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Mar 17, 2014

Mass resignation by the Esquivel Family from senior government posts

Manuel Esquivel

The Esquivel family – Sir Manuel, his wife Kathy and their eldest daughter, Laura; prominent names in the hierarchy of the United Democratic Party – has resigned from key appointments under the Barrow Administration. It is a serious blow to the U.D.P. because the Esquivels are considered a powerful family within the echelons of the party. Tonight, we can confirm that the two-term former prime minister has relinquished his post as senior advisor to Prime Minister Dean Barrow. We can also verify that Kathy Esquivel has stepped down as chair of the National AIDS Commission. 

Kathy Esquivel

As former prime minister, Manuel Esquivel plays a major role in the U.D.P. Most recently, he served as chairman of the Central Bank until six months ago when he was replaced by John Mencias, following the cancellation of his annual contract. But Esquivel has been serving on numerous boards since he demitted office as prime minister in 1998. Both resignations come less than a week after a coup by executive managers of B.T.B. which resulted in Laura’s leaving her job as Director of Tourism.  When we contacted them today, the Esquivels maintained that their resignations are for personal reasons. 

Laura Esquivel-Frampton

Sir Manuel Esquivel served as prime minister of Belize from 1984 to 1989 and then from 1993 to 1998. Kathy Esquivel has been instrumental in raising HIV/AIDS awareness in Belize, serving as chair of the board of directors for the National AIDS Commission for several years.  Laura Esquivel is a former city councilor and was employed at B.T.B. as Director of Product Development and was promoted to Director of Tourism in 2012 when she succeeded Seleni Matus.  It is believed that the string of resignations is a protest for her ouster from B.T.B.

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14 Responses for “Mass resignation by the Esquivel Family from senior government posts”

  1. Ali BaBarrow protects his 40 says:

    Hit the road.

    You either work for ALI and enjoy the protection and privilege the 40 gets you, or you are on the enemies list. Take your plunder and move on. The country is not big enough for this betrayal.

  2. Lord LOL says:

    Ahh yes it is just a coup d’etat these people have done to the Esquivel family. America has conducted a violent coup d’etat to Ukraine and hastily to try do the same to Venezuela.

  3. Rod says:

    This is because of the bigotry of judas barrow and this gov. He gives all the signicant jobs to the blacks weather they have the qualifications or not this is discrimination in reverse and he is also Robin Hood in reverse he steals from the poor to give the rich. When you have the x prime minister resigning from his party you know that his daughter was fired and the job given to a black that doesn’t know squat only because they are black and will go along with this pm thiefing agenda remember this all you non blacks how you are being discriminated upon unu Betta remember come voting time or you will wake up as slaves to the blacks.

  4. Belizean Pride says:

    I like this one, it starting to hit home to barrow to show him the corruption has reach a level that it’s not well seen by his fellow friends in the high sits. Hope it helps to open the eyes of future wanna be ministers that they should stand up against corruption even if it’s their own party.

  5. Al Rich says:

    Evil only reign for so long. Barrow’s house of cards is crumbling. Stay tuned more to come.

  6. Patriot says:

    Resigning because of the storm that awaits Barrow’s gov’t. Wants to leave with a clean name without a brand of having belonged to Ali Baba’s & the 30

  7. CEO says:

    A clear message to anyone with half a brain!

  8. Proud - Belizean says:

    Rod, please be a belizean and lets forget the thought of discrimination, we need to UNITE not fight against each other.

  9. Ali BaBarrow protects his 40 says:

    Ali like Mugabe,

    another rigged election,
    Sheeple for citizens,
    Look the other way, corruption is life.
    The churches are on board as long as they can do their inquisitions.
    Turn the other cheek means the correct and pious flogging technique.

    Ali is in for life as long as he does not piss off the cartels.

    @Lord LOL, get real, the US or UK barely know Belize exists, and could care less if it boils in its own juices. Considering 120,000 Belizeans are living in the US, the fact that they have shown no interest in their country since getting out of this crime infested corrupt nation, says about how much the country rates on the world stage by expats. Maybe you think the CIA is making a plan for stealing bananas and the secret gold in the chiquibul. Maybe you think a couple ambassadors and a van of flunkies caused Ukraine and Venezuela uprisings. How about two corrupt governments hated by a large (10-30%) part of their people, who they beat up regularly, throw them in jail and kill them.
    Try adding Syria to your list. US is having a problem finding an ambassador to work here.

