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Mar 5, 2014

Kim Simplis Barrow says she’s disappointed by church’s position

Final preparations are being put to the Twenty Thousand Strong Women Empowerment Rally, organized by the Special Envoy for Women and Children, with logistical support from the National Women’s Commission. But on Tuesday evening, the huge undertaking came under fire when the Roman Catholic Church, the biggest denomination, said it would not endorse it. It has huge ramifications because the Ministry of Education has given the green light for teachers to participate including those from church-state schools. In a signed statement, Bishop Dorick Wright, on behalf of the church, expressed his support for the condemnation of all forms of violence, aggression and disrespect of women.  The church, however, does not support the rally since it doesn’t speak to the complementary role of men in society. Likewise, the Catholic Church remains resolute in its position that the Women’s Commission promotes values, including abortion, as well as same-sex relationships, which contradict Christian and moral teachings.  Not surprisingly, the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children, as well as the NWC has taken umbrage to the letter.  Today, Kim Simplis-Barrow issued a release expressing her disappointment in the position of the church.  She told News Five that it is simply a matter of miscommunication.


Kim Simplis-Barrow

Kim Simplis-Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children

“It’s very disappointing because this rally really is about women and celebrating women, nothing else.  I mean it’s unfortunate that the church, and I believe [the release] mentioned about abortion and whole number of things that really caught me off guard and I think not only me, but a lot of other people.  It’s amazing the support, the calls from Catholics who have been calling me to say, “I support and I will be out there,” because they do not support the position that the church has laid out. It’s really, respectfully and I grew up catholic…I have to say that the church has been fed wrong information and it is an injustice to women in Belize for that to have happened. A simply phone call to myself…I know people in the Catholic Church, they could have picked up the phone and call me and say hey let’s discuss this; what is this about…how can we come together to make this truly a success. Again it really goes to say how much harder we have to work; how we have to really start standing with each other and building each other up. Again this rally isn’t about destroying our men, tearing our men; this rally is about us walking side by side with our men. It is about us taking, sitting around that table with our men making important decisions.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Kim Simplis Barrow says she’s disappointed by church’s position”

  1. Lord LOL says:

    It is okay Mrs. Kim, not only the RCC is against this, there are other organizations and person who are against this too. All of which have legitimate reasons to oppose this. I hope the $271K is worth it.

  2. Rod says:

    What do you expect when you have a corrupt leader a thief as a pm now his wife wants to promote and ok abortion these two the pm judas and his wife wants to take Belize into total darkness I say good for the Catholic Church do not sit back and let this pm and his wife try to take Belize and it’s citizens into the darkness of hell along with them . We do not want or need no more darkness in this country now Kim simples want to promote her own agenda on …… and abortion no wonder our country is slipping into the darkness of hell.

  3. Eric says:

    The most sexist person and organization award of the year goes to… Bishop Dorick Wright and the Catholic Church of Belize. I am a Catholic not by choice but by the choice imposed upon me by my parents. I have just recently started to go to church to set an example for and to teach my toddler daughter the values of seeking God through the church and the unity amongst human beings that it provides… but this is a prime example of exactly why I lost faith in the church in the first place. I will find it difficult to explain to her why a religion of God that is rife with pedophilia and not just pedophilia (which is horrible in and of itself) but homosexual pedophilia, why her religion thinks that she is inferior to men. This is exactly what I interpret from this as a man. Political prejudices and moral conundrums aside let’s call this rally what it really is… a chance for women to lend support and show unity towards each other. By politicizing this it takes away from the true purpose of effecting unity amongst women which is most needed in this crab in a barrel country and I don’t care if it was Dean Barrow himself or Francis Fonseca that is organizing or even how much is being spent the fact remains women are truly in need of empowerment in this country. So Bishop Dorick Wright and the Catholic Church of Belize please stop coming off as being sexiest pigs because you don’t echo the sentiments of every Catholic male and you certainly don’t speak for me and stop being hypocrites and focus on your own internal homosexual pedophilic problems.

  4. venus says:

    Kudos to the Roman Catholics for speaking out. My taxes are being used to promote this march. And ten to one my taxes will also be used to make a documentary for propaganda purposes.

  5. Flabbergasted says:

    @Eric: It is amazing how you criticize the religion imposed upon you yet now you are doing the same but calling it “teaching values….” Oh the IRONY. What do you think your parents were doing?????? AMAZING!!!!!!

  6. Average Bzean Citizen says:

    Eric..I totally understand your position and that is what happens when you commit to a church rther than to Christ.

