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Jan 28, 2014

G.O.B. takes action on the Castro Cheques Scandal: the Belize Airport Authority Board to resign

Late this evening, Cabinet issued a release in response to an ongoing check scandal involving U.D.P. Minister of State Edmond Castro and the Belize Airports Authority. Castro came under fire after checks surfaced drawn on the operating account of the BAA which indicated that he had gotten money from that body for personal and political gain. On Monday director of Civil Aviation Lindsay Garbutt admitted to News Five that the Board of the BAA approved what he called ‘assistance’ for Minister Edmond Castro – including donations to persons he recommended, paying for political events he hosted and paying personal and political expenses. Well today after Cabinet fully reviewed the matter, it issued a lengthy release. In its release, Cabinet states that, “After due consideration, including hearing from Minister Castro himself, Cabinet was of the view that while there was nothing illegal in the actions of either the BAA or the Minister, there was poor judgment leading to a perception of abuse of authority on both sides.” So with that said, the Prime Minister took three actions…The first is that the portfolio of Civil Aviation, which includes the Airport Authority and over which Minister Castro exercised day to day jurisdiction, will be removed from the Ministry of Transport and placed with the Ministry of Tourism. It sounds like a big deal, but it really isn’t. Castro remains the Minister of State in the Ministry of Works and Transport, with full responsibility for Transportation. The second recommendation is that the Solicitor General and the Financial Secretary will be tasked to meet with all statutory bodies to review operational protocols. And the third action taken by the Prime Minister is that the current directors of the BAA will be asked to resign. That amounts to a significant shakeup of the BAA, but we reiterate that Minister of State Edmond Castro remains untouched despite evidence that he used public monies entrusted to him for personal and political gain.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “G.O.B. takes action on the Castro Cheques Scandal: the Belize Airport Authority Board to resign”

  1. Joe Blank says:

    You have to wonder what the mindset of this UDP cabinet is. Can’t they see that they are making things worse for themselves? The consistent theme in these scandals has been punish the subordinates and let the “big man go”. This makes no sense politically. These actions only make them look more corrupt and more abusive (if that’s possible).

    Other than shameless ravaging of the finances of the country, delusion seems to be the order of the day in this UDP Cabinet. It’s time to call in the shrinks!

  2. Ali BaBarrow, the god of 40 says:

    Today the nation has been saved the disgrace that Ali’s penis protector and booty magnet, the honorable Castro, senior minister to thieves, was not asked to leave cabinet and sent to prison.

    The great and wise Ali BaBarrow has saved the nation. Citizen Kim from his prison applauds waiting patiently to some day come to his homeland that he paid for.

    If those vile lower thieves at BAA had only better protected the Honorable Castro (senior minister, fifth in line to the most high thief, ALI) from Honorable Castro’s avarice and gluttony their crimes would have been forgotten by the most high, ALI the god thief amongst mortals. If the BAA had only tempted Honorable Castro with a booty morsel he might have forgotten some of the checks and kept it at ALI preferred thieving limits.

    the god of 40, long live Ali!!!
    The cabinet is untarnished, all holding their heads high.
    Belize is safe again. Time to burn rosewood logs to celebrate.
    Faber can read to the nation so we can sleep like poor uneducated babies.

    Heredia now runs the airport, once a canoe captain who still cannot read, rejoices.
    Contrerass, secretly laughs at Belizeans as his wealth increases.
    Vega doing his best to have a bigger pile of money and trinkets.
    Every cabinet member is pleased and wait for the day Honorable Penner rejoins the cabinet.

    All is good in Belize, you better Belize it! Ali Saved Belize.

    Shut down tourism and you shut down the government biggest cash cow and these criminals back on the street on the way to prison.

  3. Ali BaBarrow, the god of 40 says:

    This government has so many criminal scandals going on, they can’t flush the toilet fast enough.

    When the dam breaks the rats will be ratting.

    Some one has to take the fall, sorry Lindsay Garbutt today it is you.
    Of course you will not criminally charged, all of the 40 have immunity from prosecution.
    Even if they needed a show trial, it will be not guilty.

  4. Rod says:

    Judas the biggest thief of all.

  5. sickntired says:

    Look people this action or some action better than nothing. Unu forget the pm cant stand up to his ministas cause him fraid his govt will be done. People like santi get front a di tv and talk rass about his corrupt behaviours and not one word from the pm. Castro still got minista power and benefits never mind his distasteful and bad judgements. Anyway mek i stop grumble at least somebody get fired and them mi all deserve it.

  6. Truth says:

    These unfolding events are NAKED to EYES of every Belizean and No matter what DEAN Barrow decides to too. We are aware that your incompetent behavior is below to any person who knows better.

