up and Demand that GOB bring in outside expertise to advise and actively participate in the operations of our police crime fighting units. It is happening now in the K-9 Unit and it is working. Thanks to the U.S., we now have a professionally trained and effectively deployed crime fighting tool. If you want to save the jewel, you better stand up now!

  8. Me says:

    The Problem is that when her first son was murdered no one did anything about it. the Police, The Government, not even members of her family. This told the murderers in Jane Usher Boulevard that this family can be killed and no one will do any thing about it. But like she said, one above looks and when the time is right the cowards that killed her kids and yes regardless of all your comments these where kids. When the time comes they will be justice.

  9. mjorgensen says:

    anada one christopher was enoff n ke3vin was mi odda bro even dough i neva kno ah bt y di kill out ms sharon pikni y

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