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Mar 21, 2014

Aracely Cahueque freed of 3 counts of abetment to the murder of Raylene Dyer

Corozal Beauty Queen Aracely Cahueque was set free…acquitted of three counts of abetment to murder this morning. We’ll have her first words as a free woman since October, 2010. But first we go to the trial, which ended just before ten this morning. Cahueque had been accused of masterminding the brutal murder of eighteen year old Raylene Dyer so she could claim Raylene’s baby girl as her own. The three men she had allegedly contracted to do the hit – Brandon Budna, Jason Anderson and Darren Banner, were freed last week by Justice Denis Hanomansingh and today again he directed the jury to return a not guilty verdict on Cahueque. So for all intents and purposes, this is the end of the matter, at least legally. The trial lasted ten days, and today Mike Rudon was in Belmopan to find out how justice was served, if indeed it was. Here’s that story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

For the past ten days Aracely Cahueque was escorted to and from the Supreme Court in Belmopan, as both the defense and prosecution presented arguments which would essentially decide her fate. In the end it all came down to a witness statement allegedly given by this man, Brandon Budna. Budna, who has been stricken with vision loss, has maintained that what is in the statement is not what really happened. Bradley then objected to the statement being used.


Dickie Bradley,  Attorney for Aracely Cahueque

Dickie Bradley

“In fact what was transpiring in court I felt that I ought to object to the statement being tendered. And so the prosecution put forward their arguments and submissions and I put forward my arguments and submissions and the judge said he will give his decision at a later date, this day. And so no doubt based on all the submissions and the cases and the arguments that occurred on both sides, he went and did his own research and looked at the law, the law argued from my side, the law argued from the other side and this morning his ruling was that in the circumstances of what transpired in the basis that there had been some irregularity of a serious nature that has occurred. When a man has been charged for a murder….he gave his reasons and he quoted the law and the matter. And his reasons was that he would not allow that statement to be tendered .”


And with the statement out the door, and the only link between the murder and Aracely Cahueque broken, the prosecution’s case folded.


Dickie Bradley

“We continued the trial, we continued and they called another witness and while that witness was testifying word came to the prosecutor and said hear what just crash the whole thing and so the prosecutor announced to his lordship that his instructions was to not offer any further evidence in the matter. When that happens in a court, when you have presented evidence, you either close your case before all your witnesses or close after you witnesses and the lawyer on the other side sees that in fact there is no evidence against Aracely Cahueque, so the lawyers duty, the duty that I had was to make a submission to the judge, that what has transpired in the eyes of the jury, what has taken place is that there is no evidence. Nobody has linked Aracely to anything, nothing, nothing.”


According to Bradley, neither Cahueque nor the three men originally charged with Raylene Dyer’s murder can be charged again for the same crime. But there is an indication from Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lynn Vidal that her office will appeal.


Dickie Bradley

“There would have to be another trial, you can’t pick up where we left off. The jury had brought a verdict and they had gone so if a higher court say that despite what happened…but they are the ones that called it off. They had other evidence to show that Aracely had the child as your reporter is asking. That could have been cleared up very easily because it would come from the statement. But they are the ones that called it off…sometimes you can’t get vex yu know.”


While the Supreme Court has freed Cahueque and the three men who were accused of Raylene Dyer’s brutal, disturbing murder, emotions on the street are flaring. We asked Bradley, legal standing aside, for his personal perspective on the entire trial.


Dickie Bradley

“Whoever killed Raylene I will tell you my feeling on that matter, God will punish them in this life, not in the afterlife, whoever killed that young lady and if it is true they killed her in the manner. They will suffer and punish for it, all of us can understand the feeling of the family, if they feel that justice has not been done, if they feel that somehow, I could just understand how they feel….so the situation, the matter has finally come to a court of law where you leave out the emotions and you deal with the facts and the evidence. And their anger should be at the officers who investigated the matter and caused the case to collapse. Noh come pick it out of Aracely or pick it out of the lady. They may have believed and they may feel genuinely that Arecely involved it in the death, who are they, I am going by the evidence presented to me.”


Aracely Cahueque is tonight free, but the public jury is still out on her innocence or guilt.

