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May 12, 2014

The list of U.D.P. supporters from the north who got the Mother’s Day cash

Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, might worry about pesky health-related matters like a lack of basic medication, no money to hire doctors and no money for properly equipped ambulances…but politician and area rep for Corozal Bay, Pablo Marin, doesn’t have those worries. His most pressing concern this weekend was probably how best to hand out fifty thousand dollars given to him by G.O.B.  As we reported last week, seventeen U.D.P. Area Representatives received fifty thousand dollars each from the Ministry of Finance. That’s eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars out of government coffers, given to U.D.P. area reps to fund Mother’s Day programs. It’s an extravagant use of public funds, especially against the setting of the Health Sector Strategic Plan launched this morning. But it happened. In Marin’s case, at least, the money wasn’t used to fund a Mother’s Day Program. He simplified things, basically selecting women whose families are party supporters and giving all of them one hundred dollars each – end of story. In the end he handed out only about forty-six thousand dollars…not bad for one day’s work. His colleague in Corozal North, Hugo Patt, did the same. But in his case, he handed out the entire fifty thousand, fifty and a hundred dollars at a time. We assume that all seventeen U.D.P. area reps did basically the same thing. Just to make it clear – this wasn’t party money drawn from the coffers of the U.D.P. or from the pockets of the area reps. The eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars came out of public funds, given to them by the Ministry of Finance. 

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23 Responses for “The list of U.D.P. supporters from the north who got the Mother’s Day cash”

  1. Ali Babarrow sez, screw Belize says:

    the B team of Ali’s forty.
    carry on, Father’s day is coming up, bigger chunks of the country is coming your way.

  2. Kae says:

    In belize city it was the same. sad sad to see how mothers low-rate themselves and what women have come to in this country where politicians buy them off with cheques for $100 while having no real answers for the multitude of social challenges they and their children face – and the excitement that those cheques cause. The cycle of dependence Belizean politicians fuel today is worse than the colonial masters of the past. its this foolishness that ensures that NO Restore Belize or any other program targeted at the southside will succeed – they will all fail because this is what poor people are trained for: hands-out. feast todeh and starve tomorrow.

  3. Orl says:

    My mom is no UDP supporter and she got her 100.00. I am grateful to the minister in Cayo who gave her the money. I will not give the minister name as I don’t support any party, I just vote for who is best. But I must say thank you to the Prime Minister for this initiative. Many mothers were sure happy for the money.

  4. Rod says:

    Bunch of thieves this pm and gov. Make me wa vomit all ova them they are so vile and corrupt my tax money going to this corrupt pm and gov. Makes me sick but we deserve it for letting this pm and gov. Get away with it shame on all belizeans I have now concluded that all belizeans are nothing but cowards that deserve anything unu get.

  5. blueyemonster says:

    Its not about the monies. Its about the concept how much does $100.00 worth these days. The government need to make long term protection for Belizeans. Next day $100.00 gone…

  6. Eric says:

    Though the gesture is nice and everything it’s still everything that is wrong with politics in Belize. I speak from being witness to the functionaries of ministers that give hams and turkeys to their supporters or when $100 is distributed on to the supporters of the present party in government and yes they both do it don’t lie rod the racist your beloved PUP does it as well. The fact remains we the people give up our dignity, democracy and common sense by supporting one side or the other not realizing that we will only eat and prosper for 5 years at a time. To Orl regardless of your mom being UDP and still getting $100, you need to look at how far $100 goes these days and ask yourself how thankful you really are and that’s just food for thought and not an attack on your gratitude. These so called stewards of governance distribute our, OUR money as if they are doing us a grand favor… People this is our money we should never feel like we need to roll over and lick anyone’s boot for giving us our money back. We rail against whichever party is ruling over us the subjugated people but all of that is just hot air spewing out for 5 years because until elections come again there is nothing we can do… but here is an idea instead of railing against the incompetence why don’t we demand that these waste of space do their job a job that must I remind you we the people are paying them to do. We go through a cycle over and over again, one party gets in messes up and then we vote them out only to have the other option come in and do even worst. Never in all my years of voting have we ever had the other option come into office and do better it’s always a matter of we voting them out because of rampant corruption. All we need to do to change anything in this country is to demand that the present government (be it UDP or PUP) do the job that we hired them to do, even if you support UDP or PUP because the time for support comes only when their terms in office are ending; everything before that is for unity and the betterment of the people and nation as a whole.

  7. sickntired says:

    Now udp di come correct. Since them will tief money anyhow them might as well share it with we ma. At least them get wah nice treat fi mek up fi all the politrickcians tiefing. Dis da one time i no weh complain bout how them spend di money – good job – keep it up and just rememba fi give more mothers next time so nobody no get vex.

