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Mar 5, 2014

Over $250,000 to be spent on rally

It is hoped that there will be a massive turnout of women at the rally, but aside from the Roman Catholic Church, the organizers have received another very surprising declaration of non-support. That came from the People’s United Party, which has always claimed to be all about women empowerment. In fact, that party released its Women’s Agenda today, but they will be a no-show at the rally. So why are the P.U.P. women boycotting the event? Deputy Leader Dolores Balderamos-Garcia says that basically the twenty-thousand strong rally is showboating without substance, a stylishly-prepared meat platter without any meat. That’s one reason. And then there’s the other. Balderamos-Garcia says that the budget for the one-day event comes in at more than a quarter-million dollars, and that expenditure, she says, is ludicrous and atrocious.


Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, Deputy Leader, P.U.P.

Dolores Balderamos-Garcia

“We received an invitation and I want to say respectfully that this is no personal disparagement to the organizers or to Miss Kim Simplis Barrow. But when we looked at all of the issues challenging the women of Belize today, we felt that in good conscience we couldn’t not just go out there and join a rah-rah rally. We felt that is absolutely too important, the issues of women are too important to trivialize it in terms of our participation in what we consider something that is not real and something and something that is more of a smokescreen than something that is going to benefit the Belizean people.  For example, I want to say to you that we have learned that the budget for this event is over two hundred and seventy thousand dollars. We cannot in good conscience support that kind of public expenditure out of tax payers money, bring women into Belize City, have them put on an orange T-shirt, give them a plate of food and listen to talks and rah-rah and then they will go back to Toledo, they will go back to the Cayo and the north and the cayes and face the same reality. We have to look at everything from—not a partisan political point of view, but the point of view of what is the U.D.P. government doing for women. And our answer, when we really look at it is a big fat zero. So why bring out people to a rah-rah rally and then they will go back to their same reality.”


Ann-Marie Williams

Ann-Marie Williams, Executive Director, Women’s Commission

“The budget is not over two hundred and seventy thousand dollars for this one event; the budget is over two hundred and seventy thousand dollars, but it is premise on a year-long series of activities. The majority of our money came from the Oak Foundation and we’ve had a lot of great corporate sponsors along with other sponsors that we’ve written proposals to fund this event. It is by no means public money.”


Mike Rudon

“Could you tell us what extent of that money, what amount…because we assume there was some Government of Belize funding either through the Ministry of Human Development?”


Ann-Marie Williams

“The Government of Belize and the Ministry of Education, I must say, has assisted us with some transportation and not with money. You would know that the Ministry of Education run school buses and so it is from that angle and that is some of the help that we are getting.”


Today, News Five tried to get some official clarification on the budget from the Ministry of Human Development, but we were unsuccessful. As you will have seen, the copy of the budget we received today indicates that the rally will cost two hundred and seventy-one thousand dollars: more than a hundred thousand on transportation, and more than a hundred thousand for what is referred to as rally logistics. We could also not confirm allegations that government is footing a large part of the bill.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “Over $250,000 to be spent on rally”

  1. Lord LOL says:

    I love and respect Mrs Dolres Balderamos-Garcia! Women issues has always been trivialized. I hope that $271K is worth it. I guess see can see the incentive ti make people come out, free food and etc,

    Well we know the Oak foundation is and who else they support(UNIBAM). I can see why the church and others are against this.

    Should spend some cash for a rally against corruption and other ills in society,,,,

  2. Timber says:

    If that’s your stance Dolores, and it’s not political, I agree with you. How about championing some of these women and also find out what their real issues and struggles are? Many of these women, especially the ones in the districts, struggle to even put a plate of food on the table for their kids. Many make enormous sacrifices just to get up and walk a long way to get their kids to school. You want to do something for these women Kim Barrow, go out and talk to them. Have the government give these people a push; i.e. decent transportation, adequate counseling, properly trained and understanding social workers because a lot of women are being abused and suffer silently. The issue with you Kim is that you’re wanting to take on the persona of the “First Lady” of a head of state. Don’t fool yourself, Belize nor you have not reached that status as yet. It takes more than a political show to achieve that. What you’re trying to emulate takes education, being well-rounded able to communicate, someone who has served and volunteered and you just don’t have that type of charisma to the educated Belizean person. Sorry.

