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Apr 16, 2014

Alan Slusher appointed Interim President of UB

Alan Slusher

Former University of Belize President Dr. Cary Fraser demitted office in mid-November of last year, amid a swirl of controversy as to whether he was indeed granted leave by the Board of Trustees or if he left on his own will. Since his departure six months ago, Dr. Wilma Wright, the university’s provost, was appointed acting president.  Well the news tonight is that Wright goes back to her post as provost because Alan Slusher, the senior advisor to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, has been tapped as Wright’s successor.  Slusher has been named as Interim President of the University of Belize and has signed on to a two-year contract. Slusher has had an extensive career which culminated in his retirement as Vice President of the Caribbean Development Bank, but the faculty and staff of the university are concerned that he only holds a bachelor’s degree.  According to one faculty member, there are others with higher qualifications within the staff who could have transitioned as president of the national university. 

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11 Responses for “Alan Slusher appointed Interim President of UB”

  1. Ricky Malthus says:

    We hope he doesn’t continue to run UB into the ground further like he has done to the Central Bank of Belize. Barrow and his minions.

  2. John Mencias says:

    Anyone who has had the privilege to work with Mr. Alan Slusher will tell you that the man may well be the perfect person for the job: and I say this knowing that there are other viable and competent Belizeans here at home and abroad who may well have what it takes to turn things around at UB.

    The President of a University must be first and foremost a strategic thinker who can communicate her/his vision to faculty and staff, students and the wider community. I will also strongly argue that it is more essential for her/him to have a multi-disciplinary background rather than being an expert in a single field only with little knowledge of the other fields of expertise being taught by the institution which he/she leads.

    Apart from his (Alan Slusher’s) outstanding international experience at the CDB, this is a man who has previously served as Chairman and Governor of our Central Bank and Executive Director on the Board of Belize Telemedia. He is currently a Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Finance, a Member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Development Council, a Director of the Board of the Central Bank of Belize, and the Deputy Chairman of the Belize Electricity Board. The phrase that comes to my mind, somehow, is “most eminently qualified sine pari”!

  3. Rod says:

    Another incompetent boob given job only because he is black he is not qualified for this job. And unu wonder why all of your children are being murdered in the streets well it’s because of all the incompetence of this pm and gov.

  4. Fair Justice says:

    @Rod you are a racist BASTARD. It seems you are thinking with your @$$. Channel 5 should block your racist comments. Everyone needs a chance to prove him/herself. He may not have a doctorate degree, but may have the experience to do the job. There are many who may have a degree in black and white on a paper but might not even know the difference between their @$$ and a hole on the ground. Answer that you foolish Rod whoever you may be. You sound incompetent and dumb just like Dean Barrow himself. Stupid fool. Your mother should have aborted you before you were born. Bloody dummy. You piss me off Rod.

  5. sickntired says:

    This one he just look big head and lazy. Mussi gwen da ub go talk them to tears. Belize cant mek no progress cause now the criteria fi high position is be the pm friend.

  6. Ali BaBarrow protects his 40 says:

    Let’s efficiently and professionally arrange the deck chairs on the titanic.
    Complementary fig leaves for all.

  7. Rod says:

    Fair justice the truth hurts doesn’t it

  8. Educator abroad says:

    I am concern, there are questions I think the people of Belize need answers to. Was this position open for anyone to apply Or does the term”Interim ” means that he was appointed, and just given the job. I really would like to know how this job was given before judgement is made. Foe example, the procedure taken for him to obtaining the job?

  9. Heavenlyblaq says:

    Fair Justice, I have to agree with you. This guy has spewed nothing but hatred and racism in his blogs. Racism has no place in our country and I pity those who think that qualifications are limited to one race. This is the reason why Belize remains in the throes of poverty because of the discrimination and favoritism granted in the workforce. Every Belizean deserves fair access to employment. There has to be something very wrong with those who see fellow Belizeans along cultural and ethnic lines. When we leave our country we all just become people of color in the white man’s world. Belize is a country of many races and there is no law that says that only a hispanic or a Creole person should rule. Neither is there a law that says only certain ethnic group should be employed. We are the ones who stupidly marginalize each other. Get a grip of yourself Rod. Your head need not be buried so far up your butt.

  10. curious says:

    @Fair Justice.
    You are so right. All d addaz mi hav daktorate degrees and deh all gone off fast. Give d man a chance. Mek we see weh dis man wah do, afta all di addaz neva kom up wid anything new fi di university. Deh mi jus di kalek di money e look like. Gi di man wah chance.

  11. Doctor says:

    While I appreciate the above comments….if you don’t live and work in Belize…or far more…if you don’t work at UB….you would not know that YES there is discrimination when it comes to which ethnic group is appointed..and the winner is: the ROYAL creole…that is not important to me tho…because I live working for the sake of my students at UB….what bothers me is:

    1. UB is letting go our retired Faculty and Staff because they are 55 years old already – but bring an outsider Allan Slusher who is already retired. How fair is this?

    2. UB refuses to rehire Faculty who have BSc but have taught at UB and before the amalgamation for 34 years – but bring Allan Slusher who also only has a BSc. AND put him as the interim president!!! This is a joke.

    3. All of UB’s presidents had a PhD. Senior Deans and Faculty have Ph.D.s, even the Provost has a Ph.D. Why not someone with the right qualifications? Does Allan Slusher understand academic writing, publishing, grants, MOUs, students? He was the Governor of the Central Bank – but wasn’t that a political appointment too?

    4. Why not advertise the post of Vice President? Why appoint him and not give anyone the opportunity to apply?

    We have broken toilets, leaky roofs, rat bat infestations, broken windows, squeaky ceiling fans, not even paper to print, our students have to pay 90% of their field work, it floods when it rains, the entrance road is filled with pot holes, Faculty have sued UB for salaries, appointments and contracts, I can go on and on and on.

    The reality is that while UB is making a mess of itself and the Government exacerbating it with political appointments to offices and the board…the students are suffering the consequences.

    Sorry Prime Minister but I can guarantee you that 85% of us at UB will not vote for your party.

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