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Apr 14, 2014

UN Report says Belize is the third most dangerous country in the world

Where murders are concerned, Belize recorded fewer numbers in 2013 that in the five years prior. That was good news for a country under siege, and provided hope that perhaps it signalled a trend. 2014 isn’t looking as good, with five murders just this past weekend. For context, you can look at a new study which was released last week. It’s entitled the Global Study on Homicide 2013, and finds that half a million murders were committed globally in 2012. Half of those were committed in countries with only eleven percent of the global population. In 2012, Belize ranked very high on that list. News Five has snippets from the Huffington Post and CNN which feature Belize very prominently.


“Almost half of the killings took place in countries with just eleven percent of the global population, and the first one on the list is Honduras, with a homicide rate of ninety point four per hundred thousand people. Honduras is plagued with gang violence and drug cartels. The second country is Venezuela, with a rate of fifty-three point seven per one hundred thousand people. The high murder rate was one of the main causes that prompted anti-government protests earlier this year. And the third one is Belize, with a murder rate of forty-four point seven per one hundred thousand people in 2012.
The correct answer to our GPS challenge question was D – Honduras, rounding out the top three of Venezuela and Belize. The United States ranked sixty-sixth, sort of in the middle.”


The data for the study was collected from each country’s law enforcement or health authority, or from world Health Organization estimates. We note that in 2013 murders decreased significantly, and there are no official statistics for 2014 so far. 

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15 Responses for “UN Report says Belize is the third most dangerous country in the world”

  1. Joe Blank says:

    The chickens have come home to roost. This is the product of bad leadership and bad public policy. The politicos continue to advocate for a dead city, Belize City. This entity is not conducive to sustainable development. It has practically 0 urban planning and it’s a factory for crime. When George Price advocated for the movement of our capital to Belmopan, he was condemned by those who prefer to have people hoarded and socially-dependent on them. They continue to spew populist b.s. while our country goes to the dogs. For all the Barrows. Hydes, Elringtons, Dickie Bradley’s, and Said Musas, all we have to show is a social disaster. The era of educated politicians has been a catastrophe for our country. This is a direct consequence of them using their education to be skillful manipulators and cheap hustlers. Unless all of us understand that we can no longer sit on the side-lines, we will all be consumed by this mess. We need to take that 50 million dollar oil find a make a social investment in our country. It has to be conditional and those who receive need to be held accountable or it will be wasted money. Most of all, we need to ensure that it stays out of the hands of the privileged fat cats in both political parties. What a royal mess!!!

  2. Ali Babarrow sez, screw Belize says:

    Congrats, #3 gunning for #1.

    Thanks Ali, you are pure inspiration.

  3. Ali Babarrow sez Belize is #3! says:

    When we figure out how to connect murders to tourism, it will be a package will die for!

    Forget suicide by COP. Man up and come to Belize for your last supper.

  4. Lowjack says:

    That’s sad, my Belize is a low population country but the fewer
    living there are murders and drugs dealers, rapists, junkiest
    even government they thieves, we should get up and stand against these
    people, i really want a better Belize, do you??? I want a better tomorrow for
    my sons and daughters , do you???? It is time ti pray and
    hold on to The Lord, and defend ourselves because these people
    are everywhere, let’s be bold protect our family love our wives
    love your country and above all Fear THE LORD

  5. coralblack says:

    Well said Joe Blank

  6. sickntired says:

    Our legacy of corruption. We spend no time on educating the youth to have civic pride and instead teach them that corruption is the way to go. When we vote in highly educated fancy talking thieves we set the pace for how low our country will go. We need the education but in the correct things like teaching people to do honest work and standing up for what is right. May God have mercy on Belize.

  7. two cents says:

    This is just the tip of the iceburg. The crime statistics in this country are WAY under reported.
    The large majority of violent crime that does not result in death, is not even reported, and in most instances even if it is. Belmopan skewers the crime statistics before they are released to the public or media.
    Reliable sources in the police have said that the actual crime stats are 6-8 TIMES! higher than that reported to the media.! But the Government was afraid to release them, as everyone would realize that the UDP has failed in every aspect of governance. Economy, Crime,Education etc.
    The level of border incidents and smuggling out of the Benque Free Trade Zone under Contreras has reached EPIC proportions, and is just a powder keg waiting to blow up. This has already aggravated tensions on our border. Did anyone care to notice that the Guatemalans are building and re enforcing a large army troops station ,right at the end of the bridge at the border?
    This fortress is complete with several machine gun turrets and block security wall.
    The way Contreras is monkeying around he will have us in a WAR with Guatemala.
    Of course he will just pick up and leave while the rest of us suffer.
    Speaking of Contreras, where the hell is Benques ambulance??????
    Still being fixed?????? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, longest fix I ever heard of.
    THE ONLY THING I SEE THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED IS CONTRERAS. Get rid of this parasite, as it is now grown to a rampant Cancer. People are getting p@#$ off, and there is talk of Revolution in the streets.

  8. benque boy says:

    The amount of corruption under Contreras is insane. With just one shoot out at the border. 3 chases and another car crash. I am suprised that there are not more bodies piling up. YET.

    Benque Free Trade Zone, wild wild west………………………….
    The amount of booze, cigarettes,drugs,human trafficking and money laundering going on is blatant.
    It just shows you the level of corruption, when this goes on all the time in broad daylight and all the border people are afflicted with temporary blindness.
    There is a steady stream of goods coming out of there, and Contreras wallet gets fatter. While us the Belizean people get skinnier.
    Why did we vote this turd into office, because we took the $300.00 he gave us for voting for him?
    Are we that stupid to shoot ourselves in the foot, again, and again. Next election take his rass money and go vote for anyone BUT Contreras.Unless you like starving, no opportunities,rampant crime,corruption nepotism, drug dealing and having all the Countries assets sold off, and thieved from him.

    In any other country in the world this turd would be locked up and charged with a pile of criminal offences.


  9. Ali BaBarrow protects his 40 says:

    @benque boy

    “Are we that stupid to shoot ourselves in the foot, again”

    Next time it’s the head, the rest has been amputated and stolen.

  10. Lil One says:

    I agree with all points mentioned and only wish more youths like myself and other belizean visited these sites and view comments to educate themselves and whats happening under our noses by this government and put a stop to whats happening. It wont be too long before this government gets over thrown. What a sadness in this country. We are so rich in corruption, no hope of a tomorrow. God be with us all.

  11. Been There and Done That says:

    Lived in Belize a long time and it used to be a great country. NOT ANYMORE
    Now the crime and corruption has ruined the place.
    Got sick and tired of living in a jail of my home, getting hustled every time I go to the empty stores.
    Scared to walk the beach or streets at night because of all the jackings.
    Terrified to leave my home alone for too long with a fear it will be an empty shell when I got back.
    I no longer live in Belize and am now happy and safe.

    Been There and Done That . . . And Glad to Be Out

  12. radical says:

    Benque boy we sure if someone need fi be fixed people will fix it. lets see the real smuggling coming by a custom officer

  13. the voice says:

    How are you going to cover that now B. T. B.?

  14. nicolasa says:

    that is why he placed his daughter Danini at Ministry of health to rubber stamp all the drugs he brings in

  15. Ray says:

    I think too much we are ready to blame others . If we would take the blame for ourselves and start doing our part as parents , at home , in our community . But you know what a lot of BELIZEANS DO . We encourage all the foolish talk and the drinking and the smoking . Yes Politician plays a role but lets wake up and start doing our part BELIZEANS .

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