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Apr 22, 2014

An elderly woman dies following what appears to be a home invasion

Myra Miller

The past Easter weekend had its share of traffic mishaps, robberies and murders. We start our newscast with a report on a sixty-eight year old Jamaican woman who died on Sunday at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after she was found clinging to life at her house. The retiree lived in the small community of Boston on the Old Northern Highway, and was rushed to the hospital on the evening of Good Friday. The official account of the circumstances leading to Myra Miller’s death has not been provided, but her neighbours are convinced that the elderly woman was the victim of an attack in her home. Mike Rudon went to Boston this morning and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Myra Miller lived alone in this house in Boston. A black bow on the gate now informs passersby of her death. She was found face-down in the middle bedroom at around five p.m. on Friday evening by her neighbours, the Cortez family. They say they checked on her regularly, since she was a diabetic. When she didn’t answer them that evening Victor Cortez went inside the home and found her there. He immediately suspected that she had been attacked.


Victor Cortez, Neighbour of Deceased

“When I saw Ms. Miller on the ground in a very awkward position, her legs was under the bed and face down on the cement floor. When I spotted the light on the left side of her head I saw wood, rotten wood across the head. I told my dad you know what Miss Miller got hit across the head. And I got contact to the Ladyville Police Station, then the officer came in and explained the matter, he said chairman we need to move this lady at once, it seems that she has been here definitely over twenty-four hours and we lifted her off the ground and we put her behind the police truck and we met the ambulance in Sandhill in front of the Guadalupe Primary School, that’s when the paramedics took her over.”


In the back yard of Miller’s house there are pieces of old wood. One piece was found inside the home. Because of the fragments found in Miller’s hair, Cortez believes she was hit with it. They believe her attacker gained entry through this window, pried open with a cement block just underneath. When they found Miller she was near death, barely able to speak.


Victor Cortez

Victor Cortez

“Positively, I could say was there at least twenty-four hours because the scent that she was there in, she urinated herself, you could tell and just the state she was. She was conscious; when my dad found her first and he asked Miss Miller who did this to you. She said, the man, the man and she said that three times and that was it. She didn’t die there, she died on Sunday, so she was conscious all the way to the hospital and we did CAT scan and I was called back from the hospital to come in Sunday at about six-fifteen. I got a call and they said I need to come in because she doesn’t look good. By the time I reach they called it off at six forty-five.”


Cortez is the Chairman of Boston Village as well as the neighbour and friend of Myra Miller. He has taken her attack personally.


Victor Cortez

“I know Ms. Miller definitely over fifteen years. Miss Miller is a very religious lady; she is a seventh day Adventist. I could remember all the good bible arguments we would have and that smile, very friendly so the animal because that’s an animal who attacked this lady. To hurt a lady like this really words can’t express the feeling I would like to express myself to the fullest but I am talking to the media but it hurt, that’s all I could tell you Mike, it hurt bad. Ms Miller is a wonderful lady but I will do my best to let this one go down the drain but live.”


Miller lived in Belize alone. The community of Boston had adopted her as one of their own. Mike Rudon for News Five.


The Police report states that a DVD player was missing from Miller’s home. Unofficial Police sources tell us that it has been located in another house in the community. The post mortem examination of Myra Miller will be conducted on Wednesday. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “An elderly woman dies following what appears to be a home invasion”

  1. Rod says:

    A lot of these murders are now being committed by all these foreigners from Nigeria Jamaica and all the other African countries where this pm is letting into this country who is black just for votes weather they are criminals or not fleeing their own country .now he is manipulating the internet removing anything negative against him and his gov. So our freedom is being eroded by this pm and gov. Judas barrow is going communistic I hope and pray that you belizeans who are still sleeping or are playing the fool pretending you don’t see what’s going on in this country just because you are udp. Well even you and your family members will end up murdered if you leave this pm and gov. In power.

  2. Fair Justice says:

    @rod stop pointing fingers when you point one 4 pointing at you. This is a sad day for Belize. What can we do to protect our retirees our investors our tourists. This is not a good thing for Belize. People will desist from visiting our country. When people ask me about Belize i put it on a pedestal but for heaven sake this just contradict what i tell people. Belize is not peaceful as it use to be. It has become as rogue as Guatemala, El Salvador. Venezuela just to name a few. The government need to do something about all this crime, stop concentrating in filling your pockets and concentrate on the safety and well being of the people of Belize.

  3. Al Rich says:

    @Fair Justice I agree with Rod. It is since all the people from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti and all those countries the crime rate escalated. Yes we do have our won local criminals also. It is so sad that people work all their lives and plan for their golden years and others just want to kill them for what they have. Why take a person’s life for just a few pennies.

    It is time for the government to take a harder stand on murderers, especially those who commit cold blooded murder with no provocation. I agree with Rod hang them or put them before a firing squad, give them the opportunity to choose which they prefer. The cowards will think twice before they make the decision to kill people for a cell phone, a computer or whatever thing they want to steal. Bring back the death penalty please.

  4. Tired of Rod. says:

    Would somebody please ban Rod from these forums. This guy speaks out his #%^ ,and is one of the most prejudice and ignorant person. Find his IP and block his access.

  5. benque boy says:

    It is a sad day, and crime is increasing rapidly. Alot of the crimes are not even reported, and how the police handle things are ridiculous.
    ladies house is ransacked, she is struggling to survive and tells she was attacked.
    We need to clean house in the police department, there is way too much corruption and cover up.
    Belize is a powder keg of crime waiting to blow up.
    1. The economy is so beat down by this government that because of the lack of economic opportunity, almost everyone is turning to crime.
    2. When a crime is committed it is investigated so slipshod its ridiculous.
    3.The police are underpaid and work with criminals to coverup and or commit crime, lets just name a few recent incidents.
    1 Foreign Nationals robbed BY police in Succotz at check point??? whats happening with that?
    2. Young boy is taken to Atm machine and robbed BY police. hmmmm
    3. Just this week, a chinese business owner assaulted BY police. hmmm
    4. Crime happening in Benque free trade zone protected BY police and Erwin Contreras.
    ANd on and on and on.
    Do we have to start our own private citizens army, to protect ourselves FROM the police.???
    If I recall thats what happened in Guatemala.
    Starting to sound like a pretty good idea. We need to recruit some of the meanest toughest $%#TY security force around and have them protecting our citizens and reeling in criminals.
    Otherwise you are going to have an armed populace thats going to just start shooting anytime there is a knock at their door.

  6. BelizeaninAsia says:

    I wish Rod would stop his foolishness on this forum. I’m black, my granny is hispanic. Belize is a melting pot of ethnicities of varied colors and shades. It’s not only Africans who are granted nationality in Belize but moreso Latino Americans from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala etc. Stop your racism and prejudice! We are all mixed up in Belize!! The most painful thing right now is that Belizeans are all being affected by the situation there. Some of us want to come home so badly but we are afraid to do so. Let’s unite and fight these corruption, crime and violence in all of its forms as opposed to creating greater disunity amongst brethren. This mentality being propagated by ROD is the very reason why Belize is in this mess. We don’t see the issues as OUR problem (collectively) but rather as his or her problem.

    Condolences to Ms. Miller. I’d seen her around with her brief case and books since I was a little child going to primary school :( this is unbelievable mein!

  7. Ali Babarrow sez, screw Belize says:

    >>We need to recruit some of the meanest toughest $%#TY security force around

    that is what we got!

    They are idiots, but are the meanest toughest $%#TY security force around, that we can elect.

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