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Mar 5, 2014

Women’s Commission says there’s intense intimidation from the Catholic Church

Ann-Marie Williams

The organizers are hoping that twenty thousand women and young girls will be marching in Belize City on Thursday as part of a women empowerment rally. Unfortunately, the planned empowerment has been almost lost in a furious flurry of emails, releases and interviews following the church’s position. That has awakened protest from the anti-gender policy slash anti-gay movement, and even the B.N.T.U. has weighed in for good measure, which has led to organizers of the rally firing back. There’s a whole lot of noise, and today, Executive Director of the Women’s Commission, Ann-Marie Williams, says there has been intense intimidation from the Catholic Church, but that won’t affect the turnout, their spirits or the empowerment.


Ann-Marie Williams, Executive Director, Women’s Commission

“Mike there’s been some serious types of intimidation. Women have called me particularly in the Corozal and Orange Walk districts; my focal points in those areas have called to say that teachers have been backing out because teachers from the Catholic management have been intimidated by their managers and their principals; [they] cannot attend the rally. And these were just teachers that came in yesterday. We had a system whereby people would have signed up to be a part of the bus. You sign up and that’s your bus ticket and part of your food ticket and those people are backing out. But the wonderful thing is that for every teacher that is backing out from the Catholic management, two or three women are coming forth to say take me on the bus; we have to put extra buses in those area, particularly Cayo. But I want to zero in on something that a lot of people here have missed or maybe particularly didn’t even think about. When you live in Belize and the Ministry of Education made it clear that it is a no school day, if you see a substantial amount of your teachers wanting to go and your female students and that it will interrupt school, then it will be better for you not to have school. When you see the Catholic management saying you cannot go, what is that saying? Where are we living? They don’t trump the Ministry of Education. And what is it when women cannot come together in solidarity at a rally without this type of intimidation by men? Why? Why? And then go to great lengths to fabricate stories about what the march is other than asking what is it all about? Actually telling lies; this is a sad day, but you know something, change is coming. It is coming rather slow, but it is a constant and it will happen.”

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11 Responses for “Women’s Commission says there’s intense intimidation from the Catholic Church”

  1. Christopher says:

    This woman disgraces the Roman Catholic Church!

    Check out the image at:

  2. Lord LOL says:

    It is okay Miss williams, not only the RCC is against this, there are other organizations and person who are against this too. All of which have legitimate reasons to oppose this. I hope the $271K is worth it.

  3. soulsista says:

    Where is women commission when women and children are abused only when you all want fame you do things like this sounds like a political rally I would boycott you all too

  4. Belizean says:

    You see what this lady is doing? Putting down men. I have seen this from afar off. It is all about degrading the position of MEN. It is clear to see what this is all about. The Catholic Church, in principle, is very keen to the different events unfolding. The conscience of the people needs to be awakened. I am not advocating for people to become Catholics. I am saying that we need to share, all of us, the principle that they possess. First of all, why the emphasis on women, spending thousands of dollars….for what really? Women and men alike, are equal already, why spend the money to try to prove what is already a fact? Second, the Oak Foundation among others, are organizations that have an agenda: Homosexuality, same sex marriage, Women over powering men, etc…this list is long! Have we not seen enough how they try to amend the ‘rape’ bill? All these adverse and counter-human garbage. There is nothing Humane about being a Homo. Thats stupidity and insanity at best! Now people, this 270,000.00 is whats called BUYING the people. This is a sick farce, a ploy to buy, and OWN the people of Belize. Who owns them after this? The evil one himself. People on the other side of the world that are trying to control population by making a large percent GAY. Makes someone richer at the end, but NOT Belize.

  5. mans says:

    I support the church…. its was long long overdue to speaks about the stand they are making. My family do not need anyone to stand for them… we stand for ourselves… I dont agree that the women of this country are marginalized… Its all about family. Family values… the church is clear on this… I love my mother.. she had more money than my dad… my my sister and our wife are in the forefront of all… bringing men down is the worse thing Anne can do…Please go back and put your act together…. what is the real meaning of your rally… and what is next.