  10. OriginalWoman says:

    Rod, you sound so ignorant, at times and this is one of those times. Do you really believe all your foolish theories about this pm?!! If he is, as you say giving most all tof he positions to blacks. Then he is no different from the other pms, who gave all the positions mostly to non-blacks, as themselves. You sound like a biased Spanish, or white man that thinks he is superior to black ppl. I read your posts all the time and you rant on and on about the pm, looking down on Spanish people and looking out for blacks. You sound just as racist as you are, and probably do not care, or would support any black person as the pm for Belize. Well, you can’t change it!!! Mr. Barrow’s administration has done a lot for the infrastructure of Belize. Far more, than any other pm in the history of Belize. He is not a perfect pm, no one is. I do not agree with everything he does, but I can clearly see a lot of improvements in Belize under his leadership!!! So say what you wish, you cannot change that either!!!

  11. Turo says:

    Well, where was Sir Manuel when the 26 workers at BCC were being let go? Oh I forgot, the Esquivels like the Vegas, are not ordinary Belizeans. Resign, leave the country, it makes no difference to the roots!!

  12. Timber says:

    This is a Coup D’ETAT, Manuel has seen the writing on the wall. He was always docile and not pushy and I didn’t consider himself and effective leader, even in teaching . He is sending a message and this is just the beginning . I think Ali Baba and his 40 have crossed the wrong “Line of Demarcation.” Rod, I’ve seen some of your comments in the past and it’d be nice to stop playing the race role. They were cries of this against PUP when some of the people still believed George Price didn’t like black people. Yes, Dean has given post to friends, unqualified blacks, Ysygaire (wrong spelling) at Central Bank, Joy, what’s the name of the woman he brought in from New York and had her running for office when she wasn’t even qualified? Include on this list, all these folks who know nothing about financial institutions who are on the board of their latest hustle, the Belizean National Bank, Melvin Hulse. Not because you have an education makes you a good leader and an authority in certain fields. You have to remember Dean associates himself with the ghetto and “thuggism” and that’s how he’s been power for the past eight years, by playing on the ignorance and illiteracy of the majority who wind up voting. I can give you names of people who were with me at school who would be great leaders of this country, we wouldn’t be perfect, but we educated ourselves without government and begging. The million dollar question, is Belize ready for a “Third party?” We’d have to give up a lot; careers. citizenships, the whole nine yards. The problem is , we wouldn’t last but one term because there’d be a drastic shift from this corruption and hustle , starting with people in key areas such as Lands, Immigration, Medical facilities and our Judicial System. Belize better wake up!

  13. OH WELL says:

    Rod what exactly is your problem? You seem to have quite a hard on for Black people, did someone jilt you or leave you at the alter. I don’t know of any race in Belize more racist than the Hispanics, no matter how poor and uneducated they are they still think they are better than Black people and they are the rudest people I have ever had to deal with. Rod you have some serious issues. Their are just as many unqualified Hispanics as there are Blacks in post that they do not deserve. Open your eyes and stop letting hatred blind you to facts.

  14. Joe Blank says:

    I don’t know that the Esquivels leaving has anything to do with race. What is undeniable is that the UDP have always played a nasty game of color-politics in Belize City. Maybe Rod is a little over the top here. But the rest of u who think that color-politics is not part of the UDP playbook, you need to go to rehab. It’s accepted that we can have a Black Power Editor or talk openly about Black Power. Why not Hispanic Power, why not Maya Power, or Garifuna Power? No, that would be being racist, right? I think many of u slamming Rod are really delusional about the nature of UDP politics in Belize City. Let me be blunt. If u want the black vote in Belize City, u either have to be a UDP or get the blessing of Evan Hyde. Not all of us think like that, but many do. It’s just a fact and u all know it. So, stop being hypocrites. Oh, and by the way, just in case u bring it up, I am not Hispanic, black like the rest of you!

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