  7. Heavenlyblaq says:

    Spending $270K on a rally makes no sense in these times especially when parents will be frantically trying to figure out how they will meet graduation and registration expenses in a few months. There are many children on the streets right now who are there not because of lack of academic abilities but because of the lack of financial support. We are not all fortunate to be in good standing with politicians so our children do not get scholarships or funding for school. I would have loved to see that money go towards giving more young women at least a year’s worth of education rather than a t-shirt and a plate of food.
    Women of Belize, you see the great effort that was placed into mobilizing you for a show, please demand that the organizers use the same zeal to help you get your sons and daughters a guaranteed place in a decent school in the upcoming school year. You are the ones who will be crying on the streets. The PM has his hand selected women taken care of and I can bet you that you are not one of them. Wake up Belizean women! You are being systematically marginalized. I will only look up to women who have their place in the society through hard work and sweat and not through the courtesy of political cronyism. Ask the organizers when was the last time a hungry mother and children knocked on their doors to ask for food? When was the last time a five year old child and her younger siblings went to their homes asking to stay there until the mother returned because they were all alone and didn’t know where she was? When was the last time they saw a child going to school barefoot and they automatically took him to the store to get him a pair of shoes? When was the last time they sat with children of very poor people in the slums to assist them with assignments? I do not have armed guards at my door and I do not have a fence so these are the things that I deal with on a daily basis. Hence the reason why it angers me that people who are far removed from the real ills of our society want to organize a show and think that it will make our women stronger.

    Enjoy the show but please provide these women with your addresses and phone numbers to call you when the crap hits the ceiling in June and multiple registrations are overwhelming them. That is when they will need empowerment and support.

  8. ABelen says:

    I would support this if it was a family walk!! to strengthen the family structure…unfortunately the organizers cannot push this agenda as they can’t push that which they don’t have.

  9. alley cat says:

    I don’t understand why the two roads must meet? I am a practicing catholic (some of the same reasons as Eric), male and I support all my sisters that want to march, celebrate, declare etc.. More power to you.

  10. CEO says:

    The largest religious organization responsible for the most cases of pedophilia and the covering up of these crimes for generations are now speaking out so loudly about acts between consenting adults.

    No two people agree fully on any matter so we need to find common ground so we can forge a path ahead grow as a society.

    Human beings always find a way discriminate against its own.

  11. Carlos says:

    270 thousand dollars, my gosh they need to put that money in the health systems, KHMH hospital have patients on the ground sleeping, they do not have enough beds to accommodate the sick but they have 270,000 thousand for a stupid rally.

  12. Retired CEO says:

    While I support the declaration of the Church and Bishop Wright. I must say it is too little, and a little too late. The church must take a stand on all moral issues in the jewel not only this one but on all other issues including crime, child sex abuse, child labor, racial discrimination, pedophilia, injustices in government and all high places individually and collectively coupled with an array of other significantly important moral issues as they relate to humanity. Currently, it appears as if the church is fighting hypocritically for it’s life. When we carefully scrutinize? What is being said and done in Rome and the World, we can justifiably say that the Church and world leadership has miserably failed all humanity. Recently, the Pope made a contradictory statement sounding as if he supports same sex marriage/union. We see and hear the same kind of statements coming from World leaders and other congregations of some church. Some of them are even performing these services. Clearly, it appears as if evil/lies has taken over most of humanity and the church. I believe it was Longfellow ” who said a lie/evil will travel more than halfway around the earth when the truth will just be getting ready to start”. Furthermore, the role women should not be competing with men, they should be complimenting men, thus working in harmony as a family to make the world a better a place. Being cognitive that we are not living in a perfect world should not mean that we don’t make effort to make it a better place. We should compete in goodness and righteousness not selfishness and foolishness.

  13. Capt Sensible says:

    Bishop Dorrick Wright, the almost 70 year old traditional male prelate, speaks with a quite magnificent 2nd-hand knowledge about women. We should therefore listen to his words with care. The question must be asked: “Is there a more persecuted minority in Belize than straight, religious males”? But who can deny that he hits a six when he subversively notes the difference between “Christian and moral teachings”. They aren’t the same and we owe him a debt of gratitude for reminding us. Similarly, who can deny his authority when preaching at 2nd hand about family, marriage and human sexuality. This is a man who has an in-depth knowledge about these things from others. And we should therefore respect his almost personal experience and nearly first-hand experience of what he called yesterday “disordered sexual activity”.

  14. david says:

    The real issue here is that if that poor excuse of first lady make this march a success the international homosexual and bisexual community will donate more money to belize, which then this poor excuse and company will have more money to use for their own pocket .

  15. seriously says:

    what is the PRIME MINISTER and his WIFE thinking?????????????? I bet that they don’t know how many innocent lives die every year and not only that even women too!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should respect LIFE!!! And what is this about gay Marriage??? I mean literally i mean this is totally bullcrap!!!! Why would the PRIME MINISTER would pass this law??? Just cause he’s the minister doesn’t mean he can apply this law!!! THE PEOPLE OF BELIZE AND EVEN THE CHURCH ARE RIGHT ABOUT THIS THING AND WE SHOULD RALLY AND SAY NO TO ABORTION AND NO TO GAY MARRIAGES!!!!!!!!!!!! MR.PRIME MINISTER THIS IS THE PEOPLE STANDING TO DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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