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Jan 14, 2014

A look at the possible motive for Joseph Sanchez’s murder

Joseph Sanchez

Police have reviewed video surveillance of the murder of eighteen year old cross dresser, Joseph Sanchez, but there are no arrests so far even though police believe the motive is armed robbery. The video footage, which has no audio, reportedly shows that he was frisked and then stabbed by one of two men who fled the scene. Sanchez was found dead just before two on Sunday morning  dressed in a sleeveless blouse and a skirt and his cell phone was retrieved near the crime scene. The story has shaken up the gay community who describe the murder as a hate crime. Duane Moody revisits the story tonight looking for a possible motive for the murder.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Eighteen year old Joseph Sanchez was fatally stabbed on Elston Kerr Street behind the Gwen Lizarraga High School as he left his Laura Dunn Street house supposedly to attend a party. Just before two on Sunday morning, his life was cut short when he was stabbed to the center of the chest which, according to the post mortem result, punctured his heart. But it is Sanchez’s lifestyle that has triggered speculation as to the reason for his murder.  The family has gone on record to say that for years, Sanchez was targeted for his lifestyle… And that days before his demise, he was receiving death threats from a former lover.


Voice of: Abner Sanchez [File: January 13th, 2014]

“The death threats weh ih mi receive, ih neva did tell we about it. He had trust more in his friends and things, so ih tell ih friends dehn. That is the way I found out that ih mi di receive death threats from the male person weh ih mi have. Ina last week before, I had ih phone and that person mi di call ih phone and ih tell me Abner noh answer that person cause I noh wah got nothing with that persons deh. Well look to result that that same person deh mi di send ahn the threats and thing.  From what I heard from ih friends dehn, the person weh he mi di go out with, neva know that he dah mi wah man. So ih look like when the person find out that he dah mi wah male, well ih start to send the death threats at him.”


“When Joseph woulda go out dressed up like a female, he noh wah walk down the street mein. They actually come pick he up from yard and dehn ker ahn eena vehicle and dehn bring ahn back ina vehicle. So whosoever dah person deh weh call ahn that time of the night and make he go out and make he walk out so, my belief is that dah that person set ahn up fi get ih lee vengeance off of him.”


Calbert Flowers

The Belize City Police Department have been investigating this homicide from all angles and say that evidence indicates that two male persons tried to rob Sanchez, but before fleeing, the was stabbed to the chest. Surveillance camera in the area caught the crime as it unfolded: Sanchez was frisked and robbed by his assailants before he was stabbed.


ASP Calbert Flowers, Acting Commander, Precinct 2, Belize City Police Department

“The investigation reveals that this person was walking on Elston Kerr Street when he was attacked by two persons. The investigation revealed that these two male persons that attacked this person tried to rob him. During that robbery a struggle ensued and this person was stabbed once to the chest.   The investigation is ongoing and we have what we think is enough evidence to show that it was an attempt robbery.”


Duane Moody

“The culprits, are they known to the police and has anybody been arrested so far?”


ASP Calbert Flowers

“No one has been arrested. We have persons of interests who are known to the police officers who we are seeking for questioning in relation to this murder. However no one has been detained and no one has been charged.”


The eighteen year old is the first male cross dresser to be killed in Belize. But according to Caleb Orosco, Executive Director of the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM), persons of the LGBT community have been targeted for years. According to Orosco, the murder was a hate crime.


Caleb Orosco

Caleb Orosco, Executive Director, UNIBAM

“The police is under no obligation to report that it was a hate crime. The evidence would show that it is a robbery, it’s a murder or assault generally and all crimes are treated in general terms. The issue for us here is that the act itself is hateful because it robbed the life of a young person who had dreams and aspirations and it robbed a mother of a child that she gave life to. More precisely, it robs the community of a sense of security. And it is within that context we define it as a hate crime. What we don’t know at this point is the motive.  Beyond what we know of our ‘trans’ community here which is in Orange Walk, Corozal and across the country is that they are disproportionately vulnerable to violent crime. They will not report most of the harassment, the threats or the ridicule because they have treated it as part of their daily lives. Whatever the case may be though, one of the things we must remember is that even if you don’t like somebody’s appearance, even if you don’t like the way how somebody walks, it does not give you the right to rob somebody of their life or take away their life because you do not like them.”


ASP Calbert Flowers

“The fact is that someone lost their life and we are treating this investigation as any other murder. We are not ruling out anything. So far, we believe that it was a robbery, but we cannot rule out anything so we are exploring all angles.”


Anyone with information on this crime is asked to please contact the nearest police station or call crime stoppers Belize at 0-800-922-TIPS. Duane Moody for News Five.