  8. Niro says:

    At least the UDP is thinking for the People, How about when the the Pup diverted millions of dollars to pay for USH, and the tax breaks that they gave the millionaire ???? this UDP is for Poor People!! UDP is for the Needy Pup is for the Greedy (Luke, Musas FOnsecas, Briceños))

  9. Dar says:

    Fifty thousand dollars….that is a lot of cash for just 500 families to benefit from. But then again at the current cost of living $100 is just a drop in the bucket. That cannot even provide a complete Sunday dinner for an average family. This Belizean hand-out mentality has to stop…it is not getting our country any where. Maybe it would have been best served if that money was invested by each area representative in repairing dilapidated playgrounds, fixing street lights and other activities…There is no greater gift you can give a mother than the peace of mind that her children are safe…

  10. It's Grand Larceny, Plain and Simple says:

    Just Saw This On TDB:

    “Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced to six years in prison on Tuesday for his involvement in a bribery scandal. He was convicted of two counts of bribery in March for accepting money to assist a residential property project while he was mayor of Jerusalem. He was also ordered to pay one million shekels (about $290,000).”

    WE BELIZEANS as a people should find the courage to indict, prosecute, convict, fine, and jail Mr. Barrow on two counts of grand larceny as soon as he is out of office and no longer has immunity. The day after he leaves office. It’s the first time in our history that a prime minister has so openly and defiantly, and in such a smug manner, just taken funds illegally from the public coffers. It should not set a precedent. It should be prosecuted by the courts on the political will of Mr. Fonseca once he gets in. Be assured that it will not be any kind of revenge or ill will. It will be a prosecution of grand larceny just as it is with anyone else.

  11. alberto lagos says:

    dear Orl,you should be grateful to your prime minister for all the killings and all the robberies .Mothers deserve better than a misserables 50 or 100 dollars all that amount of monies should be used on programs on how to alleviate poverty what the goverment have to do is stop crime and corruption with only one passport that Penner sold cover all the money spended on mothers day and still with the spare change will cover for christmas and other events .It is a shame how this arrogant goverment take advantage of the people. 50 or 100 dollars will not bring peace or happiness to this beautiful country that we love.PEASE GOD stop this madness.

  12. Louisville, Ky. says:

    My fellow Belizeans, you chose so called democracy and this is what you get. Don’t make any difference if it’s UDP, PUP or any other P for that matter. The only solution to mankind’s problems is Theocracy…Government by God. Straight like that!
    You don’t even have to take my word for it. Just vote out this crowd and see what happens with the new set. Same difference.

  13. CEO says:

    Those funds are for every Belizean not only those that voted for the sitting party.

    This is wrong and not only wrong when it is done by the UDP: just plain and simply wrong regardless of which Party does it. When the PUP did these things it was wrong then too! When you want to help the people of Belize you set a food bank with a distribution system that all those that qualify can be serviced. Do not give the money to politicians!

  14. the voice says:

    I think it was a very good idea. The mothers know in what they will spend the money on. Instead of given them a cheap mothers day program with no talented singers, cheap plastic crap and torture for two hours with the stupid jokes of the m.c.

  15. BELIZEAN @ HEART says:

    The money spent are monies from the oil companies given to dean barrow and the 16 tieves,so that they can be in their side and support the destroying of our national resources,and the monies are channelled to the cronies,and in this case its the mothers’ of Belize that are being targeted and bought,of course during these VERY EXTREMELY HARD TIME” a $50.00,$100.00 is nothing compared to the high cost of living and unemployment in this country…BWS,gone up,BEL going down afew cnts,then when town board elections are over then it will rise up again,fuel is high,butane is high,food items at the shops,supermarkets are too high,medication at the pharmacies are high,cause we all know when we go to the hospitals their is no medication ,we can die there…its no excuse the PUDP are destroying our livlihood and people are just no the PUP did this and that,its time we stand for what is right is we want our country to move forward,we must stand together and not allow theze parasites,PUP/UDP TO CONTINUE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY.-QOUTE FROM AMANDLA NEWSPAPER-Oil was discovered in the Spanish Lookout area of Belize’s Cayo District and began being pumped and shipped about eight years ago. A few years ago, more oil was discovered in the Never Delay area of Cayo. Fifty million barrels of oil were recently discovered in the Gallon Jug area of the Orange Walk District, but this oil lies beneath rock which will present penetration difficulties. In the Sarstoon/Temash, an oil company called U.S. Capital Energy, supported by the Government of Belize, has been exploring for oil in an extremely aggressive manner, despite the public and legal protestations of the Kek’chi Maya who claim the relevant area as their “customary lands.”

