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Apr 14, 2014

2 robbers are shot and killed by a farm owner in Carmelita, Orange Walk

The weekend’s violence started on Friday night up north in the village of Carmelita when a fifty-year old grocer from Guinea Grass and his son visited their family farm located three miles off the highway in the village. They discovered that two homes on the property had been completely ransacked and all their personal possessions were stolen. Enterprising robbers had even started dismantling the roof. Just before six that evening, a pickup truck reversed into the farmyard and two men got out. It’s not clear what happened next, but within seconds one man lay dead, another ran away fatally wounded and the driver of the pickup sped away. Today, Edison Johnson is charged for two counts of murder, remanded to the Belize Central Prison while his family struggles to understand how their lives have suddenly come to this. Mike Rudon was in Orange Walk this morning and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Edison Johnson

At six p.m. on Friday Police were called to this remote farm located three miles off the highway in Carmelita. On the way they were met by Edison Johnson, who handed over a twelve gauge shotgun. He told them that while on his farm a red pickup reversed in and two men got out. Police say he told them that he shouted at them, and then fired at them. One of the men fell immediately. The other ran away and the pickup sped off, chased by pellets from the shotgun.


Dennis Arnold

Dennis Arnold, O.C., Orange Walk Police

“Upon arrival at the scene Police saw a male person lying face-down on the ground with what appeared to be pellet wounds to the back. The person received pellet wounds to the left side of the lower back, the left shoulder and right below the left ear. The scene was processed and the male person was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. His name was learned to be Luke Cox, twenty-three year old, labourer of Carmelita Village, Orange Walk. On Saturday, the twelfth day of April, 2014 Police revisited the said area and just before reaching where Cox was found, about two to three hundred yards away, Police saw another male person lying face-up in the feeder road. They went and checked him and he was lying there apparently dead.”


The second man was identified as twenty-four year old Saul Garcia. He had gunshot wounds to the back. Police immediately detained Johnson pending investigation.


Dennis Arnold

“Between Friday and Sunday we had made contact with the D.P.P. we had taken statements from people who were in the area and we were given the green light to proceed with charges for Mr. Johnson. Mr. Edison Johnson was charged for two counts of murder on Sunday afternoon.”


Today Johnson’s wife and daughters returned to the farm – once a dream home for a hardworking, humble family…but now the stuff of nightmares. This wooden house once contained beds with mattresses and other furniture. It has been completely stripped, all their possessions gone. They were at the farm last Sunday, so it must have happened since then. This loss, coupled with the arrest of the family’s breadwinner, is almost too much for them to bear.


Rosita Johnson

Rosita Johnson, Wife of Edison Johnson

“My two place mi have mi beds, mi bureau, everything in my house…then mi farm, no like this…with mi coconut, everything gawn, nothing, mi zinc…I woulda never think I woulda picture this…wasted so much years working… Dat da just yu know yu seh yu deh work fu have something…all yu lee money yu invest inna di place. Cause dis da mi my husband plan fu seh well dis da wah retirement fu he…inna days to come when he get old he could sell dis place and mek something inna life…fu seh like dis da weh I work for.”


This family is broken, and two others are preparing to bury their own. Alma Bull is Luke Cox’s grandmother. She was called out late Friday night to identify the man found dead in Carmelita.


Alma Bull, Grandmother of Luke Cox

Alma Bull

“When they haul out the crate, I see dat da my grandson in deh…inna wah crate and inna wah puddle of blood. His head inna blood and blood pile up on the side…look like he get shot from inna his back…like wah shot deh da his neck and one deh da his stomach side, so I tell di Police I seh oh da my grandson…I know a…”


Bull is realistic, and while the death of her grandson hurts, she knows that he was no saint.


Alma Bull

“Well I tell you, he mischievous. I no wah swear for ah; ih mischievous. Ih dah wah mischievous lee bwai.”


It is believed that Cox and Garcia had stripped the farm of all its possessions, and had returned for one last load from the roof. Instead of the zinc they came for, they found their death in a hail of lead. Mike Rudon for News Five.


Orange Walk Police say that prior to Friday Cox was wanted for harm and for stealing two sheep, while Saul Garcia had a case pending for dangerous harm. The third man who was driving the red pickup has been questioned by Police but is still free pending the conclusion of the investigation.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “2 robbers are shot and killed by a farm owner in Carmelita, Orange Walk”

  1. Rod says:

    They deserve whe they get big thief well they are only following the example of this pm and gov. So no surprise .

  2. bad johnson says:

    No jury is going to convict Johnson. Johnson, you should have taken out the driver first, do the next two, and then bury all three of them, and then torch their truck in Lemonal.

  3. Fair Justice says:

    This is really ridiculous, they were caught stealing and the owner killed them, yet he is held for murder? What kind of mada r@$$ law we have in Belize? Look at Raylene Dyer killers they walking free. All because the young man budna going blind and refuse to testify. He should have been thrown back in jail for non compliance. This r@$$ get mi pissed. Might as well i stop work and go thief since they always walk free. Bloody DPP full a $H!t. She need to b replaced.