  3. Rod says:

    This is nothing more than a foundation of gays from the us giving money to promote their agenda in Belize we now wah no ……. Ina this country I say hurray for the Catholic Church it’s about time unu stand up to this corrupt thefing. Pm and gov. And now they want to to make abortion legal in this country judas barrow and his wife Kim simples want to take this country more into the darkness of hell with them

  4. Rafael says:

    If ministry if helping in transportation, that is more than $90,000 for a one day rally with no long lasting effect.

  5. Belizean says:

    It is clear to see what this is all about. The Catholic Church, in principle, is very keen to the different events unfolding. The conscience of the people needs to be awakened. I am not advocating for people to become Catholics. I am saying that we need to share, all of us, the principle that they possess. First of all, why the emphasis on women, spending thousands of dollars….for what really? Women and men alike, are equal already, why spend the money to try to prove what is already a fact? Second, the Oak Foundation among others, are organizations that have an agenda: Homosexuality, same sex marriage, Women over powering men, etc…this list is long! Have we not seen enough how they try to amend the ‘rape’ bill? All these adverse and counter-human garbage. There is nothing Humane about being a Homo. Thats stupidity and insanity at best! Now people, this 270,000.00 is whats called BUYING the people. This is a sick farce, a ploy to buy, and OWN the people of Belize. Who owns them after this? The evil one himself. People on the other side of the world that are trying to control population by making a large percent GAY. Makes someone richer at the end, but NOT Belize.

  6. Belizean Pride says:

    Instead of sharing this $270,000.00 Bze to all those women out there that really need the help is a a better way of helping than wasting of money on a rally. After the rally what would be the outcome? Will it only benefit the women emotionally only or any other way? Understanding the Catholic church, imagine a sister jumping up on a rally enjoying on worldly music, how will the other Christian women that would like to go feel? Christian women don’t go out for these type of empowering venues. Instead of having speeches on every districts, having the district pin point the most needed women to help them might have been a better idea Mrs. Williams.

  7. Heavenlyblaq says:

    In June may of those same women will be frantically trying to figure out how to get their children registered for high school. Then again a T-Shirt and a plate of food might be more enticing right now because it is instant gratification. I can only imagine that many of these women will leave their children behind without proper guardianship just to attend the rally. What the organizers should have taken into consideration is that life is so hard in the rural areas that baby sitters are non existent. How many children will be left behind without food? Well, given the priorities we know that the mother will get to eat a plate of food and then return with words and memories to a jobless community. I hope that the special envoy will hear their cries in two months when they cannot prepare their children for higher education while more of their daughters end up in the same desperate situation. Way to go Belizean Women. We know what is important around here!

  8. mans says:

    Finally the PUP and the great Women are standing to the real issues and not only on false conclusion… In 3 years from now the PUP will be in government and hope Dolores stand for the women and fall in the same wrong principles.

  9. Elgin martinez says:

    Please give that money to Lcpl Rodriguez of the BDF who is in dire need of medical assistance.It’s ironic how that amount of money can be allotted to a rally organized by the PM’s wife and yet the GOB can’t give people that are putting themselves in harm’s way to defend the country some form of Medical insurance.

  10. woman says:

    I must say i agree with Dolores Balderamos-Garcia 100%
    “And our answer, when we really look at it is a big fat zero. So why bring out people to a rah-rah rally and then they will go back to their same reality.”
    majority of these women just want a free ride to Belize to do some personal business.
    They should have taken that 271,000 and give the female workers a little bonus in their end of the month salary.

  11. Louisville,Ky. says:

    That $271,000 shared equally among every single mother in the country, would have been much better served than any rah-rah rally, for real.

    @ Elgin Martinez, you have a valid point there Bro.

  12. reeeeeeeee says:

    mein $270 000.00 WHY? WHY? WHY? why the Government allow that. spend so much money on that rally that promote homosexuality and other things that goes again human values. $270 000.00 could have fed so many homeless people, help so many women that are suffering, so many people that really need a li help. is the first said LADY could have think and use that money in a better use then out comments could have been different. i really applaud the catholic church foe the move lets keep doing that. i hope and wish that the demonstration on friday will show borrow and faber that we the teachers mean business.

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