    We know too that there will be no wrong doing found with any Minister from UDP. Reason is because if 2 Ministers are fired or terminated by Law the OPPOSITION PARTY will take over. Which will require UDP to relinquish his power over to the PUP.

    This is no longer a political issue but a NATIONAL ISSUE. Corruption and our TAX Money being wasted and mismanaged. TOTAL DISGRACE

    IF WE the people can see the wrong doing in this how can’t he the prime Minister SEE THIS. The only reason would be because HE IS ALSO PART OF IT

  7. Belizean Pride says:

    what a shame our little Jewel is going through with these scoundrels doing as they please, slapping hands of those who behave bad and that’s it, it’s not corruption but distasteful as the bald head says, we got to chase this crazy bald head out of town!!!! so the song goes but these hooligans have no shame nor pride in themselves.

  8. Al Rich says:

    Is that little shack in the picture the government office for BAA? The money they were giving to Castro could have been used to build a nice building. See this is a part of the problem when people have to go and work in run down buildings they do not have a sense of self-esteem.

    This man Tillet, must have a feeling of being raped by Castro, being made to do this thing they know is wrong and now having to lie about it to keep his job.

    The PM is such a pile of horse manure, how could it not be wrong for the government to issue a check to Castro to bury his mother. There is an awful smell that arises out of this government and there seems to be no end. I have said this before, I would like to know what the US embassy is saying about all these criminal acts being committed by those who are in a position of trust, but are so distrustful.

    Shame, shame, shame.

  9. confused says:

    this politicians are the reflection of our society. Who put them there?

  10. ceo says:

    Please keep the pressure on! This is a good start but the problem was not solved. The problem child is still within the fold!

    Politicians will never do the right thing unless they are forced to. We the People have all the power and they are working for us.

  11. Ali BaBarrow and his band of 40+ says:


    What the cabinet did is nothing, except rearranging deck chairs on a sinking ship.
    They will put a new criminals in charge with more discretion so we won’t know what crimes they are doing. So, what did these criminals do that cost them their high paying jobs?

    They followed orders of a senior minister, just like Elvin Penner. Penner, junior minister, only has two superiors: ALI and HULSE. Ali put Penner under Hulse after Penner’s constant nagging of Ali (LOL, what a pack of fool criminals with lie excuses, nagging how funny for a tough lawyer like Ali, elvin wore him down, belizeit, it’s Belize bull#%^* ).

    Ali has two reasons to keep Penner around: UDP govt folds, and most important, Penner could send Ali to prison.

    If you think this is enough, you got the credentials to be their press officer.

  12. Ali BaBarrow and his band of 40+ says:

    BTW, as Prime Minister he has Prime responsibility for his zombies action.

    Like honorable Castro making booty calls on diplomatic staff of other countries.
    What kind of idiots are working for this idiot prime minister?

    ANSWER: Those who have the same values. Criminal.
    They are useful for him in his criminal op, why he puts up with it.

  13. PunjavMC says:

    Al Rich,

    US Embassy on concerned when the gays rights are in jeopardy. Nothing else moves them.

  14. alberto lagos says:

    seems like that to our honorable primer minister doesn’t care about anything,I love my country but my heart is broken when I read all these kind of madness happening in our jewel.GOD help us.

  15. Rod says:

    The us says nothing because judas is black if it was a Spanish or a white they would have been holding back money but because the pm is black they do nothing look at Africa all the black s that are killing thousands of people are still receiving money from the us .

  16. Guerra says:

    The PM at least found the machete scarbut to spank these guys, which is a start in the right direction. Yes it’s true the big men walk free, and the little boys get the spanking, but that too have to change with time. Thank you Mr. PM, its a start in the right direction.

  17. Guerra says:

    Lindsay don’t ever run for politics, because like Mrs. Castillo, you are both off the rockers. The government account is not for playing Santa Clause with, otherwise the country will go totally broke! Castillo, you showed us what you stand for, and you have just dashed all the ladies hope to the wind. All the women of Belize should hold you and spank you, because they say women need opportunity, and what do you do. Thanks for showing us what you stand for though, because if you didn’t, we can only imagine what you would have done.

  18. Concern says:

    We really don’t need to guess what Bev would do as a minister. Lord FORBID!

  19. Mayagial says:

    Dirty dirty dirty!!!!!! From the PM straight down. One lie and you have to consistently. This is what is happening with this party. completely out of control. But I will not be surprised if they win again. Remember the PM have dealings with drug dealers. Which leader of a country hold meetings and negotiate with gang leaders. Belizean voters this is a reflection of you all. Whoever vote them in that is.

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