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Dec 3, 2013

Police confirms that they fired deadly shot on Travis Mckay

There is also a development in the case of another resident who was killed by the cops. Last Wednesday, a Ladyville resident was shot at about four o’clock in the afternoon. Police took twenty-four hours to confirm they had fired the deadly shot on Travis McKay. Police also claimed that McKay was shot following a burglary of a meat shop and that there was an exchange of fire. McKay’s family disputed those allegations because his brother came forward to say he witnessed his brother being held face down in the mud after he was shot. McKay’s mother has now received the results of the post mortem which indicate that McKay was shot in the back and she claims that is murder.


Stephanie Perez, Mother of Deceased

“They said he got shot on the left side, on the upper side and it exit through the right side and one of his veins or artery that leads to his heart burst and he had serious internal bleeding.”



“So you are saying that he was shot from behind?”


Stephanie Perez

Stephanie Perez

“Yes sir. One single gunshot in the back on the left hand side.”



“What does that say to how he was killed?”


Stephanie Perez

From the police, they murdered my son; they murdered him because it is in the back. I have the post mortem (results) right here.”



“With this new information that has come to you, what are you going to do now?”


Stephanie Perez

“Well I spoke to internal affairs and I am going to take it to court with my lawyer. Yes dehn chance him out of his life because it is back on. You know that probably he was running or his back was turned from them. And I am going to see about it.”



“Your son robbed this business place, this meat shop, just minutes before he was killed. Have you been able to gather anything with regards to that; whether that is so?”


Stephanie Perez

“Well not so far. They haven’t told me about that. They only told me that they find the gun, a mask, and money beside him when he was shot. They actually said, they find it where he died, beside him. l how could it be beside him when he was running for his life. If he had a gun, he probably fired back at the police, but I left it in the lord’s hands to deal with it.”


Perez says that she will not stop until she receives justice for her son. 

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5 Responses for “Police confirms that they fired deadly shot on Travis Mckay”

  1. NuffSaid says:

    @ Marie and Belizean Pride, You expressed gladness for ‘getting rid of this scum bag’ and thanked the police for it. For the record, I do not know this young man but to Belizean Pride, Marie and who ever else thinks the way you do, you are not exercising your reasoning abilities. The law is there for a reason and not to be taken to either side of the extremity. You immobilized not shoot to kill someone who is trying to run away from you. Majority of Belize’s Police officers lack ‘Professional’ training. I said Marjority as opposed to ALL. Look at the way many “so called” law enforcers handle people when they are simply conducting a search of their residence. Very rudely and inhumanely.

    Asiide from this, the lack of proper training sytems and education from the family structure straight into the educational institutions are almost non-existent. In essence, we continue to manufacture undeciplined and hopeless children and young people who have no sense of direction and then we punish them. Ooops! I mean we kill them.

    People don’t become criminals overnight. The way Belize is going, you better mind your own children dont become overcome with the lack of opportunities afforded to the ‘non-elites’ and/or ‘relatives’ of the non-elites so that they too begin exhibitiing maladjustive behavtior.

    If you could say this about one of our young people, then what the HECKS should you be saying about the DAMN Politicians who are stealing more than a few bucks! Would it be okay to chase them down and off them too?????? Not a suggestion as i am anti-crime but FOOD FOR THOUGHT to the thoughtless!

  2. Hurt says:

    They could chase down and shoot a theif DEAD! But they couldn’t solve my little brother’s murder in Ladyville in 2008. In fact they released all of the young boys who were witnesses and who helped beat him along with the one who put a bullet in his brain only a few hours after detention. Had my family back and forth at the LADYVILLE POLICE STATION and even chased US away after a while.

    All bad cops will pay. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but they will pay for abusing their power and for their negligence. If they are not at one extreem end, they are at the other. Damn shame on this nation called ‘Land of the Free!’ Belize is a joke. It’s my country so I could say so.

  3. ceo says:

    What was done was wrong and should never happen but the public is tired of the crime and don’t expect much sympathy.

  4. Belizean Pride says:

    thanks for your opinion but I feel that in a different way. Luckily I was home grown with discipline but talking facts many parents lack that and when time comes they can’t control their kids they send them lose on the streets to fend for themselves cause they can’t handle them no more. So that’s the reason 1 secondly the reason I say kill the scums is because our law system is worst than ever, files lost, lack of evidence and to put salt on the wound the criminal keeps harassing threatening to death the victim or victim’s family members. If you’d be one of them (victims) I feel you won’t think the way you write. I’m one of them and my family too. So I feel like that. not long ago my dad’s house was invaded twice by the scums, no one was ever charge due to the same reasons mentioned, on top was threatened to death by the family of the scum. Hope you understand what we feel, pray it doesn’t hit you at home to think like me.
    No hard feelings but FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOR YOU.

  5. Once Again says:

    If you do not want your children shot down like a dog then teach them not to live like dogs. Parents in Belize think whatever hurt their children inflict on other people is A OK as long as they benefit from their criminal lives. Belize will see more of these vigilante type killings because the justice system is a joke and everyone is going to start taking the law in it’s hands, maybe even some of the Police are frustrated with these criminals getting arrested and then their parents mortgage their house to get good lawyers to get them off to terrorize hard working people. I am not sorry one iota for these parents or families. When you have been the victim of these animals you tend to not have the ability to feel any sympathy for them or their family because when you were being victimized by their little animals they did not feel any sympathy for you. Good riddance to bad rubbish and that is honestly how I feel about these theiving animals. Who don’t like it OH WELL!!!

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