Reporting for News Five, I am Mike Rudon.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Aracely Cahueque freed of 3 counts of abetment to the murder of Raylene Dyer”

  1. Tina says:

    Oh let me guess Hanomansingh if you are ever accused of murder be sure he is your judge good chance it doesn’t even make it to trial or you walk on a technicality. Teach a shop lifter a lesson not murderers…. disgusting…

  2. depressed too says:

    The media still call her a beauty queen when all I can see is the ugliness and the devil in her!! I guess the media praises ugly people!!

  3. kunko joe says:

    Beauty standards are way low in Belize.

  4. Jungle says:

    What ashamed on the law and the judge, who else kill the woman? Then this look like the judge should be the one to guilty and hang to the neck, since he freed all the killers. COME ON JUDGE, JUDGE FAIR ON THE FACE OF GOD

  5. CEO says:

    Courts deal with procedure and evidence not hear-say or feelings. You can be guilty as sin but if the evidence is not there to support a guilty verdict or the evidence that is there was collected in not the proper way you will walk free.

    Judges do not make the law they only interpret the law!

  6. Joe Blank says:

    The judge cannot be held responsible for a lame-ass prosecutorial effort. If u furnish shoddy evidence, how do u expect to convict anyone. The police and the office of the DPP need to get their act together. In all fairness, if the political elite were not busy hustling over the years, we would have a good system. Smh!

  7. Charles says:

    Wow,as a Canadian looking to travel to Belize,it sure dosnt look good there anymore,murders and crime for a country with so few people,too bad,Belize looks beautiful and I am sure could use tourist income.

  8. BelizeaninAsia says:

    Disgusting! I felt but hoped this case would not have ended this way. I must ask…where is the man who fathered the child? Since this case broke in 2010 I have not heard of him nor seen him being vocal at least on behalf of this motherless child. What a society! No protectors of the children; no justice for the victims.

    I think I’m gonna puke.

  9. r-dale says:

    Maybe she didn’t do it? The case is so strange, how could she believe she would not be caught, again if she did it. Have a girl killed to steal her baby and claim it as her own. She was at UB so she has to have some brains. No way she could get away with something like this. The manner in which the poor girl was murdered also is not consitant with a hired kill. Hired killers put one bullet in the back of the head, or a quick stick, or strangle, far less messy, less evidance. Hacking a person head off points to a different motive. Rage.

    And where is the evidance. The police just rely on the confessions, which tricky dick (or even a lesser skilled lawyer) easily gets thrown out of court. This was a blood bath and the police cannot find any hard evidance. Blood had to have been everywhere. These guys would have had to burn there clothes, burn what ever car they used and then shower in bleach, and figure out a way to sanitize the crime scene and even with all those precautions there would still be a 95% the police would still find something linking them to the crime.

    I know most of Belize believes she planned it and the 3 boys did it, but you have to step back and look at it. Unblievable motive, combined with no hard evidance where there should have been plenty.

    I’m really with you guys, I think they did too, I’m just throwing out a what if.

    God bless Belize, we could really use Your help right now

  10. Uncle Benji says:

    Aracely Cahueque you are a gorgeous woman. I would love to date you. I have a house, a car and a wedding ring……….. say “yes.”

    Drop me a line, and let me fly you to the moon………

  11. BelizeaninAsia says:

    You wanna get hacked too Mike…I mean Uncle Beni?z

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    It’s not surprising to me that this young Lady was free of all three charges.This case fell apart when those three guys got aquitted.Budna who was placed at the murder scene was aquitted as a result how likely would it be for someone who was never placed at the murder scene to be convicted.This DPP is so impotent that even a so called impaired Budna could have cause their case to fell apart.So what would have happened if the man had 20/20 vision.This case wouldn’t have even made it to court.

  13. Pelican says:

    So much use of “legal” niceitees!! She did the dam thing with those 3. When are we going to remove those “blocking” elements in the law. Or are they really in the law? Could it be that it has become simple common practice. Then use “common” techniques to bring these people in guilty. Question those witness in court the good old fashion way and forget the so called written statements that always end up being the problem.

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