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May 9, 2014

The embattled Health C.E.O. goes on the offensive

Sharon Anderson

After weeks of sustained fire by the Pharmacists’ Association of Belize, the Ministry of Health called a press conference this morning to allow C.E.O. Peter Allen to answer serious allegations being made against him. In essence, it appeared to be a show of unity for the embattled C.E.O., who has been of all sorts of unpleasant scrutiny lately. Much of the attention has been spawned by the appointment of Danini Contreras and the subsequent decision to allow three other person, including Contreras, to approve the entry of pharmaceuticals through Customs. There is much more, like allegations that Allen is undermining the integrity of the health system for his own personal agenda. There is the accusation that he is using his authority to frustrate and victimize Chief Pharmacist Sharon Anderson. It’s a certified mess. Today, Allen went on the offensive. He told the media that he has problems with Anderson because he can’t stand slackers.


Peter Allen, C.E.O., Ministry of Health

Peter Allen

“Consultancy mechanisms are an important part of any system. There can be no real issue with multiple signatories for the entry of medical supplies certifying that the items being imported are as per contract terms or part of a list for duty exemption. There is no technical issue here, and of course any accusation that it supports special favours for anyone can be met with the argument that having only one person with such power is worse. As just one recent example, the Chief Pharmacist wrote to suppliers on the fourteenth of November 2013 informing them that there would be no processing of Customs entries and pharmaceutical importation permits between the sixteenth of December and first January. After various complaints this letter was withdrawn. But really, why should there be only one person authorized in the entire country to sign something which is clearly not technical or related to any type of inspection of goods. Mrs. Anderson and I do not agree, and this affects the working environment, but this has nothing to do with the principal objective and the tasks which need to get done. I freely admit that I have a low tolerance for inefficiency and poor productivity. I am human and when I see some people not pulling their weight and placing an increased burden on the others in the system or worse, affecting our patients, well let me say that yes, it becomes very frustrating. But to accuse me of somehow having some kind of a vested interest in the procurement of pharmaceuticals is utterly false. To undermine the integrity of the supplies management process is also simply unfair. Further, to accuse me of in any way wanting to be authorized to sign for the importation of controlled substances is not true and appears to be designed to deceive and mislead.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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3 Responses for “The embattled Health C.E.O. goes on the offensive”

  1. Timber says:

    Baloney, and you know it. You’re just another hand picked crony who has no idea of medicine and its current practices. There are no good sterilization techniques in Belize, outdated and inferior medicine coming in. You’re so out of touch. When was the last time you practiced or did CEU’s? (Continuing Educational Credits). I don’t live in Belize but I know that a tender for a contract for medical supplies came up in March. It wasn’t even made public. Tell the Belizean nation who got the tender you big hustler.

  2. Truthbetold says:

    Dr Allen, I pity you. For all the money you could earn in a first world country and without all the harassment you have to endure here in Belize and you still still stick around here trying your best and having to endure being ridiculed in the press. Just because you are perceived as being a foreigner you will be roasted until your dying day. (Got to find somebody to blame for their own deficiencies)

    You have given over 25 years to the health system in Belize and originally came here as a volunteer. Your love for the country and the people of Belize are undying, however all they ever try to do is shoot you down. Never once do any of the press, or the public at large ever thank you for all the good you do for the country. Is it not true that you raise more money through foreign grants and assistance than any other person in the government? A lot of that hard work never gets accredited to you, but rather to other persons in high up places.

    In the post you hold, you are not allowed to fire anyone whether it be for criminal actions, gross negligence or non performance. You are at the mercy of the PSU who is a socialistic organ designed to curry favor for government employees and political garnering. Hence the poor production by a large majority of civil servants who know they are protected. What a shame and there is little doubt why we will never advance forward as a country due to a bloated, inefficient public service.

    Best thing you can do is ignore the press, as they will never post anything positive on what you have achieved. Go about your job and keep up the good work that you do. Without you at the helm, the entire medical system would have collapsed a long time ago. Just remember for the small amount of miscreants who try and shoot you down, they are ten times the amount who appreciate all the good you do.

  3. BELIZEAN @ HEART says:

    MEIN peter allen really have no shame,well he came to dis country as a volunteer,and he was appointed by this CORRUPT/THIEFING UDP government and all Belizeans knows it,we cannot hide the sun with one finger,corruption is sooooooo rampant and rotttten in alllllll GOB ministries,land dept the worst corrupted dept in Belize,the works ministry,the immigration,the police,health of course, education,tourism,FINANCE ministry under barrow,-QOUTE FROM AMANDALA NEWS PAPER-The oil package brings some problems with it. The first is serious environmental pollution. Another problem is CRAZY POLITICAL GREED AND CORRUPTION The most devastating is societal instability, wherein people who have lived together as neighbors for centuries become jealous and suspicious of each other to the point of internecine violence.

    In the case of Belize, some of us have begun turning against the Sarstoon/Temash Maya. These are people who have been stalwarts of our agriculture, our military, our police, and our overall society for many decades. Suddenly, some of us feel the Kek’chi are standing in the way of all of us getting rich. It’s not that simple. Ask the Indonesians. Ask the Iraqis. Ask the Nigerians.

    The transnational oil companies are the most vicious PREDATORS of the modern world. In order to defend Belize against them and get what is rightfully ours with a minimum of destabilization, we Belizeans must first love one another as we have loved one another on the journey to nationhood. It’s that simple, yet that difficult at the same time. QOUTE FROM AMANDALA….THE REAL problem is the corrupt GOB,DEAN BARROW JUST LOVE THE VENEZUELAN AND OIL COMPANY’S MONIES he no love the majority poor suffering in real.”

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