According to Orosco, over seventy members of the LGBT have experienced violence because of their lifestyles. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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23 Responses for “A look at the possible motive for Joseph Sanchez’s murder”

  1. history minded says:

    Caleb should be more careful in classifying it as a hate crime ie. it shows other persons who do have ‘hate’ against trans that it can be done to deter the LGBT expressions. At least give the investigation some time, especially since there is footage

  2. Jungle says:

    That is crazy for orozco to say that, why would a man dress in women s cloths and be out on the street, that’s crazy,

  3. Paul Schmidt III says:

    If you listen to Abner closely. The “suspect” FOUND out he was a man.

    Now if wanna see probably what poor Joseph went through, I suggest you follow the movie on your movie list:

    A Girl Like Me. – Gwen Araujo (February 24, 1985 – October 3, 2002)

  4. Belizean says:

    Does Caleb look like he’s sane? Seems to me he is sick. He looks drained and beat out. I think he needs to change his fatal lifestyle!

  5. CHOICE says:

    Belize CHOOSES to be a “Straight Society”. And it is unfortunate that this small LGBT group is trying to twist this horrendous murder in their favor to garner support for their movement. The Abuse, Rape or Murder of ANY Belizean is a tragedy and it needs to be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Lets not cloud this incident with any personal agenda!

  6. Buju says:

    The gays are going against the laws of God and against the laws of Belize!

    Justice is served!

    I woulda wa they catch caleb and cut eh hair – that alone piss me off

  7. Brian says:

    He was killed because of battymanism. If he wasn’t out there trying to hustle or meet another freak, he would not have met his destiny

  8. Gay in Belize says:

    In this 2014, homophobia is still strong in my Beautiful County. I am Gay and I have my partner. We live in peace with our community, we give respect and we get that back. I am sorry but I do not agree with Unibam. This unfortunate incident was just a robbery, like the many we have every single day in our community. Unibam looses credibility when taking this position. And Caleb or Unibam DOES NOT represent me or the rest of the Gay community. In Merida, I went to a Gay club where they had cross dressers, after the show, the cross dressers would socialize with the crowd but you knew that you were talking to men. I however do not agree with trying to fool a heterosexual man by dressing up like a woman, waiting until they are kinda high and the bar and making a move. That is deception…and at the end of the day…you reap what you sow. My condolences to the family, who at the end of the day suffer like the rest of us….and I choose to ignore all those previous homophobic remarks and pray…yes gay people also pray…pray that one day they mature into better persons…

  9. TheTruthShallSetYouFree says:

    I think Joseph very well deserve it. which man in his str8 mind would not do that after finding out that your partner is a male. HE VERY WELL DESERVED AND WORKED FOR IT!!!

  10. jay says:

    Buju, you and others who dance on the grave of this young man are vile creatures. Regardless of your position on the gay issue, human decency should prevail. Join the rest of the civilize world who recognize that homosexuality is not a choice. Gays are the least of Belize’s problems, in fact, the gays among you are probably more productive than the two legged animals running around killing and robbing with impunity. Not to mention your crooked politicians and cops……the list of social ills holding Belize back is long. By the way, I’m not gay…….not that there’s anything wrong with it.



  12. BMNJ says:

    Jay made some very good points.

  13. Buju says:

    @ Jay

    So if i am a str8 gentleman and i feel like having some fun and ask a young lady to dance and this young lady i am dancing with turns out to be a man – what should i do???

    Ask shim to meet me at club another nite for another date???

    I have some friends who keep saying leave them alone – they are not bother you

    So now what should i do – when he come to bother me???

    This is the most disgusting and humiliating thing a straight man coulg go thru…
    This f@git know well what he was doing and they shim only upstart too

    I had to slap wa few ah them they other day…

    We should make a NO TOLERANCE LAW FOR THIS @SS sniffers

  14. More beano for deano says:

    You got that str8 Buju.

    when a Belizean man runs across one of them, his testicles shrink and fall off. You said it your self, just thinking about them you are confused whether you would go on another date, obviously the thought of their scent is more powerful than a women’s.

    Just because Jesus hung out with prostitutes, does not mean he would put up with this. As true cristians, we must throw the first stone. Since the churches are against this too, and have shown no inclination to come out against queer bashing; God is on our side.

    So I propose a five step program to protect Belizean manhood:
    1) hate them (check)
    2) make them illegal (check)
    3) kill them (maybe almost there, more work to be done)

    now the new stuff:
    4) torture them with pit bulls, and the dogs kill them, like gladiator games we get to bring the family.
    5) cannibelize them, to restore one’s manhood, like recently in Syria and in Africa. Cook the liver, eat the leg raw, with some gibnut stew and rum.

