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Apr 25, 2014

Meeting held with gang members to address spiking criminal activities

Dean Barrow

In 2012, Belize was considered one of the top ten most dangerous countries in the world, with murders at an unprecedented high. In 2013, that turned around somewhat, with murders falling below the one hundred mark for the first time in five years. But 2014 isn’t looking quite that good, with gang tensions and the resulting bloodshed on the rise. One area in particular, surrounding Jane Usher Boulevard, has become a danger zone. Police have increased patrols, set up checkpoints and placed a mobile command center in that zone. That’s one way to deal with the problem, but authorities are also going the route of conflict resolution. Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed today that there is a meeting set today with gang personalities to try to get a handle on rising tensions.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“We’ve just bought additional equipment for the Police…additional weapons and additional radios as part of the extra effort now to try to tamp down that situation. There is a meeting taking place this afternoon between some of the principals from the Jane Usher Boulevard area and from other areas so that the carrot and stick approach or the effort to go at this thing from several different directions might be employed as a way of dealing with the situation. So even as the Police are stepping up their enforcement actions in the area, an effort is being made to talk through the situation with the gang leaders, with the principals to see if some kind of cease fire, if you will, might be mediated.”


The PM maintains that it isn’t another gang truce in the making, since the trouble is confined to one small area and it isn’t a city-wide problem.

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20 Responses for “Meeting held with gang members to address spiking criminal activities”

  1. McNeil says:


  2. Joe Blank says:

    Wow! Here we go again. If there political masters cannot control them, what will happen when there is a change of government. I guess they will get the green light to unleash their mayhem. What a mess these educated idiots have unleashed on our country. We are finally paying the price for populist b.s.

  3. Tek Bak Belize says:

    You can’t negotiate with terrorist you goddamn bald headed moron.

  4. Rod says:

    Judas barrow is correct it is not a city wide problem it is a country wide problem and he has tried this before how much of the tax payers money will he give these gang members this time . When you are an impotent person on crime you will remain impotent what a bafoon this man is fu gods sake judas barrow resign resign now over 4000 deaths almost as much as Syria that is at war . March belizeans march.

  5. Over it says:

    So do they get a raise or are you adding new names to the payroll?

  6. Lowjack says:

    A meeting with the gangs?, excuse me mr. PM but there is pacts
    between lions and men? What’s the next step? bend over?
    There’s a rumor mr. PM, that you have to do something with gangs
    and that means that you allows all the gangs activities.
    A pact with gangs!! $#@

  7. Uncle Benji says:

    Belize has become the butthole of jokes. A government negotiating with hoodlums. This asinine behavior of Ali BaBa-rrow would be downright stupid, if it wasn’t so funny.

    Imagine a gang bangers agenda here in the city. Monday da time fu thief. Tuesday da time fu kill. Wednesday we wan meet with Barrow and drive wan hard bargain.

    In Honduras, gang bangers are arrested, thrown 200 into the same cell, and then the cell is caught fire. Now that is the way to go Barrow.

  8. venus says:

    Oh yes! Bargaining with terrorist again. Never work, won’t work. Only thing that will work is dishing out the Arthur Young treatment.

  9. I Belize Ali Babarrow is the head thief says:

    The emperor jefe calls for a gang banger conference to lay down new rules.

    This free lance gang stuff has to end, it is causing Ali problems.

    All hits on opposing gangs must be approved by cabinet.

    Rapes and murders of tourists is prohibited. Expats on a case by case basis, again approved by Ali and cabinet.

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    These days in Belize it seems that you’re better off being a Gang member than a law abiding Citizen .It’s so ironic how Dean Barrow can sit and talk with Gang members .but can’t even sit and reason with the members of the Mayan communities to speak about a way to resolve the issue with SATIM .In my opinion that’s Bigotry.

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    It’s so ironic how PM Dean Barrow can sit and talk to Gang members.
    But yet can’t even sit with Leaders from the Mayan communities to find a way to resolve the issue of Oil drilling in the Temash reserve.In my humble opinion that’s bigotry.


  12. Mayagial says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of. Really!!!!!

  13. Al Rich says:

    Why talk to these gang members, the only thing they will understand is the law coming down hard on them, the death penalty reinstituted. Stop playing with these people who has no regard for other human beings. Lock them up throw the keys away, stop talking and please do not offer them anymore money.

  14. village bwai says:

    dean barrow is trying to play like he cares but just want to get the names of the leaders at the moment so he knows who to send the gsu to kill….

  15. dis da fo me says:

    Dean Dog Barrow, is a criminal himself, he must be arrested for theft……………………………………………………..wake up Belizean do not be fool any more.

  16. wicho says:

    I think im gonna stop work and start a gang! looks like good business!!!!!! BULLSHIT!!!

  17. man fa college says:

    he is the gang leader working with his udp elected govt.All a pack of criminals,what else do people need to convince them.

  18. BelizeanInAsia says:

    What will you all in Belize do?? That’s the question!

  19. Timber says:

    Look at what he encourages. He has formented and cultivated something that has now become a thorn in his side. This is how he gets his votes anyway. How much money will he and Sister B take to them now? In the meantime, some innocent lives may be lost. Whenever we resort back to swift justice and start hanging some of these criminals, things will cool down.

  20. Rafael Hernandez says:

    This is nonsense, prime Minister is a fool thinking that gang members will keep with their end of the deal. Gang member will say amen to all that barrow propose,,, and still be doing their illegal stuff. this fool Borrow is messing up this country!! BIGTIME!!!!!

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