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Mar 25, 2014

Guatemalan truck carrying contraband goods from Western Free Zone shot at by military

Dinsdale Thompson

News Five has received multiple reports of an incident at the Western Border several weeks ago. According to credible sources, contraband operators in two trucks coming from Benque Viejo del Carmen crashed through the Guatemalan border checkpoint. It has been reported that the contrabandistas opened fire at the Guatemalan officers at the crossing, forcing them to flee as the two trucks made their way into Melchor de Mencos. There has thus far been no official confirmation of the incident, though we are told that it has been reported to the Organization of American States. The Police Department is also unaware of the incident, but Officer Commanding the Benque Viejo Police Formation did tell us that last week Saturday, armed members of the Guatemalan Police did come on Belizean territory, not hunting a criminal on the run, but to do some shopping.


ASP Dinsdale Thompson, O.C., Benque Police

“Yes, the PNC, which is the Guatemalan armed police force, we did get reports that they came and went into the free zone area with arms. However, we do have relationship with them and when we received the report that they were in the free zone area armed, we went to the location and we spoke to them and set an understanding to them that this is Belizean soil and they can’t come in here with firearms. In their ignorance, they did came across and having spoken to them and letting them know where they are and this is the soil of Belize and what is not allowed, they quickly agreed and said that yes, this is a violation by them. So they went back over peacefully and swiftly.”


Late this evening News Five received verification of the incident from official sources, though somewhat different. We have been told that one truck filled with cigarettes left from the Free Zone at the western border and crashed through the Guatemalan checkpoint. Authorities tell us that it was Guatemalan military which fired on the truck, but it still forced its way through. Belizean involvement has been minimal, since we are told the truck was Guatemalan, and was being driven by Guatemalans when the incident occurred.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Guatemalan truck carrying contraband goods from Western Free Zone shot at by military”

  1. I Belize is the joke: Ali Babarrow. bada boom, ha ha says:

    Might be a reason for Guatemala to annex land.
    the Belize government (ha ha) can’t seem to control it or own it.
    Seems to be abandoned by the former country of Belize.

    may as well talk past tense about this country, the leaders don’t care and sheep citizens will walk off the cliff to help these clowns stay in power.

    You got the teachers who have some backbone against this corruption; and an idiot minister of education trying to destroy them.

    call my broker, what is today’s going rate for a Belize passport. Ali cut me a break, I want to buy in volume. Citizen Kim has a lot of wealthy criminal buddies who want to leave prison and come home to the jewel.

  2. I Belize is the joke: Ali Babarrow. bada boom, ha ha says:

    Wonder if this connected to the Benque Ambulance in hock by Guatemalan businessman contrabandistas,

    yo! this gallo and beliken is for them!
    Still waiting on that auto part, get that sucker running again, but not in the former country of Belice.
    Some lucky buyer in Guatemala will snatch that jewel up, makes a classy contraband vehicle to haul stuff around, like when it was in Belice.

    Free trade zone? Which Honorable thief minister of the inner forty responsible for both free trade zones?

    Who is the elected official for that area, Benque? The same thief? Not Honorable Penner?

    His daughter works where? doing what? authorizing stuff for the free trade zones?
    That is efficient…
    I forget his name….

    call bootyman and Heredia, they know the inner sanctum of Ali’s tent.
    They might have a spare ambulance in the tent to replace it.

  3. its nuts says:

    Not since the days of Al Capone running Chicago have we seen this level of corruption.!!!!
    Minister Erwin Contreras is solidifying his smuggling, drug trafficking, human trafficking,passport trafficking Ministry.
    The Benque Free zone is a joke. Its Erwin and Al Sattlers exclusive playground to make money for themselves. Just like the days of Al Capone, if the smugglers gotta shoot their way out then they will do it. How many times do we have to see Contreras henchmen drinking at the Champon, overseeing the smuggling and making sure things are smooth.
    Erwin Contreras is involved in some shape or form with almost every business in Benque to wash his money. Propane company, bus lines, radio station, gas station,hotel business, trucking business, real estate business and on and on. Almost anyone that wants to run a business in Benque is CHASED out by Contreras, so he can do it himself, or extorted and shaken down.
    Contreras is a spreading Cancer of the worst form, Now put his daughter in charge of the pharmacy business, of course, that way all the drug precursers for meth and excasty can pass through to all the cartels and dealers, without any scrutiny.
    Besides selling passports to Hezbollah terrorists and chummy up to International money launderers Contreras is running Benque into the ground,

