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Apr 2, 2014

Mytheon – big business and big money – is it owned by Minister John Saldivar

It is not unheard of for ministers of government to be involved in personal businesses which benefit from their offices and positions. It is certainly not unusual. It is unethical, though, and there are arguments in some quarters that it is unconstitutional. The point of all this is that it happens…and quite frequently. So where does Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, fit into the picture? Well, at the budget debate last week former Prime Minister Said Musa made mention of a company called Mytheon. Mytheon distributes phone credit, allegedly to the Police Department, B.D.F. and Coast Guard. That’s big business and big money. So who’s Mytheon? Mike Rudon went looking for answers and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Last week former Prime Minister Said Musa had some pointed comments for Minister of National Security John Saldivar in the House. It all has to do with a company called Mytheon Solutions. According to Musa, John Saldivar is very familiar with that company.


[FILE] March 25, 2014, Said Musa, Fort George Area Rep.

Said Musa

“Perhaps he would tell us whether or not this same Khalid Belisle is a partner in a certain company called, Mytheon. This company, Mytheon, controls all the B.T.L. credits that the company then on-sells to all the police officers, and B.D.F. and coast guard. And beside Mister Khalid Belisle, perhaps the Minister from Belmopan would tell us who is the other partner in Mytheon…or is it too close to home?”


Apparently it is very close to home indeed. News Five has gotten copies of the registration certificates for Mytheon Solutions. The business was registered on November second, 2009. The partners in the company are Khalid Lester Belisle and John Birchman Saldivar – Minister John Birchman Saldivar, that is.


Six months after, ownership of the company changed. Khalid Lester Belisle was taken off the certificate, and John Birchman Saldivar, Minister John, became the sole owner of Mytheon Solutions. That was done on June fourth, 2010.


Two months after, on August twenty-sixth, 2010, ownership changed again. This time, John Birchman Saldivar transferred ownership to his wife, Darlene Karen Saldivar, leaving here as the sole owner of Mytheon

Solutions…at least the sole owner on paper.


It is alleged that  Mytheon Solutions provides credit to the Police Department, the BDF and the Coast Guard – all departments within the portfolio of Minister John Saldivar. That includes credit to ALL pre-paid phones in all those departments, as well as credit provided to personnel.

Lucrative business indeed, since Mytheon Solutions allegedly receives a ten percent commission on all credit distributed.


So how much does government pay to Mytheon Solutions every month? Hopefully we’ll have that answer for you soon. Mike Rudon for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “Mytheon – big business and big money – is it owned by Minister John Saldivar”

  1. Joe Blank says:

    Surprise! Surprise! Lol! Clearly, he is not a lawyer. The dumb bubu actually used his own name on the registration form of the company. Clearly, his boss has shown him what he knowns but not everything his boss knows. It’s good to see another pious/self-righteous bubble head discredited. But he still needs to give account for more, especially the visa and passport hustle. I smell bangles! Good work Channel 5!

  2. curious says:

    U see mi trial! u see why di tappest a di police no waan prosecute minista penna? Fram di minista a di police, deh eena funny things. ah seh funny tings kaaz dat dah kanflik a interest. lone kanflik a intres. bet di addaz deh deh eena funny tings too. now a di reed how barro put e son eena tappa tappa pozishan eena btl weh e tek weh. dah weh dem breddaz tink? dey own Belize and can do weh deh pleez? Man man man, dah who we kud rely pan fi string up dem ya disgusting raskals? !!! MAYBE BRACKET AND COLA!!! WE REELY NEED SOMEONE FI STRING UP DEM YAH BASTARDS AND ALL DI RES WEH WAAN GET EEN FI RAPE DI KOUNTRY AN WAAN DO WEH DEH FEEL LIKE. WE KANT PEN PAN DI POLICE. NO KANFIDENCE EENA DEM. DEH QUICK FI GO HARRASS DI LEE MAN DEM BUT PROTEK DI BIG MAN DEH EENA KRUKEDNESS. DIS HAFFI STAP. DIS HAFFI STAP. HAAFI STAP MAN!!!!!!!!

  3. I Belize, Ali Babarrow is the head thief says:

    another day at the lie factory.

    sooy, big hogs at the front of the line, step aside little people.

  4. Rod says:

    More thief this whole udp gov. Are a bunch of thieves every single last one no surprise here I tell unu one thing I am sick and tired of all the thieving going on in this gov. Revolution is near at hand out with the thieving judas barrow and all his thieves the term Robin Hood in reverse is so applicable to this gov. Stealing from the poor to feed the rich how sad..que viva la revolucion

  5. This Business is Illegal says:

    This business arrangement is illegal. Isn’t it the job of the Accountant General to investigate what’s going on? The CEO(s) in the Ministry of Police (and Defence) at the time would be the point of corruption, as it were, since s/he (they) would have approved such supply of services, knowing that the supply constituted a conflict of interest. The people should force an inquiry. COLA again?

  6. Truth says:


  7. estella campos says:

    Good job, its a big hustling going on with Mytheon or python however you want to called it. I have heard some police officers complaining that since the inception of the sale of credit to law enforcement in the country, since 2009 depending on the officers post/position he/she was/is entitled to a certain amount of phone credit, that he/she is to use for his/her office use. The amount alleged given to them ranged from 100 on triple up days. But this didn’t took long that it change and was lowered to 75, then, 50 then, 30 then, 20 per month and on triple up days..Mike should look further into this. and see if this is real..and where the rest of our tax payers money is going….also check into Special Effects auto parts place located on Constitution Drive..this is owned by Abadi / John Saldivar..this business only caters for the purchase of Police vehicle parts..and the cost of these vehicles goes triple the usual part that can be located in any other auto parts shop..MIKE RUDON..YOU GOT WORK TO DO!!!!!!!

  8. Bob says:

    This thing is happening everywhere. There is a certain Minister in the west who owns a radio station inside the Benque Free Zone and is using official funds to advertise various government departments, including some under his Ministry. Check it out!

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Anwar Barrow has just being appointed as executive Chairman at BTL.This is the norm in Belize and this is how Belize has always been.:”Stop the NEPOTISM”

  10. reallybelize says:

    It’s funny, the smart Belizeans stayed in Belize. The ones that went to the States or abroad struggle in a free market system. You’d be hard-pressed to find one Belizean running a large successful company in the US or Great Britain. No, the smart ones knew that with a little political “brown-nosing”, and a little election luck, an uneducated half-wit with connections could make a fortune stealing from the ignorant masses. Don’t blame the politicians Belizeans. Its YOUR FAULT for letting them get away with this, day in and day out. It started in 1991 with the stealing of hundreds of millions of passport sale dollars over a 10 year period. Over the last 20 years, that culture of thievery have enveloped Belize like a fog, corrupt[ting nearly every form of public and private enterprise. A friend told me a long time ago, Belize is historically a country of pirates and thieves. How true.

  11. Phillipa says:

    Its true saldiver not only sell credits to the Police, BDF & coast guard officers cell phones he also sell to the office phones I know this for a fact.

  12. UDP and PUP All Thieves says:

    It does not matter what political party is in office, non of them gives a damn about the folks that voted them in. It is very sad but unfortunately nothing will be done until you get someone in office that has some morals and actually care about the people they are serving.

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