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Dec 13, 2013

Another nationality scam uncovered as Salvadoran gets nationality in 1 day

Tonight, there is more evidence of corruption in the issuance of nationality certificates, this time directly implicating insiders in the Vital Statistics Unit, and likely the nationality section of the Immigration Department. Salvadoran national Rafael Vasquez Medina was detained by Police on December fifth because of a false document in his possession. That document was a Belizean nationality certificate which was issued to Medina on September nineteenth, 2013. Medina was in the process of using that certificate to take out a Social Security card when a discrepancy was observed and Police were called in. The subsequent investigation has revealed a well organized scam, where one nationality broker was able to facilitate a valid Belizean nationality certificate for a non-Belizean in one week, with the certificate processed in one day. Mike Rudon has been connecting the dots and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

This is a copy of a nationality certificate which was issued to Salvadoran national Rafael Vasquez Medina. It’s a valid document signed by Director of Immigration Maria Marin conferring what is called nationality by descent to Vasquez-Medina, since he has a Belizean mother – Roberta Medina. But Vasquez-Medina doesn’t have a Belizean mother. He and Roberta Medina, a resident of Guinea Grass, have never met.


Here’s what we’ve uncovered so far in a nutshell. Vasquez-Medina and his aunt work out of the Michael Finnegan Market. In September they were approached by an unidentified woman who offered to get nationality for Vasquez-Medina. He handed over five hundred dollars and his Salvadoran birth certificate to the woman, and one week after she delivered his nationality certificate. Like we said, it’s valid, except for Roberta Medina listed as the mother. According to sources, when Vasquez-Medina queried the name, he was told that it didn’t matter, he was now a Belizean.


The scheme is quite ingenious. The female nationality broker apparently used the name of Roberta Medina, a Belizean, and through connections managed to obtain a birth certificate for Medina from the Vital Statistics Department. She then managed to produce a false Salvadoran birth certificate for Vasquez-Medina which listed Belizean Roberta Medina as his mother. That’s when the nationality section enters the picture. Those documents were somehow delivered, processed and signed by Director Maria Marin, all in one day. And then they were delivered back to Rafael Vasquez-Medina.


Here’s how the scam was uncovered. Convinced that his nationality document was valid in all respects, Vasquez went to the SSB to get his Social Security Card. He had one already, issued to him on the strength of a work permit, but that one listed his Salvadoran mother. The clerk at the SSB immediately noticed the discrepancy in the mothers’ names – the first on his Social Security Card and the second on his brand new nationality certificate. And the gig was up.


Tonight there are more questions than answers. One of those questions is the identity of the broker, and another has to be how the nationality certificate was processed in one day, delivered and picked up without Vasquez-Medina ever showing his face. We’ll keep stirring the pot to see what comes to the surface. Mike Rudon for News Five.


Today the Police were unable or unwilling to provide any information in what we are told is an ongoing investigation. Minister Godwin Hulse would only say that they are investigating the matter, and Director of Immigration Maria Marin did not respond to any of our calls or texts today. Rafael Vasquez-Medina was charged for uttering on a false document and possessing a false document. He was offered and met bail of five thousand dollars and is to reappear in court on March third, 2014. The copy of the nationality certificate was provided to us by our friends at Krem News.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Another nationality scam uncovered as Salvadoran gets nationality in 1 day”

  1. Beano for Deano says:

    One day???

    could only mean Ali Baba or the his top right-hand thief put the grease on that one.

    Be Sociable, Share the loot Ali Baba!
    We want more Xmas cheer, a cut on the action for screwing foreigners.
    You get free rein to screw Belizeans.

  2. Trust UDP, then don't think says:

    “unidentified woman who offered to get nationality”

    What are the odds she is UDP, or married to someone that is UDP, or sister/cousin/momma to an elected UDP or working for Hulse and his ministry?

    He should have bought the complete Hezbollah package, better deal, now it’s going to cost him big time to buy his Belizean passport. Good news is that Eric is back and he does takeout delivery to prisons.

  3. Lol says:

    The broker must be found and sent to jail. Period

  4. Uncle Benji says:

    Let’s call in the pest control company. The Belizean government has a roach infestation. Finnegan, Castro, Lara, Barrow – leeches, roaches, fleas, scumbags, parasites.

    “CASTRORIZING” = Selling Belizean documents to illegals for a few dollars.

    “ALI BABA_RROW” = Thief.

    You have got to love us Belizeans. We enjoy misery, pain, poverty and blood sucking leeches. Jesus, the son of God, why do you punish Belizeans like this? What have we done to deserve such pain?

  5. Beano for Deano says:


    This could be very serious if it was not authorized by one of the 40 thieves!

    Poaching by low level GOB employees is a great insult to Ali Baba.
    It sends the wrong signal that Belizean citizenship can be gotten cheap.
    Even on volume sales ministers always got $2000-20000.
    Special cases such as Citizen Kim, much much more because it had to be hand delivered to a Taiwan prison and involved special processing fees for the extended negotiations.

    Soon only the lowest kinds of criminals will become Citizens. Every Belizean should be greatly insulted. $500!!!! disgusting, I want to vomit on that GOB employee.

  6. Beano for Deano says:

    If the shoe fits, steal it before a minister does.

    Ali BaBarrow !!!

    Thanks Uncle Benji, clever, now it is mine.

    Why do you think Jesus (or Allah) is behind this criminal screwing of the country?
    Seems like Ali is working his deal to plan.

    But all this publicity I am sure is unwelcome, causing Penner, Castro and Eric to go into hiding, on the down low to cool things off and Ali can put them back to the screwing.

  7. tito says:

    Got to say the SSD is doing a good job that’s what they should do to all that go and try to get a social security card.

  8. ceo says:

    Is there anyone in the GOB who is not corrupted? Is there any end to this mess? Does the PM care more about looking good and remaining in office than to stump out corruption as he promissed? Hulse was barking up a storm like a good watchdog would do until he was taken into the fold now he is just a little lapdog! This is a sad state of affairs!

  9. karla says:

    Excellent investigative reporting by Mike Rudon. Keep up the good work, my friend.

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