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Mar 28, 2014

Mahogany Street shooting; police on hot pursuit fire shots at fleeing vehicle

Around one-thirty this afternoon, there was a dangerous shooting on Mahogany Street; it was all caught by our camera. Here’s how it unfolded…Police and GSU officers were responding to a shooting that occurred near Electric Avenue minutes before. According to information available, the shooter or shooters fled to the area of Lacroix Boulevard traveling inside a maroon van. A police squad attempted to intercept the can as it approached the Belize District Education Center. The officers jumped out of their vehicle and unleashed a barrage of bullets in the direction of the van. It caused residents to scatter en masse, but the bullets did not stop the van and police set chase. The hot pursuit led them to a house on Santa Barbara Street where it was believed the occupants of the van sought cover to evade the officers. There, the police finally caught up with the heavily tinted maroon Astro Chevrolet van with license plate number four-six-seven-six-nine which had been punctured by bullets. Police immediately cordoned off the area and conducted an extensive search looking for the occupants of the vehicle as well as for weapons and ammunition. At least two persons are believed to have been injured in the shooting including Marquin Drury, the owner of the van. He was taken into custody along with his van. Shortly after the shooting, Attorney Bryan Neal turned up at the scene. He told News Five that Drury was grazed to the neck, face and leg and says that his client is a victim.


Bryan Neal, Attorney for Marquin Drury

“Well the police are alleging that my client, Mister Marquin Drury, was involved in a shootout. What my instructions are is that he was shot at and the police as well was shooting at him. I saw some bullet holes, some entry wounds in his vehicle and also I saw some grazes on his body—on his knee and on his face. So my feeling is that he was the target of a gunplay and police are somehow now accusing him of being the triggerman.”



“Sir they are saying that it was a shootout between police and the occupants of the maroon Astro Chevrolet van that was just taken into custody by the police. Is that van the property of your client?”


Bryan Neal

Bryan Neal

“Yes, he was driving the van at the time. But from what I was able to see, the bullet wounds were going into the vehicle and not coming out of the vehicle as the police are alleging. I was there, I saw the scenes of crime personnel; they were processing the vehicle and all the evidence that I saw indicates that someone was shooting at that vehicle and not the other way around. What we have been able to ascertain so far is that he was being shot at. The police conducted an extensive search of the area; no weapon was found. They searched his house, no weapons was found and so. The police came on him a short while after he was shot at so there was no weapon that he was using.”



“Sir we understand that another person, who was inside that vehicle with him, was also injured and has been taken to the hospital. Can you confirm this?”


Bryan Neal

Marquin Drury

“I cannot; I only spoke to my client, Mister Marquin Drury and he had some bullet grazes on him. As I said he had a graze on his knee, he had one on his face below his left eye and he had one somewhere on his arm.”



“Sir I spoke to the father of your client just now and he related that in fact certain PIV gang elements had been targeting his son and his son was in fact fleeing fire and not initiating fire.”


Bryan Neal

“Those were my instructions and all the evidence points to that. When you look at the Astro van, there were about four or five bullet holes that I saw—two in the windshield, some in the door, one in the back and the police are saying somehow that they found bullet slugs in the vehicle and I think that is what they are going to use to charge my client. A bullet slug, to my mind can come from a shooter outside the vehicle; it doesn’t have to be inside the vehicle.”



”From all the evidence of guns being fired, is it amazing that no one was hurt…you saw the number of puncture holes on the van.”


Bryan Neal

“That is so and I was very surprised. I was teasing my client that he is an angel of god because he has a bullet graze right under his left eye. If it had gone one inch to the left, he would have been dead or seriously injured. It is amazing that no one was shot.”



“In your mind, your client has been arrested. In your opinion are they victimizing the victim?”


Bryan Neal

“That is reasonable assumption because all the evidence that I have seen so far indicates to me that he was the person being shot at. So how does he get charged and they don’t have a weapon, they don’t find him at the scene of the crime shooting anyone. How he is being charged or how he is being arrested is mind-blowing at this point, but it is much too early to comment on.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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4 Responses for “Mahogany Street shooting; police on hot pursuit fire shots at fleeing vehicle”

  1. Timber says:

    I don’t know this young man and I’m pretty sure that there will be a lot of comments of how he’s a street figure and there will be some who will even hang him in effigy. However, my concern about this article is the SEVER LACK OF JUDGEMENT, P.R., EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONALISM of our police officers. Does anyone realize how disastrous this could have been? This kid could be innocent and would have been killed for absolutely no reason at all; besides the amount of lives that could have been lost from stray bullets hitting pedestrians or other motorists. I’ve said for years, and in a recent article when I repeatedly saw some of the dumb comments by a certain inspector, EDUCATE OUR OFFICERS AND GIVE THEM CONTINOUS TRAINING. Might be a mute point, look who we have a ministers, Boots, Finnegan, to say the least.

  2. Al Rich says:

    What gang member will be shot at and not return fire, common sense tells you that just won’t happen. Amazing how quickly he got an attorney to represent him. The guy looks like a gang thug. Put them away one at a tiime.

  3. Belizean Pride says:

    what amuses me more is the fact that these scums have Attorney so quick than any good civilian. Looks like these attorneys are going around c lose by for them cause mein the guy just is just being stopped and the attorney already knows the best way to fight the cause according to how he relates the scenery of what happened.

    as they say “only in Belize”

  4. belizeanppl wake up says:

    really and truly sometime these thugs play are better role as a victims. Open your eyes people that is why the true victims never get justice because thugs are getting away with crimes and criminal activity. maybe it about time things get strict so the true victims get their voices back.

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