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Feb 3, 2014

Gino Peck is back on the job; talks about his experience in jail

On Friday Corporal Gino Peck, long-time intelligence cop assigned to Precinct Two, was sentenced to fines totaling six hundred and fifty dollars. Peck was convicted last Monday of possessing prohibited and unlicensed ammunition, following a search of his home by the Gang Suppression Unit in 2012. As he awaited sentencing Friday, top brass of the Belize Police Department, rank and file officers, members of COLA and other supporters gathered outside the courtroom in solidarity. At just after midday, Peck paid his fines and he and his family headed for the sanctuary of home. Mike Rudon went to Peck’s home and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Corporal Gino Peck is happy to be a free man, glad to be back with his friends, immediate family and church family. For the career cop, the ordeal of two years is over, but while he says that his escaping prison time is a miracle, he could not get the vindication he sought.


Gino Peck

Gino Peck, Convicted Cop

“It’s a conviction against my record. If I continue to be a law enforcement officer, which is not really supposed to be the right thing. Hence for that the reason I embark on an appeal which will be a next matter that is yet to come.”


Mike Rudon

“How does it make you feel personally? Apart from what happens with your career on the police force, how do you feel personally to have been convicted of something? Do you feel that justice was done?”


Gino Peck

“Really I felt abused, I felt violated; I felt…they knock me down and I had never believed one day that I would be on the other side of the law defending myself.”


But he was, and in the end he was convicted of possessing prohibited and unlicensed ammunition. Whether in his capacity as a policeman he had the authority to do so is still the matter of much dispute, but Peck genuinely feels that he did no wrong.


Gino Peck

“I always believed that I was in the full exercise of my authority as a police officer to hold, to keep and to carry firearms and ammunition of various caliber which is used for operational purposes and as a resource of the department. And I also thought that I was only doing my job and my commanders, more than one, always used to remind us that we are police officers; that we need not have any license to carry these types of ammunitions or weapons. As a result of that, I always believed that I was always legally holding those or carrying whatever ammunition or weapons that we use to work with.”


And because of that belief, Peck remained on active duty even after he was initially arrested and charged for the offence. There has been much speculation that Peck’s prosecution had personal origins, and indeed, it is clear that under this current top brass this case would not have gone to court.


Gino Peck

“Honestly, I don’t want to speculate. I do not, I am not here to judge the circumstances or the reason or the purpose for whatever is done. So I am not too sure as to whether that is the case or whether that’s not the case. It will remain as that; I don’t want to speculate.”


Mike Rudon

“Fair enough. What happens now? Did you report to work this morning?”


Gino Peck

“Yes, they initially indicated to me that I should report to work because I am attached to precinct two under the command of Superintendent Grinage. And he initially told me that I should report to work and that’s what I did this morning.”


Mike Rudon

“Could you give me an idea…was it back to work as normal?”


Gino Peck

“I still kinda feel like you know, you know.  But I try to maintain my composure and stay focus. I must remember that we are here to provide service to the community and that is what I intend and continue to do.”


So what’s next for this career cop, convicted of a serious offence? Today he is back on the job, and if Corporal Gino Peck has his wish, that is how it will remain.


Gino Peck

“I have made law enforcement as my career and I would wish to continue as a law enforcement officer in this country because I see where a lot of the work that we do, we could make a change in our community. But you must always do good and do the right thing.”


Peck is currently working on appealing his case. If he is victorious the conviction would be overturned and his record would be untarnished.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Gino Peck is back on the job; talks about his experience in jail”

  1. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    I am so so happy that Gino is back on his job. By the interview you can see he is not any fool fool police. He knows how to express himself. What was done to him was pure evil. But thank God that it is over. Its sad that they tarnished his reputation. If he was a dirty cop he would never gotten d Public support. That is to show us when we walk clean we have nothing to fear. As for Marco Vidal. You are evil. Very evil. I dont know Gino Peck but am so happy for him.

  2. Buju says:

    This is where we are going wrong as a country…

    First we want people to go to jail – then we dont want them to go to jail

    Then it seems like we want to cherrypick what happens—

    Lets get rid of the gun laws and let the killings start again then we will start to complain all over again
    Its hard to please Belizeans because we keep changing our minds every 3 minutes

  3. Al Rich says:

    I am happy for Mr Peck, I do believe that this was from the top of this corrupt police force. He made somebody mad at him and this was their legal way of trying to get him out of the way. My advice to him is to continue with his church and let God expose the person who tried to castrate him.

  4. boombastic says:

    I can’t wait to sue the gov’t of belize for firing an officer who was wrongfully arrested in an assualt and found not guilty and was not re-assigned back to his duties who by law is still a police officer only thing is that the gov’t or the commissioner don’t know this…more to come.

  5. Just looking says:

    Thinking outside the box. So am right in saying that law enforcement if wanted to frame someone, can actually plant any type of ammunition in your area or home then turn around and charge them?? He is a cop. I will take my chances with a armed officer without a criminal record. Now he is marked as a bad cop.

  6. Jon Brown says:

    Just curious as to why they even searched his place? Someone tipped them off?

  7. moses x says:

    OK. So can someone tell me why exactly did the GSU search his home. I am Belizean American retired from law enforcement in New York. All law enforcement officers are permitted to carry on or off duty. I suspect hat someone wanted to knock Gino down, perhaps some big boy drug dealer paid a big boy officer to order the GSU. I suspect that someone high on the ladder must have given then OK to search Gino’s home. Cops don’t do that to each other. Something stinks in Denmark. What do you think?

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