    On its Wednesday evening newscast this week, Channel 5 reported that the 17 UDP area representatives in the House of Representatives have each received $50,000 to spend in their constituencies for Mother’s Day 2014. Five months ago, each of the UDP 17 received $90,000 to spend for “Christmas cheer” in their divisions, while the 14 Opposition PUP representatives each received $25,000 for a similar purpose, as did the 14 UDP “caretaker” standard bearers in the PUP areas. On the occasion of Mother’s Day 2014, however, only the 17 UDP area reps received moneys.The oil package brings some problems with it. The first is serious environmental pollution. Another problem is crazy political greed/corruption. The most devastating is societal instability, wherein people who have lived together as neighbors for centuries become jealous and suspicious of each other to the point of internecine violence.The transnational oil companies are the most vicious PREDATORS of the modern world. In order to defend Belize against them and get what is rightfully ours with a minimum of destabilization, we Belizeans must first love one another as we have loved one another on the journey to nationhood. It’s that simple, yet that difficult at the same time. The reality,we must demand good governance but we must be united,we must not let any government to continue to use us as “baits”…POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  16. jay says:

    This practice of giving away tax payers money to party supporters is wrong on so many levels. It’s vexing to see this backward style of politics still going on here.

  17. BELIZEAN @ HEART says:

    The present administration has been in power for six years. If they were serious, they could have begun addressing matters in a fundamental way, at societal foundation. The question has to be asked: to whom are our rulers loyal? to the people or to themselves? of course they are serious only fi dem pockets,thats what them want,tief,and tief all they want and give the crombs to the marginalize poor Belizeans while cronies and family members of Dean barrow get richer and richer.

  18. Retired CEO says:

    Very sadly so people suffer due to lack of knowledge. Belize needs a new orientation. If poor people are given $1,000 each month, one can rest assured the ill conceived merchants will get all that money in a short amount of time.


  19. tired of Rod says:

    The cycle continues for Belizeans ,but what choice do they have? Whether it’s PUP or UDP it’s the same crap. They all try to get into government to fill their pockets. Most of them are unqualified for a government job .The only degree they have is in stealing. When election comes around ,you see the Politicians going around throwing parties and handing out a few dollars here and there to earn votes ,and the people just fall for it. That’s just a drop in the bucket for them ,cause once in government they get what ever they want in their pockets. it’s a vicious cycle that will continue and it’s getting worse. Maybe we were better off belonging to England.

  20. Phillipa says:

    Well the mothers day basket that was given in my area BeliZe Rural Central by Ms. Bev was not even worth $25.00 it contain 1 doritos, 1 peanut, 1 M&M (sm), 1 tissue,1 lotion n spray set $(5.95),1 cup,1 makeup, 1 crackers, 1 cookies I wonder where she spend her $50,000 thousand.

  21. Stay Focussed: says:

    @Eric and @Niro and @ Louisville Kentucky:

    Are you guys readers? Good, because I have material for you below:

    You are missing the shades of gray. There is some serious subtlety involved here. I don’t want to patronize you big boys, but you need to see what’s afoot in Belize.

    Let me put it to you this way: A few years ago, an unknown individual was setting off homemade bombs in a certain city in the USA and killing people. Investigators were able to put two and two together and arrive at a person of interest. True story. They secured a search warrant for that individual, whom they had interrogated a day before, and executed the warrant. Upon entering the home of the suspect, they found on the kitchen table a number of bomb-making tools prominently displayed, obviously on purpose. That’s right. The suspect was saying: “Yeah motherf*cker, I did it. Now you prove it!” The investigators said as much when they later told the story. The perp was pretty sure that they had nothing on him. Long story short: The investigators were smarter than he. They got him on the idiosyncratic finishing marks of his cutting pliers. It was like DNA. No other tool in the world could have left the unique marks left on the wire fragments found at the crime scene.

    So what’s my point? Dean Barrow is throwing down the same challenge: Dean Barrow is actually saying “Screw you. Do what you will!” The Amandala newspaper said as much two weeks ago in a piece on the appointment of Barrow’s son to the Executive of the Belize Telemedia. We have NEVER had a gold-rolex-toting PM who has been so condescending to such a large swath of the Belizean populace. I dare you to qualify Said Musa, Manuel Esquivel, or GP in the same league.

    You guys have to concede that this man has taken ‘f*ck you’ to a new level. Excuse my French but we need to drive home a point here. Large-scale surreptitious fund embezzlement a la Aleman (Nica) and a la Portillo (Guate) is one thing, but actually robbing the coffer in broad daylight without a mask and gloating at the camera is a new and unique rubric of brazen embezzlement. It cannot be an acceptable precedent.

    You get it now ??

  22. Joe Blank says:

    This is the beauty of a democracy. People love to slam politicians about crooked behaviour. However, if they are the beneficiaries of the hustling, then they don’t have a problem. A politician’s job is to 1) steal and not get caught and 2) always remember to share the hustling with his constituents. The problem with this formula is that it is the tax-paying base of this country that pays for these parasites. Yes, these “pro-poor parasites” who live off the rest of us. So much for one man, one vote!

    And yes, Stay Focused, you are absolutely dead on target. Perhaps his esteemed law partner should have gone up or down. Because that is what this country will come to. There is a another jurisdiction that the Norman Manley Law books cannot save the political elite from. Go ask Rodwell Williams. These people are tempting fate, big time!

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