  6. woman says:

    I also support the Catholic Church. I also agree that it is all about family and family values. I would rather support a rally or a training where women are trained to have more standard, pride and moral values in themselves. “20,000 strong,” but tell me how many of the women at Marion Jones stadium today have caused a home to breakup because of their interference, or is presently in a secret relationship with another woman’s husband, and if we are not doing this, we are sitting or standing in groups talking about each-other. Bringing down one-other rather than uplifting each other.
    We want to blame the men, but we the women are the one who gives consent to the men. If women start having more pride and respect in themselves, then we will not allow ourselves to be taken advantage of by anyone.
    I believe we women are the cause of our own demise.

  7. CEO says:

    Women come now and let’s reason together. The fact is that no church will support you and your children. There may have been some useless male that fathered your child now because you find yourself by yourself with no support and someone is organizing a rally in support and empowerment of women and because it said nothing about men the church read into this that it is an anti family and in support of same sex activities.

    The Bishop has a small mind! He knows he can play with the emotions of the people because people are so homophobic.

    Very hypocritical especially when the history of the church and the covering up of sexual crimes against children.

  8. Heavenlyblaq says:

    Spending $270K on a rally makes no sense in these times especially when parents will be frantically trying to figure out how they will meet graduation and registration expenses in a few months. There are many children on the streets right now who are there not because of lack of academic abilities but because of the lack of financial support. We are not all fortunate to be in good standing with politicians so our children do not get scholarships or funding for school. I would have loved to see that money go towards giving more young women at least a year’s worth of education rather than a t-shirt and a plate of food.
    Women of Belize, you see the great effort that was placed into mobilizing you for a show, please demand that the organizers use the same zeal to help you get your sons and daughters a guaranteed place in a decent school in the upcoming school year. You are the ones who will be crying on the streets. The PM has his hand selected women taken care of and I can bet you that you are not one of them. Wake up Belizean women! You are being systematically marginalized. I will only look up to women who have their place in the society through hard work and sweat and not through the courtesy of political cronyism. Ask the organizers when was the last time a hungry mother and children knocked on their doors to ask for food? When was the last time a five year old child went to their homes asking to stay there until the mother returned because they were all alone and didn’t know where she was? When was the last time they saw a child going to school barefoot and they automatically took him to the store to get him a pair of shoes? When was the last time they sat with children of very poor people in the slums to assist them with assignments? I do not have armed guards at my door and I do not have a fence so these are the things that I deal with on a daily basis. Hence the reason why it angers me that people who are far removed from the real ills of our society want to organize a show and think that it will make our women stronger.

    Enjoy the show but please provide these women with your address and phone numbers to call you when the crap hits the ceiling in June and multiple registrations are overwhelming them. That is when they will need empowerment and support.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    A plate of food and a one day Bus fare can’t empower anyone.What happens after the rally is over and these women got to go home and face reality.

  10. Capt Sensible says:

    Once again “Belizean” elevates the discussion as if Foucault himself was reborn in Belize. More power – indeed more biopower – to you “Belizean”. Who can deny that these women want to turn “Belizean” men Gay. And they do so with their secret lady bits when we men aren’t looking. They do y’know. I read it on the interwebs. And degrading the position of men by ….errr….pressing for equality and amending a “rape” bill to include rape. What will these women get up to next? As Derrida said about the Gulf war, so says “Belizean” about equality: First, it will not take place; secondly, it is not really taking place; thirdly, it did not take place. But in a piece of post-structuralist triumph, “Belizean” also magnificently shows that they already have it. Let these women argue their post-modernist and post-feminist case. “Belizean” will light the beacon of truth and show what this is really about: Women spending thousands of dollars and overpowering men. Not while “Belizean” and French philosophers are around they won’t. OK, Derrida and Foucault are dead, but that is a minor point!

  11. Firewalker says:

    Gee are they going to take away womens right to vote, drive a car, own a business or are they supposed to stay home and make babies , be barefoot keep their mouth shut. Women have every right to be a leader. What happened boys getting a little nervous when a woman is smarter then you? The church has made their own reputation and the whole world knows it. I don’t think God would approve their behavior.

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