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Apr 30, 2014

C.E.O. Mike Singh’s inflammatory statements on Facebook

Mike Singh

According to Krohn, while the fifty million U.S. dollar project is unwarranted, it is largely the brainchild of former C.E.O. in the Ministry of Tourism, Mike Singh.  Singh, who is now second in command of the Ministry of Trade and Investment, has been engaged in a back and forth with several individuals, including Mary Toy, a conservationist from Placencia, over social media.  In a recent Facebook post, Singh attributes the introduction of sex tourism, excessive foreign employment, drugs and wholesale tax evasion to overnight tourism.  Not surprisingly, the statement has raised the ire Krohn and others in the tourism industry.


Stewart Krohn

Stewart Krohn, President, Placencia Chapter B.T.I.A.

“Nobody asked for this project, nobody.  It wasn’t in any manifesto of any political party.  This was Mike’s baby.  He brought this as his own thing.  Apparently he has some special affinity for cruise lines and for NCL in particular, but I think it’s a sign that Mike and his people at NCL growing increasingly desperate because I am not on Facebook okay, but people send me various postings from Facebook because they know I’m interested and one comment he made on April eighteenth, on one of the Placencia sites was that he was comparing overnight tourism to cruise tourism and he makes a very insulting claim that it was overnight tourism that introduced sex tourism to Belize.  It was overnight tourism that introduced drugs to Belize, that it was overnight tourism that engages in massive tax evasion and massive diversion of foreign currency into foreign banks.  I mean this is a man who was the C.E.O. in the Ministry of Tourism, okay.  Tourism, particularly overnight tourism, is the biggest part of Belize’s economy.  It is the largest employer, it is the largest foreign exchange earner and this guy who was C.E.O. now comes, that he is no longer C.E.O. in tourism, now insults the overnight tourism industry by saying we introduced sex tourism, drugs tourism, we engaged in massive tax evasion, we divert foreign currency.  Well, if all these things were true when Mike was C.E.O. why didn’t Mike speak out against these things?  All of a sudden, now that he is in the pockets of the cruise lines, now Mike suddenly is the biggest enemy of overnight tourism.  It’s my feeling Isani that Mike Singh: A, he should lose his job like Mr. Sterling lost his job for the statements he made but Mike Singh owes the tourism industry in this country, he owes the people who created and sustained overnight tourism and brought it from nothing to being the country’s largest industry, he owes all of those people a very strong apology for the remarks that he said and remarks that he will not even deny.  He will admit that he said them.  He will say that they were taken out of context.  There’s no out of context, you find that posting and you show it to your viewers verbatim and then let’s see what Mike Singh has to say defend himself.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “C.E.O. Mike Singh’s inflammatory statements on Facebook”

  1. Dumb Guy says:

    Mr. Krohn. Just like a white person is white and a black person is black, so are the things that Singh said. Cruise tourism has no real way of finding the girls. But the bones that stay overnight, get tons if offers and find their way to girls. And the money and tax evasion? Laaaaad!!! How many tourists come here and pay their stay in cash? Likewise condos sold and resold in San Pedro in the last 10 years that was Belizean money wired through and to Belizean banks. These people spend their between themselves and declare much lower values in Belize. Do your homework before you abuse media again.

  2. English, MF, Do you speak it? says:

    Sorry, Dike Singh, gander is not a verb. “I gander to say……” Do you mean “I daresay,” or “I venture to say?” You are convoluted not just in your grammar, but also in your scruples.

  3. sickntired says:

    Wi public officials need fi be loyal to wi country and stop sell we out. It very obvious them cruise people di pay plenty corruption money. What di PM di do about all this? Or maybe him di collect some too.

  4. Simon says:

    and these comments were as bad as a cartoon drawing by you with the Minister bending over etc? don’t point fingers if you do worse. take the matter to court and stop fighting your case in the media-you are starting to sound like arthur and audrey

  5. H@tari says:

    This is sooo typical. The government does not give a damn about this country. It’s all about what’s in it for them. They will not listen to the concerns and advice of private industry. This man is disrespecting all of us and should be terminated from government immediately.

  6. Timber says:

    Let me tell you about Mike Singh and his brother; they are another opportunist who’d sell their own mother’s soul to the devil for money and power. He was so dumb while at SJC it wasn’t funny. How did they ( he and his brother) get to be political players? Ask why his brother left Florida and why they were forced to give up Fed Ex representation by the US government. There’s a once a month get together where some meet and have drinks and food. He always argues and acts like he’s “mister know it all” and argues half truths. Why didn’t he voice this when he was in Tourism?

  7. wolf says:

    I just wonder how much money is in for Singhs? From the get go this is a stinking fish… i m sure if someone digs up the bones one can see Mike has been making moneu from NCL from the get go… who you think sold the island to NCL? Singh is owner of Century 21 Btal… i wonder what were the guarantees attached to the sale? Wonder if taxes were dully
    Paid on the commission or those commissions eere sent to 1 of his offshore accounts that perhpas Dough Singh manages for themselves?? Follow the money people!!!

  8. Voice from the trees says:

    Please!!! I read the post on FB and these comments were not at all like Krohn reported. Singh commented that these things, sex tourism, foreign currency diversion, etc. are some of the side effects of tourism. That is not a lie. Krohn has no love for Belizeans and never did, his development in Placencia is shut off to locals and all has he done is sell empty land to speculators. I can only guess that he is upset because those sales are paid abroad. ppl like him need to get the hell out of Bze.

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