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Nov 7, 2013

Michael Silva back after two years

Michael Silva

Two years ago Michael Silva left the country under a dark cloud. Then twenty-six years old, the young man was believed to have killed his nineteen year old girlfriend before drinking poison to take his own life. The tragedy occurred in a Kontiki Area home which Silva shared with Maritza Janet Santos. At the time there were more questions than answers because the couple was alone at the time, and Silva was too ill to provide information. He was first hospitalized at The Belize Healthcare Partners, and fighting for his life, Silva was allowed to leave the country to seek treatment in Guatemala…and that is where he has allegedly been all this time. Today Silva came back to Belize and immediately turned himself in at the San Ignacio Police Station. He was processed and then formally arraigned this morning. His attorney Dickie Bradley says that his client returned home the moment he was given the okay by his doctors. Bradley also says that while the murder was tragic, there is little evidence against Silva.


Dickie Bradley, Attorney for Michael Silva

Dickie Bradley

“Doctors were keeping both himself and his family informed of his progress of the fact that he was mentally strong enough to understand that the police are going to charge you, so that will require additional psychiatric treatment to ensure… When he goes home he won’t go to his family he will go straight into a dungeon. So they were keeping the family abreast and the family was keeping the police informed. When the family informed the police and the police said as soon as he gets into the country inform us so we can detain him. So I suspect that in fact the family notified the police and when he was brought in he was handed over to the police officers so he was charged today and taken into custody. Charged for murder a capital offense. The situation is that in fact young Michael Silva drank a very powerful poison and police rushed him to the hospital in Belize and of course they tried what they could do. They had advised that the stage of damage to his organs that in fact he should be taken abroad for treatment. With permission he was allowed to get medical treatment next door Guatemala and so the Belize police were kept abreast of where he was and police even asked the assistance of Interpol. He had to go two separate type of treatment; one to try and protect him from the damage caused to the internal organ by drinking poison and two of course the person who has reached that stage of trying to take his life. The doctors in Guatemala also advised that in fact he should undergo therapy. The fact that he drank poison is in no way indicating that he committed a crime and is also trying to kill himself. This is a situation where because it is going to come up for trial it is unfair for me to say too much but evidence against Mr. Silva is not strong evidence. There is no evidence that he killed anyone. That he killed that young lady.”


Silva was processed and charged for murder immediately because the Director of Public Prosecutions had already issued instructions to do so long before his return.

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13 Responses for “Michael Silva back after two years”

  1. FACTS says:

    Are you insane Bradley or do you need psychiatric treatment aswell!!!!! He is a murderer he poisened the young lady thats clear enough thats all the evidence needed!! Let him suffer in jail now for what he did! money cant get him outa dis one ya

  2. The Truth says:

    Good job Mike. Hiring Dickie as your attorney. There is no way you’re going to prison now. Hi 5 !!!

    As soon as that is done with, you might as well get another girl to live with you and then kill her too. Can’t go wrong with Dickie on your side. Low 5 !!!

  3. Evidence says:

    For god sake you don’t need any kind of evidence to say that psychopath/depraved silva killed that young lady. He knocked her head with a 2×4 piece of lumber breaking her skull and leaving her to died. For you info mr Bradley the piece of lumber was recovered at the crime scene. “LITTLE EVIDENCE” that’s what you think MR. BRADLEY we have enough evidence and we will do everything that is in our hand to lock mike silva in jail for long time. Money will not safe him this time.

  4. JUSTICE says:

    “BELIEVED” come on, he IS the killer… !!! why did he attempt to take his own life after he killed her then? if he would’t have killed her he wouldn’t have been afraid of what was coming after what happened. Maritza deserves JUSTICE.. its been two years now and NOW THE MURDERER WANTS TO GIVE THE CASE A COMPLETE TURN, I HOPE JUSTICE IS MADE THE WAY ITS SUPPOSE TO BE. RIP MARITZA SANTOS

  5. Mizz Barrow says:

    Mi lee bredda no like Dickie Bradley. Blood is thicker than water, so I am forced to take sides and dislike Dickie Bradley too.

    However, Dickie Bradley is the best. You hire Dickie and you walk free. Mike Silva, well done in hiring Dickie Bradley.

    Perhaps, mi lee bredda will have to hire Dickie too. You know it is just a matter of time before the visa hustling scandal gets worse, and then mi lee bredda will definitely need Dickie’s services.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why hate on Dickie?That’s his profession.So had Silva committed suicide would you all hate Mario Estrada for performing the postmortem on him .That shit is weak give me something better as to why some of you on this blog has a dislike for Dickie.

  7. Trust says:

    “Never Trust a Lawyer/Politician” …need I say more?????

  8. MACAL RIVERA says:



  9. observer says:

    U da murderer even if you come out free of this case. But on the day of judgement big day u guayin da hell. Sleep every night with that micheal silva. Di day of trial I just hope that you tell the court that you drink poison and she plan it that you both will kill yourselves. I hope so that is a good excuse. Do it just do it.

  10. Hatari says:

    Money talks and BS walks . . . and this rick kid will walk.

  11. sickntired says:

    Daffy duck jr need fi get lock up backa hattieville. Daffy duck sr need fi stay lock up inna fi he house and no show fi he ugly face inna public much less inna politics. Them good friend concas need fi stay incognito too cause we no want to see none deya trash bout di place.

  12. ratty says:

    Dickie Bradley has nothing to do with that, blame the system.

  13. snagglepuss says:

    That photo looks like Muhammed Atta.

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