    1. Where is our ambulance you dirt bag ball of @#$% ?
    2. Why is our fire truck broken ?
    3. Why is our garbage truck for sale?
    4.What happened to the break in at the townhall and all the money missing.?
    5. Where is our promised paved roads?
    6. Why are our parks falling apart?
    7.Why do you keep an office in Benque when you are never there???
    8. Why have the last 5 International investors for the Cayo region pulled out. (I will tell you why, because you fleeced them with consulting fees, and bogus government facilitating fees, that went straight into your pocket) They left and told the world what a dirt bag scum you were and now no one wants to invest in Belize.

    Mr. Contreras you have not one accomplishment to your name that benefitted the people of Belize, you have stolen, lied, cheated scammed,defrauded and hoodwinked everyone that you come into contact with.

    I think its time the Belizean people take a class action lawsuit against you and push for a public prosecution of criminal charges.
    Lets see just to get started.

    1. Participating in a criminal organization,.
    2. Corruption
    3. Fraud
    4.Selling of identity documents
    5. Forgery
    6.Human trafficking
    8. Money laundering
    9. Uttering forged documents
    10.Corruption of Public Official
    11.Failing to comply with a court order
    12.Illegal trade practice
    13.Fraud of the weights and measures act
    14.Failing to pay taxs
    15.Failing to pay GST
    16. tampering with a court witness
    17.uttering threats
    18.theft by conversion of public property
    19.Land fraud
    20. Extortion

    Thats just getting warmed up on the criminal side. The civil lawsuit side is even more extensive.

    Belize we need to flush this turd out from our Government immediately as its spreading like a fast moving cancer.

    Hey USA!
    Dont you have some kingpin act to take this louse outta here? Is it not illegal to sell passports to Hezbollah and to human traffic? Most of these illegals end up in the united states, along with the contraband and weapons.

  4. part sourcer says:

    Hey Minister Erwin!

    What part is needed for Benques ambulance? I will put it on my credit card and install it. lol

    Since my friend is a Fiat dealer and ships to Belize, I find it very hard to Believe that our ambulance (as u say) needs to go to Guatemala to be fixed. Since Fiat is right here in belize.

    I think you need to go to Guatemala to get fixed!!!

  5. part sourcer says:

    Didnt we sign a Free trade deal with Caricom?????

    Cant we trade Minister Erwin for something more useful. Like some bananas or something?

    Wait I got an idea let the States use him as a weapon against Russia.!!
    Let Erwin negotiate on their behalf with Putin, guaranteed he will have things so fouled up over there , their economy will crumble. After all he has a great resume and job experience at that, LOOK AT WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR BELIZE……

  6. Ali BaBarrow protects his 40 says:

    The US embassy is not going to solve Belize’s problem, unless it does something for in their interest. Belize is not a US territory, and on the world stage it has 300,000 poor people. Guatemala and cayman islands have more weight.

    If you waiting for them, or somebody else, to ride in and cut off the parasites; then wait.
    When you die and go to heaven, it will be done.

    Meantime let the blood sucking continue.
    When the husk of the nation is all that remains, then they will move to France or switzerland, with their millions. If they are efficient, could be a few more years before their host Belize dies.

  7. Timber says:

    Erwin my friend. I’m saddened to hear and read all this stuff about you. I’ve been hearing the rumblings for years and had much more respect for you, especially when we were 5′ 2″ pre-teens in high school. Liked you as a friend and teammate then and still high regard for you, because you seemed humble. Alas, it seems as if power and the clamour for it , have distorted you. Ask Godfrey Smith, he can tell you. It seems as if it has gotten to him also. I’ve even heard of you trucking in Guats on buses come election time. Even though they’re rumors, as the old Creole saying goes” If da no so, dah naley so.” Great disappointment my friend.

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