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Oct 30, 2013

Tyrell Hyde says he will recover losses through court action against police department

On Tuesday, shocking surveillance footage of a police shakedown involving a university student surfaced in the media, following several attempts by the family of the young man to settle the matter quietly.  Well, this morning Tyrell Hyde returned to News Five to further vent his frustration with the lackadaisical manner in which the police department is reportedly handling the investigation.  Hyde says despite telling video evidence of the incident which occurred on September eighth, the Belize Police Department and the Ministry of National Security are dragging their feet. Thus far, the promises they’ve made to get to the bottom of the alleged extortion remain unfulfilled.  Hyde, who has hired the services of attorney Dickie Bradley, says he will recover his losses through court action against the department.


Tyrell Hyde, Robbery Victim

“They told me that they have identified the officers because the new vehicles have GPS and whatever so they know all who were working and who were there and they told me that they were going to do an ID parade; however, when I went to the office to do the ID parade, I came all the way from Belmopan just for that, and when I got there no such thing was done.  Basically, dehn just tell yo everything that you would want to hear that they’re working, you know, but nothing concrete or nothing, you know, significant is being done except just talk.”


Isani Cayetano

“What is your appeal now?  Have you, by any chance, considered legal options to either sue the department or try to recover your monies or what have you?”


Tyrell Hyde

Tyrell Hyde

“Yes sir, definitely.  I’ve been in communication with a lawyer and we definitely are going to do that now.”


Isani Cayetano

“With respect of presenting this matter before the Minister of National Security, I know you mentioned that whatever proof you have, the explanation of what transpired was brought to the attention of Minister Saldivar.  What was the response at that level?”


Tyrell Hyde

“Actually it was my mother who went to see Mr. Saldivar and Mr. Lovell, the CEO and, you know, what she came back and told me was that, you know, they viewed the video and obviously they know what took place but she told me that they said that they can account for what came out of the ATM but they cannot account for the money that came out of my car.  And so basically they told her that if we are going to compensate it’s just going to be for what they took from the ATM.  But not even that has been done.  Ever since then, you know, you try calling or whatever and it’s just the normal push around. I really was trying to, you know, settle this out of court and, you know, the officers, in my opinion, you know, went further and took me to an ATM which has cameras and, you know, they are caught red-handed and I brought this to them, I would have thought that it would be in their best interest, you know, to just get it over with but no.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Tyrell Hyde says he will recover losses through court action against police department”

  1. Love says:

    If I had called to say my neighbor has a stick of weed to sell, the would have had that guy in jail in a flash. The evidence show not only one, but two police officers stealing this young man’s money, and nothing, but to make it even worse, they said the police will not have to pay back the money stolen from his car. If this is not corruption, then none of us are safe anymore, from the very police who are suppose to protect us!

  2. Concern says:

    The other police officer stepped in to make sure they got the cash. It seems like a normal regular every day transaction. Police robbers are bold. Kidnapping, stealing and stepping in front of the camera to show that it wasn’t just one involve, is truly something to be scarred about.

  3. venus says:

    An indication of how low those who have sworn to protect and serve our people behave. This one was made public because of the bank camera. I am sure there are lots more that went unreported. We once complain about the Mexicans but we are now on par.

  4. Interested Belizean says:

    This kid is no victim. He has been in numerous reported vehicle thefts and burgularies and is still walking around the streets of Belize. Just search previous Belize news for “Tyrel Hyde”

  5. Belizean Pride says:

    interested Belizean

    regardless if hyde is a trouble maker it doesn’t give any rights for a police officer/officers to do that. what if it was you being the victim? what would you do. This shows that these police officers abuse the power they have instead of protect you from thieves they rob you like this. mein!!!

  6. El Toro says:

    The guy tasted a little of his own medicine. Breaking into peoples home invading their privacy and stealing their property thats what Tyrel does. There is no honor amongst thieves.

  7. history minded says:

    Pay back? CRAZY – They should be paid back, and put ida BACK! They don’t belong in the Police Department and shouldn’t really be left free because they will just seek vengence…

    Interested Belizean – that still doesn’t mean police should steal!!! It’s recorded!

  8. Concern Belizean says:

    There is no victim in this case. What the police did has no justifications but neither the guy who is a familiar face to the police and media. If he wants “justice” and mek the police pay for their crime he should also pay for the numerous crimes he has committed and is still walking the streets of Belize. Its scary on both ends. Its obvious that Tyrell committed a crime and was trying to pay off the police and the police was supper wrong for doing what they did. So i think the moral of that story is let pay up….

  9. Kaila Moralez says:

    El torro & interested Belizean you should attend my son’s court case that was publicised on the news, you would discover that beyond a reasonable doubt the court has found police forged finger print evidence to have my son convicted but the forgery was discovered and my son’s innocence was revealed.My son like Daniel has been thrown in the lion’s den but the lions will not eat him because God will not allow it. If my son apply for a police record right now, his record is CLEAN.No matter what negative publicity my son has gotten still he rise above and is a successful creator of The Tourist Belize game that is financially supported by major companys within Belize. As for all the concern comments we appreciate them. This is not about tainting anyones character, this is about fixing corruption especially in the police department of all places; because when police commit crimes it has a serious ripple negative effect in society socially. It is not nice for police to try enrich themselves by preying on civilians it is becoming to frequent an occurence for BELIZE POLICE to engage in criminal activity and that rising pattern has to stop. As for Concern Belizean comment suggesting my son committed a crime and was paying a bribe who the hell pay for anything with the person you are suppose to pay physically taking controll of your ATM card and pay themselves? I amputting it to you that if my son was paying a bribe and it was a mutual agreement he and the police officers had, then the video evidence would show my son withdrawing his own money NOTICE it is the police withdrawing the money. How much people pay anybody and have the person they intend to pay withdraw their monies themself? Out of four police all inclusive of a Corpral assuming all have a brain of their own you want to convince me my son can bribe them all? No, man when the video evidence show the Greedy police come in to the ATM area to check not on my son but on the money he wants to get his hands on. Yes it is easy to manufacture a story about my son but we will see how well that stupid aliby stands up in COURT. I can believe bribing one operson but four persons, and police officers including corporal, hell no, no way a 20 year old can bribe all four officers but all four can be a gang of thiefing police. If that is their aliby when w e finish with them these officers will pist their pants when we squeeze the truth out of them. See thèy are already running how will they stand up in Court?

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