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Dec 5, 2013

Is Cordel Hyde back into the P.U.P. fold?

On Wednesday night, the People’s United Party held its constituency convention for the Fort George Division. Former Prime Minister and seven time winner in that area, Said Musa, was endorsed to contest general elections whenever they are called. Normally, News Five wouldn’t cover political conventions, especially an endorsement convention without any controversy or news value, but we were present at this one. That’s because aside from the usual crowd of supporters and political colleagues, there was an unexpected guest at the convention – a blast from the not so distant past, so to speak. Mike Rudon was there and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

The Fort George Constituency convention, held at the St. Mary’s Hall, had all the bells, whistles and yes, bugle calls any event in that area has become known for. The crowd was large and loud.


There was much political passion from various area representatives who spoke on matters blue and red. There was the endorsement of the new Fort George Executive Committee and the man who is no stranger to politics or to Fort George Said Musa. There was even the requisite raffle to provide some Christmas cheer.


And then there was the special guest, who was greeted like the proverbial prodigal son. Forget fatted calves…the crowd hauled out the filet mignon and champagne for Cordel Hyde, former Lake Independence Area Representative.


Hyde gave up his sure seat in Lake Independence in February 2012, just before elections. In March 2012, the PUP Executive announced that he had effectively resigned, stating that he could not hold any position in the party or run on the PUP ticket. But now, almost two years after, he’s back – or is he?


Francis Fonseca, PUP Leader

Francis Fonseca

“We’re very, very proud in the People’s United Party of Cordel Hyde, a champion for the people of Belize, a fighter for the people of Belize, a man who understands the suffering of so many, many Belizeans today. So we are grateful for his presence here tonight.”


Cordel Hyde

Cordel Hyde,  Special Guest

“The truth of the matter is I never really left the PUP. I was telling Parks that I got invited to this convention. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken at a convention but the nature of politics is such that once you’re invited to a convention to come and greet and to interact with the rank and file of the People’s United Party you’re duty bound to oblige. So that’s why I’m here tonight.”



“How far have the discussions gone with you coming back in Lake Independence?”


Cordel Hyde

“We’ve had some discussions, we’ve had some meetings. I’ve met with the Party Leader and a couple of the past leaders but we still have some more talking to do and some more work to do before we finalize everything.”



“Is it fair to say that there is a significant block in the party which opposes your return?”


Cordel Hyde

“I’m not sure…you’d have to ask them. I’m sure there’s some resistance. Whether it is significant…I’m not sure if you can call it that, but I’m sure there is some resistance.”


Whatever resistance there is wasn’t on display at the convention, where Hyde was treated like a long lost friend. But while time has passed and fences seemed to be, if not mended at least temporarily patched, Hyde is singing that same old roots song which didn’t earn him any executive hugs back in the day.


Cordel Hyde

“You see if you look at all that is happening in the country right now with all the scandals and how unpopular the government is right now…when you really think about it the party hasn’t really gained the traction that it’s supposed to gain when you consider all that’s happening. And there’s a reason for that. By and large the independent people, by and large the swing voters are not really convinced just yet that the party has returned to its social justice roots. You can’t just say it…you have to show them in a tangible way. For example I was saying to them tonight…you can’t have the unions go to Belmopan to demonstrate and you don’t go with them. If they are going to take two thousand people then you have to take two thousand people with them. You have to show them that you have their back. This was a party that was built on the backs of the unions. In the 1950s it was all about the unions, so in this day and age we have to make sure that we are on the side of the unions every single time.”


And since we’re on the subject of songs which didn’t become popular hits on the PUP’s music charts pre-2008, Hyde is still spouting those same oldcampaign financing lyrics.


Cordel Hyde

“At the end of the day people don’t just give you money because they love you, you know. They give money because they expect something in return. So if these guys donate a million dollars to you, don’t think that they just want back a million. They want twenty, thirty, forty, fifty million dollars. They own you and that is the problem. In this day and age we have to go back to the people, have the people fund their own party, have the people participate in the life of their party, so that after the elections you don’t have a case where the big man…listen, the big man only votes one time just like everybody else in politics – you, Jules, Mikey, Roland, me vote one time. The big man votes one time. But after the election they get treated like they vote three thousand times, more than Louise from up the street. That has to stop in politics. That has to stop because at the end of the day we have to be on the side of the people. Unless we’re on the side of the people we’re not going to go very far.”


While political opinions will vary, the attendance of Hyde at a convention for Said Musa may be viewed as one of those acts of attrition thrown about during talks of his coming back to the PUP. Hyde’s rebellion, which led to his effective resignation, was against an administration led by then Prime Minister Said Musa. Mike Rudon for News Five.


Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Is Cordel Hyde back into the P.U.P. fold?”

  1. Joe Blank says:

    Said Musa is the classic personality disorder individual. No guilt, no shame, the consumate whore. It is a thing with lawyers, unfortunately. In life as in politics, credibility is important. No, it’s paramount! Once again, he has shown us exactly why we despise him. Everything is negotiable for him. For us, it’s not. He believes that his substantial crooked money can get him anything. We are to blame for putting up with him. People like Said Musa need to be put out to pasture where he belongs. He is symbolic of everything that is wrong with the PUP. Frankly, all of them are a bunch of whores who operate with a sense of entitlement, the royal family syndrome. Shame on us for putting up with this whore. They constantly make fools of us and we let them do it. I long for the days when Mr. Price led the PUP. Maybe he was a lot of things but not crook!!

  2. Buju says:


    This doesn’t surprise me…

    While we wanted to think differently about this pretentious gentleman Cordell is no different from the rest of the gangsterous PUP

    All he has in his mind is to get back to the days where he and duck could hustle hustle hustle and play with all the young girls and shower them with money

  3. Belizean says:

    I can see Barrow’s arrogance and hate displayed all over your comment Joe Blank. Its your opinion because you have your ball headed moron as your PM and whatever he does you will still kiss his ass. I agree that you don sympathize with Hon Said Musa since your are one of Barrows puppets. with that said I must advise you to enjoy the last of the day your government is in power because trust me, your time is short. Have a nice day and I hope that you are getting enough money to live a decent life but it wouldnt surprise me if you are only getting $50.00 like majority of you a$$#^&*.

  4. Stuart says:

    Julius now will shut his mouth after he sees who’s the boss.

  5. Common Sense says:

    The future of Belize is looking very grim if we allow these relics of the past mould OUR future.

    Mein, I dislike negativity, but it is hard no to be.

  6. belizea says:

    Belizeans, play nice…no need for name calling. Yesterday, a powerful guy, Nelson Mandela, passed away and the world mourns. Let’s remember this giant of a man who brought about change by using peace and love to achieve his inordinate goals.

    In Belize, we need to practice peace, love and charity. Let’s follow the example of Mr. Mandela and don’t allow hatred to fester inside nor outside.

    At the end of the day, we are all Belizeans no matter what party we believe in. Long live my precious Belizeans.

  7. Natty Dread says:

    I think Mr. Musa needs to step down gracefully now and allow one of his sons to run in Fort George. The PUP needs to shed as much of the bad actors of the past. Mr. Musa regretfully is in that category in the eyes of many Belizeans. If not, people will see Red anytime Mr. Musa and other ghosts of the past flit across our television screens. They will die off eventually. But should we be forced to await this so that the PUP can rise to its rightful place as our government?

  8. TRUTH says:

    BELIZE AN, you are right.

  9. Joe Blank says:

    Well said Natty Dread. Anyone who thinks there is anything honourable about Said Musa is on crack. Francis and Julius only put up with him because he owns the party’s utensils. Musa = Barrow=Lawyer=Crook!

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