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Apr 23, 2014

Patrick “Pata” Bevans executed near his home

Patrick Bevans

Twenty-two year old Patrick Bevans a resident of Port Loyola was shot and killed this morning by an unknown assailant. The latest Belize City homicide is believed to be the result of an ongoing rivalry between two established gangs. It is rumored that there is an imminent takeover of the Jane Usher Boulevard by the George Street Gang but that takeover is being met with fierce resistance. While police are yet to confirm they have indicated that their investigation thus far is leading them in that direction. Bevans is no stranger to the police as he was set to appear in court on Thursday. News Five’s Duane Moody pieces together details of the brazen murder.


Voice of: Ashanda Gonguez, Relative of Murder Victim

“Dehn chance ahn outta ih life because dehn done know when yo pull pan Patrick Bevans, yo have to come from back way. Yo can’t face ahn front way whether ih injured or not cause he mi wah fight with dehn. And that dah weh dehn do with ahn. Dehn chance ahn outta ih life from back way. So whosoever kill ahn dah wah coward. Dehn shoulda mi face ahn like wah man.”


Duane Moody, Reporting

Twenty-two year old Patrick Bevans was murdered execution style this morning, just a stone’s throw away from his house, near the basketball court in the Jane Usher Boulevard Area. At least one gunman came up from behind and reportedly fired several shots to his head and shoulder.


Voice of: Ashanda Gonguez

“Ih walk up the street mi gwen dah the shop fi buy fonto and apparently when ih mi di come back, we noh know whether dah mi one or two gun man supposed to trail ahn and shot ahn from back way. The first shot ih get dah ina ih head and apparently dehn just continue shoot up ahn. Dehn say dah seven shots most of it to ih head, ih ears, and one in ih shoulder. Apparently dehn intentionally mean fi kill ahn. Last night, dehn send a lee bwai yah—di lee bwai bout ten years old or less than that—to come call ahn and tell ahn say somebody deh up the street di call ahn. We noh wah call no name because dehn know dah who. He and this person noh got no kind of relationship—you noh talk to me, I noh talk to you. But he neva did gone. When dehn come out and ask the lee bwai why dehn di call Mister Bevans for, di lee bwai neva answer; ih just run out of the yard and gone and that was it. That is, until this morning when they laywait ahn and shot ahn.”


Cpl. Jorge Lemus, Admin Officer, Precinct Two, Belize City Police

“Precinct two detectives were dispatched to the area at MS Street in the Jane Usher Boulevard Area where they saw the lifeless body of a dark complexion male person lying face down in a pool of blood with several gunshot wounds to the head and body region. Initial investigation reveals that one Patrick Bevans, twenty-two years, a Belizean unemployed of a Louise Bevans Street address was walking towards Curl Thompson Street in the said area when a dark complexion male person rode up to him and fired several shots in his direction…causing fatal injury.”


Bevans is a well known street figure who was wanted by police back in January for the murder of thirty-eight year old Emerson McDonald; McDonald was shot to the center of the lower back as he was walking on Central American Boulevard. In an attempt to detain Bevans, he was shot once to the leg at close range by a member of the Belize Special Assignments Group (BSAG) during a house search. That case was to be heard on Thursday, but Bevans was killed.


Voice of: Ashanda Gonguez

“That shooting with BSAG dah lie yo know. This man mi deh right home yah weh part yo see that step over there. All ah we mi deh yah and when dehn come the night, dehn come very disrespectful…noh say that dehn come do a search or that dehn di look fi this person or whatnot. Mister Bevans mi deh pan di step di sit down, but I think di roll wah weed. When he see them, he run. So the crowd follow he around the lane by the public pipe dah back yah and he deh ina di bush di hide. One B.D.F. see ahn and tell ahn come out of the bush and he come out with his two hands up in the air—he done surrender. Someone of them reach in time and the police still shot ahn ina ih foot and tell ahn yo lucky dah only ina yo foot and dah neva ina yo head. We got lotta witnesses to that; tomorrow dah the court case fi that. And we mi gwen because ih had witness.”