    And when that does not work anymore because they are extinct, human sacrifice the weak to the gods so our testicles become monuments. children and old people first, then women that are ugly.

    Thirty years ago up to five years ago, I thought Belize could rise to be like Costa Rica or Panama; now it looks like it is going to be below Honduras. When the team of ‘Belizean men at Roaring Creek’ killed and butchered a mother to give her baby to a woman so she could pretend it was another man’s baby, it became clear this country has got some real perverted people amongst us, that look like us. And we are behaving more like them.

    When the tourist industry figures out what a sick rabid pack this country has become, expect that economy to implode. Foreign investments? only criminals and fools would be interested. It is estimated that 100k+ Belizeans live outside the country, and the rest are in the pressure cooker because they can’t get out.

    As for Joseph Sanchez, any fool walking around the city should know the odds of being killed, with a murder rate of 1 to 1000. Dress like a woman and disappoint a rape, pretty much seals the deal.

  15. Belizean says:

    @Jay says ” human decency “….when homosexuality is not even on the list of decency. It is actually the most indecent thing of all time!!!!!!! And what exactly do you mean with them being productive? Gays are the most useless and unproductive beings out there. The higher percentage of gays we have, the more our economy will suffer, there will be less births, less people on the work force…the whole thing just goes south from here. Gays are setting themself up in a trap! It is NOT normal, and it is a choice! I wish we had some of Russias laws in Belize!

  16. Louisville, Ky. says:

    Gay RIGHTS!!!
    The criminal that took the life of the homosexual also thought that he had a RIGHT first, to his belongings by robbing him and then more seriously a RIGHT to his life by killing him
    Homosexuality is morally wrong and so is murder. But when we get morality all twisted and disregarded and muddy our brains about rights and wrongs…..This is what we get!
    We have sown to the wind of this ‘alternative lifestyle’. Now, we are reaping a whirlwind of Sodomy, promiscuity and Murder.

    It’s an ill wind that blows no good!

  17. A mother says:

    I know people who are gay and my spirit takes them. I wouldn’t want my son to turn out to be one though. However, if that does happen, I have no choice but to still love him. These people have loved ones also so which of you think you’re God to take someone’s life?! I don’t agree with the guy deceiving anyone. He should have made his sexuality known. On the other hand some of you men are always on the prowl and end up picking up what you “weren’t looking” for. As for the people talking about “they should do whatever to Orosco”, you people sound so ignorant. Don’t you know you reap what you sow?! What those people do has absolutely nothing to do with you. Mind your own damn businesses and go to school or work and try to live a decent life. When judgement day, each will answer to their own sins. NONE OF U R GOD!

  18. xxx says:

    after reading this comments seems to me we have a population of retarded

  19. Belizean says:

    @ xxx But not all in the same aspects, ok?

  20. says:

    this is interesting story

  21. Dejure says:

    May Joseph rest in peace…. He who is without sin is the only one who should be able to cast the first stone!!!!!!!! Look at yourself before you place judgement on others !!!

    Gay Belizean Man (USA)

  22. NY says:

    As a straight male individual, I am very comfortable around the gay community, and this is because I am secured about my sexuality. I just can’t comprehend why so many people cannot see that these people were born this way….nobody in their right mind would choose a lifestyle where they would be frowned upon, vilified or even prosecuted by an IGNORANT GROUP OF PEOPLE. LOGIC would give credence and therefore dictate that the gay community was made this way and did not choose it. Furthermore their are so many people in this world who have been trying to suppress their sexuality because of the fact that they were born to ignorant parents who would disapprove of their innate nature, and therefore ending up committing suicide. SO many of my BZEANS BROTHERS AND PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE GLOBE have been brain washed by the churches to think of the gay community as being UNGODLY citizens of the world, WHEN IN FACT GOD HIMSELF MADE THEM THIS WAY. What they did to this young man was evil and wrong, and his killers should be brought to justice…. to prove it as a hate crime in my opinion should be easy because as the surveillance footage showed that he complied with all of the criminals demands and at the end they still killed him. WHEN THE AUTHORITES APPREHEND THESE CULPRITS, THEY SHOULD BE MADE TO SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IN JAIL……no getting off on some technicalities for these MENACE.

  23. Belizean says:

    @Dejure – So first of all you are admitting and acknowledging Homo’s to be sinful. Second of all you are promoting a sinful life, saying that it is ok to be sinful… Why promote this sin on top of all the others that we are dealing with? If we know that the sick and degrading lifestyle, evil to the ultimate extent will bring death, suicide if you will is what it is!!! Lust, murder, jealousy and millions more are sins that are rampant, why are we trying to add another one to this list and make it right? Explain that to me

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