  4. eric says:

    I am sorry to say and would never have believed that I would actually agree with rod when he states that they got what they deserve. @ bad johnson, you are perfectly right he should have killed all of them and cover it up, the only way to get justice in this country is to become a criminal. The justice system in Belize is nothing less than sh@t, totally sick and disgusting. This man is out in the middle of no where and with the exception of his son he was virtually alone. In these times of wholesale murder of the innocent the law expected this man to walk up to these a$$holes and hand them his gun and let them do to him what they want; at least this is what I interpret from this miscarriage of justice. The innocent law abiding citizens of this country (I am not talking about the ones that kill hard working people for robbery or just because they can) need to stand up against this corrupt a$$ judge buying, police bribing, ministers twisting the rule of law system. THEY ARE TELLING US THAT JUSTICE IS NOT FOR THE ORDINARY MAN!!!

  5. Belizean Pride says:

    Charged the man for murder while protecting his property mein, what is wrong with our laws? Hope the farm owner is release and given some award for being an outstanding civilian who is fighting crime instead. damn!!! or make the whole village take over a protest to show solidarity with the farmer so they can release him free of murder.

  6. CZLENO says:

    This da total B.S. them deserve that sieka thief. .and pan top them wa charge Mr. Johnson for murder when he just the protect what is his.. Thats why the thief them continue because the police them de pan fu dem side!!!! At least e get rid a two thief!!!

  7. Concern says:

    Bad johnson…its best if you heard the entire story before saying what u said that they should have taken out the driver first. The driver is a relative of mine and was only asked to do a favor. They came wanted to hire his pick up to move some stuff from their property thats what the two man claimed that it was their property. So he just went to do a kind gesture not knowing what was the real motive.They almost got him killed innocently. You really cant trust anyone at all these days. Am just thankful to God that he wasnt killed. I pray that the Owner of the property does not go jail for doing what he did because he was merely protecting his property and was probably angry seeing all his hard work gone to waste. I hope the DPP can see that.

  8. Renee says:

    This man deserves a reward-he caught people the police could not catch-he is a hardworking humble man who got so mad at thieves, he protected his property. Remember when Sikaffy also shot and killed 2 thieves in the back-he was not arrested-a newspaper said to give him a medal. Why is this poor man charged for protecting his property. At minimum it should be manslaughter as he was provoked as anyone in Belize nowadays would be. Get with it DPP and Police.

  9. Phillipa says:

    Good for them police need to investigate where are the other stuff Maybe the same driver help the remove the other thing like the bed etc before police need to question him

  10. Ali BaBarrow protects his 40 says:

    Johnson gets life and his family goes under.
    Raylene is out finding ‘new studs’ to do her bidding and squirt out some kids.
    Gangs rule the streets, mobs stone queers, 3rd criminal nation.
    Ali and his 40 rape the cuntry.
    Everyone cooking in the stewpot.
    Everyone a target, except the untouchables

    Belize is Ali. Ali is Belize. We are his reflection.
    Price is dead. Long live Ali !!!

  11. heavenlyblaq says:

    Justice was served to the thieves. Now we need to demand justice for Mr. Johnson. He did what most of us are afraid to do…stand up against robbers who repeatedly deprive us of what is rightfully ours.

  12. From the West says:

    Edison Johnson is my hero. He even called the police to inform them he did the country a great service. Now the tax payer money can be used for better things than house, feed and try to convict these scumbags.

  13. Joe says:

    I agree with ya all….this is just total BS. A law abiding citizen it seems have to comply with thieves, robbers, rapists etc otherwise they will be put on trial. The system is just Frigged up in Belize. He should have killed all three and do away with them. You get no where abiding by the law. The law it seems is there to protect the wicked

  14. hilly pelayo says:

    i personally know eddie johnson. he is a hard working upstanding citizen. those thieves deserve what they got. i hope eddie is release soon. he wad only protecting his property.

  15. Clifford says:

    okay Belize justice system is all the way messed up!!! I’m ashamed to even they I’m from Belize, this man wasn’t suppose to be charged with NO crime. To start with the men robbed his place and came back, who knows if they were armed and to top it off Johnson had his son with him. What the hell is wrong with Belize justice system?? don’t try to maked a point that no murder will go unsolved by locking up innocent people that are protecting themself. And the DPP can go to hell for sigining off on these ridiculous charges.

  16. bzean says:

    PLEASE DPP!! This is outright unjust, charging the man for murder. It encourages us to destroy the bodies, that’s all. I learnt from this.
    I think the belizean people need to stand together, and get this man released. I just pray that he can walk free. This country is getting out of hand. FREE MR. JOHNSON NOW!!!

  17. Jason G. says:

    Edison should walk free that is call protecting himself and his property

  18. Emelia Leal says:

    What about the man that was kill on our farm. he work for my dad. After that my dad get a gun license. the News never mention some was kill on our farm before. I am Edison Johnson Daughter. Thanks for the support. My family is delight by the positive commits we are receiving.
    My father Edison Johnson work so hard, when he first get that farm I say pa why u get this farm it bushy, we can’t live back here. We live there we work hard my father planted all those coconut trees, we sweat for his farm. Now to see it burnt and everything gone. What will happen to my poor mother, she lone cry. I will not let my daddy stay in prison for years, he did everything right. God forgive me but he should have burn them like how they destroy everything we work so hard for.

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