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Nov 27, 2013

Immigration Minster offers no information on investigation, but talks on new measures

Today Prime Minister Dean Barrow held a press conference to discuss what he termed a catastrophe visited by the incessant rains. We’ll have those comments later in our newscast, but first we touch on an issue which after weeks on boil, seems to have gone to a slow simmer. In recent weeks no official information has emerged on the immigration scandal, which broke in mid-September. There are allegedly multiple intensive investigations underway, but lips have been tightly sealed. Again we say allegedly, the Police, the Financial Intelligence Unit and the office of the Auditor-General are inside the Immigration Department investigating corruption. But with no information forthcoming, today News Five was forced to ask Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse for an update. He was happy to speak about new measures being put in place, but in the end there was no information about the investigations.


Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration

“It’s ongoing. Police are there as we said. The FIU are still there. The Auditor-General is now there. The Ministry itself has undertaken a very comprehensive and detailed restructuring program which we will take to Cabinet very shortly. There have been some very significant changes, as you know. There are three pieces of legislation that went before the House. The first reading took place, there was a committee meeting on Monday. Unfortunately nobody attended but that means I assume that everybody agrees with the amendments we are putting forward. They go back to the House for the second and third readings and then to the Senate. Hopefully those will happen before the end of the year and we will be able to implement the restructuring plan particularly embodied in those and by the end of the day or hopefully very early next year Immigration will be a department that will be running like a well-oiled machine. And all the actions we have to take that will be recommended by the Police or anybody will be taken to the respective bodies. Also we have just agreed to bring in an assistant C.E.O. in the Ministry. As you know we have the biggest Ministry – I think most people make fun of the fact that the name is very long, but it’s a lot of departments to run. We have an excellent C.E.O., but she does need some assistance and we are bringing in a very high-powered person with dedication to Immigration and Labour and I think I am at liberty to say that that will be Mr. Edmund Zuniga. And so that will give us an extra arm and an extra element of supervision over those two departments in addition to the rollout of the restructuring that we are proposing.”


Godwin Hulse

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Immigration Minster offers no information on investigation, but talks on new measures”

  1. beano for Belize says:

    the coverup is ongoing and comprehensive, ….

    as long as ch5 does not get get any more docs that are scheduled to be “corrected for archiving” or destroyed, never to be seen again.

    Clearly no crimes are being committed, when the PM commits a crime, or authorizes a crime, or gives the locker room cabinet room high five to keep on humping the passport machine, just do not get caught.

    And if you do get caught, Hulse will fix it, and Deano will certify that no crime was commited because it was offical government business.

    Hulse is not elected, he reports directly to Deano, elected by Deano, for Deano, through a Deano loyalty oath, sieg heil. Please make the stench go away, so Belizeans will be ok with a criminal government they so deserve and want.

  2. beano for Belize says:

    and after the foxes have eaten all the chickens; the foxes will make new and better chicken coops to keep out those UDP foxes in the future. Believe them, we are that stupid.

  3. Rod says:

    You are a traitor and a thief hulse you need to be locked up

  4. says:

    Do a proper job of covering up all the UDP Passport/immigration corruption Mr. Hulse, that is what you are being paid Hundred of Thousands of Dollars to do. But please put in place also proper security measures so that future CORRUPT politicians including… cannot commit the same mass CRIME!!!
    And good job in bringing in MR. Zuniga; he is a real man of INTEGRITY, I’m honored to have served with him while he was at Finance; I hope that pretty soon you will move Ms Candelera from that post give another month or two to cover up all her brother’s wrong doing and booth her out and let Mr. Zuniga take full control of immigration. I’m pleasantly surprised that you agree to let her stay at immigration after her brother was booted out and you well know why he was booted but you kept his sister as the head hench woman in the corrupt department. I understand that you too have to thread lightly as they can move you if you appear to be too strong armed in your decision. I need you to put in placed a system that requires anyone renewing a Belizean passport & naturalization papers to have all relevant documents on file and if such documents are not on file the papers are revoked and the person is charged (fined and confined) for uttering/using a false official document.

  5. Concern says:

    The foxes can hump the dogs, eat the chickens, take whatever they want, cause Ali Baba and the thieves can do no wrong. Openly we are the biggest disgrace in the world and that is OK with Ali Baba as long at he stays in power! Its now no longer a disgrace to be looked at as the biggest thieves in the world, as under Barrow anything goes. Its not a defamation of character to be classified as scoundrels, as our character was already deformed before we took over. We only good governance to get in.

  6. Karim says:

    If even the CEO can apply for visa on behalf of Chinese, then no matter what system you put in place people will still have open hustling. If we are to follow in the Biblical guidance that says we are our brothers keeper……..then we should not allow our “brothers” at the top top steal or rob…..especially from the public purse…….. we should fight for our country!!!

  7. Junito says:

    This Man should be so ashamed and should have resigned weeks ago. He no longer has any credibility. Now everytime people see him he look like a snake spitting out venom.

  8. sickntired says:

    Oh how the world turns. Now that the shoe is on the other foot we don’t hear all the self righteous hypocrites raging against corruption. And the funny part it that these same idiots were the same ones to rush and scandalise themselves when they thought it was only the Mennonite doing bad. Now when channel 5 show that all of them dirty they want to hush up now – what a joke.

  9. Eye in the Sky says:

    Not to worry. 99% of Belizean have long forgotten about the passport scandal. Xmas is coming and the Belizean people need to hustle to stock up on rum & beer.

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