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Oct 29, 2013

6 immigration clerks transferred from Immigration Department

There are new developments in the immigration department corruption scandal tonight. First, News Five has been able to confirm that at least six public officers from that department have been summarily transferred, effective immediately. That’s just what we know for sure, but inside information to us suggests that there is a sweep underway which will affect at least fifty percent of personnel over the next few weeks. The news of the six transfers today came as a complete surprise to the Public Service Union which represents those workers. Union officer Ray Davis headed over to verify the news, only to find that the officers had already gone to their new assignments in the public service. Davis told News Five today that the only conclusion he can reach is that the transfers are as a result of the immigration scandal.


Ray Davis, Liaison Officer, P.S.U.

Ray Davis

“If you have a problem with a department of the magnitude that the Immigration Department has you would want to start to do things that would mitigate the situation there. So I would definitely say that that would be a part of whatever menu of solutions that you have in mind. We at the union would be concerned that everything is done in accordance with the regulations, though, because there are regulations that govern how persons are transferred.  I heard the rumors or the talk just like everybody else. We haven’t received anything here at the union headquarters with regard to who or if anyone has been transferred, but we understood this was so. In truth and in fact I went to the Immigration Department this morning to get a feel of what was happening and indeed I found out that some officers have already been transferred. From the information I have had so far the persons affected are second class clerks, first class clerks and a data entry operator. So it seems to me that the support staff at the department have been the ones affected so far with transfers.”


Davis is not the only one who has noticed the fact that so far only clerical staff has been transferred in the latest sweep. One Immigration staffer who asked to remain anonymous told News Five this afternoon that there is mounting discontent in the department. She claims that the source of the discontent is that while junior members of staff are being targeted, the big fish seem to be escaping all scrutiny. So far, as we can ascertain the criminal investigation into the recent blatant and bold passport, nationality and visa scandals has been looking at files and officers, but not the minister who actually recommended the passports and signed the nationality certificates. In the meantime, the nationality section remains closed, but no one has been touched in that unit.   

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “6 immigration clerks transferred from Immigration Department”

  1. history minded says:

    How can people be transferred? Then where does the investigation go?

    Isn’t this reason for mobilizations by CSO’s, NGO’s and Church groups?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Definetly as the Anonymous Immigration Officer points out the large fish is getting out of the scrutiny. If you are taking measures that are sweeping the department it should be top to bottom. Do you mean to say without the senior officer approval clerks are at fault……………..It is a shamble. May be with times gone past is forgotten…In the Sri Lanka Visa Scandal back in 2010…..Who signed there approvals…………….Answer: The acting Director. It is just nothing but a shame. The socil partners and media need to rise to the occasion.

  3. Rod says:

    What a corrupt. Pm and gov. We have now he judas barrow is blaming the little fish and leaving the real corrupt ministers in place in other words belizeans judas barrow is telling us he doesn’t care what we think he is going to do whatever he wants to do the big thief. Belizeans we need to march march lets perform our duties and arrest the pm and all ministers and police involved and lock them all up .

  4. Truth says:

    Even if the clerks being transferred are guilty, transferring the problem elsewhere will not solve or fix anything. Even worse, if the only followed orders and the main person with the messed up mind is still there.

    start from the top and remove pests from site. Then that is doing something.

    Shame shame and more shame!

  5. Buju says:

    Ady Pacheco is at the heart of the problem but it seems like Godwin Hulse is willing to bend over backwards to protect her!

    I wonder why?????

  6. Carlton Valentine says:

    Corruption exists throughtout Belize and unless a strong stance againt it is taken it will continue. Corruption is engraved into the Belizean society and must be erradicated.

  7. BMNJ says:

    It’s like the narcotic trades in Belize. Only the small fishes will get caught and persecuted, while the big fishes will never get touched. The only way to go is when the USA gets involved.

  8. Mister XX says:

    if the penalty to conduct illegal practices is to be transferred, God Save Belize.
    In any other civilized country this ppl will go to jail ( probably even in some uncivilized one)

  9. Spl says:

    This is redicoulus

  10. Love says:

    Transferring the small fishes when the LARGE fishes are reaping the benefit and living large, no d jell! Just check Ruthie house in the new capital to see what she reaped as immigration director, even though her husband don’t work. The place deck out with good parking like another immigration office. Nearly all the ministers are raking the country dry, while the poor suffer, and all said they only sign one recommendation. The price tag for these few signatures must have been mighty huge, but we know da no just one or a few!

  11. overdue says:

    I spent years in Belize trying to get my nationality after marrying my Belizian wife. Spent my savings the whole time on a tourist visa not being able to work to help out my Belizian family. I was told to check back in a month more times than I can remember. I asked how am I going to support my family while on a tourist visa that doesn’t allow me to work in Belize. I was told don’t know or how long it could take so I had to give up and move back to the states. Me and my wife are happy in the States but miss Belize.
    I saw many people seem to get fast tracked through while I kept returning week after week being told to do this and that which I did. Medical checks, police background checks Belizian civics test which was expected and went rather fast I also got reference letters from Belizians and Belizian Business owners I knew. Everything done and passed without a problem. Finally told that I did everything I could and now I just have to wait for the right person or minister to process my papers. Never happened.
    I checked again on my last visit was told they didn’t have a document which I already had given so I gave them it again. Still no response, I was told keep checking back again. I suspect on my next visit I will check in again and be told that all my paperwork is out of date and I have to start over again.
    Seems to be the same old story when dealing with the Belize government. The lands department was the other not so fun government agency we dealt with. I guess it really is who you know or what hand you grease to get anything done in Belize. Sad but true
    – Still love Belize and hope for nothing but the best for all my friends and family in Belize

  12. rudy says:

    well the big fish does the crime but the small fries get punish…Welcome To Belize …af@@king mazing…

  13. pinky says:


  14. pinky says:


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