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Apr 3, 2014

SATIIM’s Attorney calls on U.S. Capital to denounce disparaging remarks made by its attorney

Michael Peyrefitte

A week ago, while awaiting judgment in the suit brought against government and U.S. Capital by SATIIM, attorney Michael Peyrefitte candidly told the media that the argument between the parties involved has more to do with money than genuine concern for the protection of the Sarstoon Temash National Park.  In fact, he went as far as stating categorically that the leadership of the Mayan communities which buffer the national park is demanding a greater percentage of the profits should there be oil within the area.  Well, that remark was taken as a direct insult to the indigenous community, prompting a stern response from the Maya Leaders Alliance last Friday. This morning, in addressing a gathering at the Radisson, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay called on U.S. Capital to denounce the disparaging remarks made by its attorney.  For context, we’ll show you what was said during last week’s interview, followed by Courtenay’s sharp criticism.


[File: March 27th, 2014] Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney for U.S. Capital

“The only time this matter was brought to court was when there was an issue as to what cut the Mayan leadership would get from this. And let me tell you something else, I have been in meetings with them you know, they have done a great job of looking like they are such big time victims and they are not. They all speak great English, although they pretend not to. They’re all well educated, well trained, well backed and when you talk to them, no matter what you talk to them about, it all comes down to their share of the pie. [They’re] no different, I guess I can respect the teachers who make no qualms about it, “we want money, we want a raise.” The Mayas should be just as honest with the people of Belize and say their only issue with this case is their cut of the pie.”


Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay, Attorney for SATIIM

Eamon Courtenay

“Last week Thursday, Mr. Michael Peyrefitte, on behalf of U.S. Capital, said certain things with respect to my clients.  Mr. Peyrefitte was crude, he was rude, he was insulting, he expressed neo-colonialist views.  I call on U.S. Capital to condemn what he said, to reject the philosophy he exposed and I call on the owners of U.S. Capital to show very clearly that they are genuine investors in this country, that they respect the people of the Toledo District.  Let it be clear.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “SATIIM’s Attorney calls on U.S. Capital to denounce disparaging remarks made by its attorney”

  1. Bennie says:

    Typical attorney talk. You can be sure that Eamon Courtenany idea is that he gets his bigfatcut from Satim. Likewise with Michael Perryifeit.
    Of course thesis about greed and money.
    Welcome to Belize. Typical destroy before you even get anything to destroy.

  2. Joe Blank says:

    Eamon Courtney is absolutely right! I don’t know Mike Peyrefitte to be a bad person. However, the reality check is this. U.S. Capital hired him in his capacity as a good attorney but probably even more so, as a well-connected government lawyer who can influence the system and get results. What he is saying (almost certainly without even thinking) is that you “engines” are suppose to be dumb, uneducated, and unsophisticated. You are not supposed to be smart and manipulative like us lawyers and city-cats. This is what is neo-colonialist about these statements. Bluntly, you people should know your place! This is a racially-loaded statement coming from a person who I do not know to be racist.

  3. I Belize Ali Babarrow is the head thief wipes out Mayans says:

    first rate pig! soooy!

    Big man, make way, he bring money.

    Nice shirt Mike!
    keep it clean while you knaw to the bone.

  4. Franky says:

    Hello attorney, you see how the maya people deal with this. They are no longer foolish, they are moving up the ladder. You cant easily trample over them like before. You really sound neo-colonial indeed. But its all because of the money you getting from US capital Energy. Money is the root of all evil and injustices in this country.

  5. White Boy says:

    Yeah… I Agree… It’s all about the MONEY!!! Give the maya their share and they will be more than happy… They no care about no national park nor nothing… money… yeah!

  6. CEO says:

    Peyrefitte is not well schooled or experienced to make comments like these in public: Let me tell you a secret sir it is always about the money! You are hired to defend the US Capital because of money so yes it is always all about money.

    With that said the original peoples of Belize have been dumped on too often and have always been treated like they are less than others, especially those in PG. Those people have been in Belize long before the Brits arrived and yes the land is theirs and for no other reason this is enough that they should be shown more respect. Respect their customs and way of life respect them as people.

    These oil companies would come and rip up our country devastate the waterways and our culture and leave. They have no care or concern other then the almighty dollar! So I say bravo to the original peoples of Belize!

  7. Heavenlyblaq says:

    Michael sounds like a sore loser considering he had all the money behind him. Kudos to the Maya people for standing up for their rights. Too often we stand aside and let ourselves and our rights and dignity be reduced to a few dollars that will never compensate for long term hardships to be had as a results of rushed under the table deals. Yes, Michael, I bet you are surprised as to how very well educated the Maya are. Education is no longer just for the handful of royal Belizeans. You got whipped with your own sorry belt by a people who you thought you could buy. I am not Maya but I am from the south where I befriended many Maya people. I love them just like I love my country and as far as I am concerned Belize can do without the scums of the earths who sell their souls and bargain with the devil at the expense of the masses.

  8. moses says:

    All attorneys are whores. They lie down for whoever pays them. The capitalists % of the American elite are always looking to make a fast buck. Its all about money. Their investments make them super rich and oil money pays off local corrupt politician all over the world. Now they want to screw the Mayans through their uncle tom puppet Peyrefitte . He is no more than a house negro. Shame on him. Then they hire a local representative Alistair King of all people. He has no roots or consideration for the local indigenous people. That’s why the Mao Mao ran him and his family out of Kenya. Alistair you should be grateful that this country allowed you to make a good living. You say you will keep digging no matter what. I know who can stop you.. Remember the Mao Mao. They ran you #%^ out of Kenya.

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