Jorge Lemus

After being hospitalized for at least two months for the injuries he sustained, Bevans would routinely take a walk with his crutches. But this morning, he was lay-waited and viciously attacked.


Voice of: Ashanda Gonguez

“The whole foot and everything mi done heng off and thing and doctor try bring t back. The bullet burst through and mess up ih ankle on the other foot too. So dah two of ih foot mi injured; he spend like two months or three months in hospital because of that one gunshot weh dehn give ahn with that machine gun from close range. And ih still neva mi di walk up to today’s day. That’s why dehn chance ahn outta ih life. Dah exercise ih mi di exercise ih foot because ih can’t walk…ih use crutch. Ih crutch dehn right yah from weh dehn move from underneath ahn this morning, weh ih drop pan.”


Relatives confirmed because of his lifestyle, Bevans had his share of enemies. They, as well as the police, believe that the motive behind the murder is due to a turf war in Jane Usher.


Voice of: Ashanda Gonguez

“Dehn got wah lee set back yah weh say dehn come fi run Jane Usher. Dehn say dehn dah from Gaza, but Gaza and Golley…I noh know weh dehn bwai into. Because dehn hear about Popcaan and this one di sing about Gaza and Golley, dehn wah be part ah Gaza and Golley. First dah mi bloods and crips and now that Gaza and Golley… dehn simple just like Gaza and Golley.”


Cpl. Jorge Lemus

“Detectives are interviewing several suspects. We are trying to ascertain the motive and we are recording statements from witnesses at this time.”



“Has there been a spike in crime and violence in that specific area?”


Cpl. Jorge Lemus

“In the past couple of months, we have seen the rise in that area.”


Seven nine millimeter expended shells were recovered from the scene. Duane Moody for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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  1. Rod says:

    Now we have 4005. Murders in this god forsaken country when will you belizeans get enough of all these senseless murders march people march to this pm house drag him out of his bed and lock him up for impotence incompetence and corruption fu gods sake wake up belizeans you or one of your family members could be next. Hang. Hang all murderers.

  2. Rod says:

    People people am telling you eighter you stand up now against all these murders or you will be standing at the grave of one of your family members make up unu mind this pm and gov. Are impotent on crime now over 4000 murders since judas barrow and this gov. Have been in office remember eighter you stand up now or you will be standing at the grave of one of your family members make up unu mind fu gods sake.

  3. Sydney Griffith says:

    Rod, I agree with your most of your position but there is no way 4000 murders have occurred under barrow administration. Belize averages 100-135 murders per year and Barrow is only in his second term. You do the math!

  4. Belizean says:

    Why stop what the GOB should be doing? If the people are cleaning up their own mess, whats wrong? Less tax payers money spent into rope that hangs the people right? Sit back and relax, criminals kill criminals.

  5. Kaila Moralez says:

    Like this week Belize Times News paper rightfully pointed out all the murders are reported in the crime minister (prime minister), Boots Martinez,and patricia farber (patrick farber) constituencies. So that is proof they are not competent to secure their constituency. What it means to be a UDP supporter and UDP stands for Ungrateful Dog People. The UDP TV ad says “Building Belize a Government for all.” The AUDACITY for UDP to say they build Belize when 99% of Belize was built by PUP and if it were not for PUP that establish Belize as an Independent Nation they the UDP couldn’t even be a Government. Even the neighborhood where the prime minister lives Botton Wood Bay was built by PUP, John Saldivar lives in Belmopan built by PUP. The UDP haven’t even built an entire housing community all housing communities built by PUP Belmopan, 81/2 miles, Democracia, Botton Wood Bay, Fresh Pond, Los Lagos, Hattie Ville to mention a few.

  6. Rod says:

    Sydney those are only the ones that this gov wants you to know about believe me for every one you hear about there are 5 more being committed and not reported get it.

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