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Oct 25, 2013

Mark King says he doesn’t know what the hullabaloo is about

Mark King

A group of U.D.P. supporters turned up to welcome PM Barrow home. They weren’t allowed past the barrier into the main airport area, but Minister of State Mark King was. He’s had his own problems with Barrow, and in fact was suspended for three months earlier this year. It’s no secret that King is not one of the PM’s red-eyed boys, so to speak. But that wasn’t stopping King from currying favor today. He told the media that he was at the airport to welcome PM Barrow home after his trip. When asked if that was something he did often, King says he just felt like doing it today. There were no warm hugs shared between King and the PM this afternoon, though, because King was waiting near the media when the PM cut and run. With Barrow nowhere in sight, we had to interview somebody, so King was it. He says he doesn’t know what the hullabaloo is about.


Mark King, Minister of State

“The P.U.P. Prime Minister and present leader have a lot of [bleep] to tell people the truth about what is happening within his government and in his cabinet. And at the end of the day, I believe that our government dah di most transparent. And the prime minister has said to you all as the media, P.U.P. neva tell unu nothing about this whole thing. Dah we come out and tell unu about it. And if we have to go back to reelection, the prime minister has said so be it. So I noh know weh all the hullabaloo is all about. At the end of the day, the media has all questions to ask; the prime minister has answered all. If there are more to come, ih wah answer all. And if there is an election to come so be it.”



“What do you think about the new allegations against Minister Castro?”


Mark King

“Again we don’t hang our people to dry. If the allegations are true, they are true and so be it; dehn wah have to battle that out ina court. If the allegations are not true; then so be it. The lady wah face court action along with P.U.P., Channel Five weh have Ashcroft ina dehn pocket. That dah all weh unu need to know. I don’t think it should be concern in terms of Mister Penner or any minister doesn’t facilitate visas as far as I know it. In terms of he had given recommendations and signatures in terms of recommendation letter, anybody can recommend. A teacher can recommend, a justice of the peace can recommend and a minister can recommend. However that has to go through the process by the immigration department. This is unlike the Penner case whereby Penner had signed on those. The minister has clearly said he give wah couple recommendations. I noh know if it will come to light that one, he collected any money from those because no proof is there. And two, that the later is even real and legit and is not a P.U.P. person set there to cause mischief.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “Mark King says he doesn’t know what the hullabaloo is about”

  1. UDP operates GOB as a stench says:

    >>>” I believe that our government dah di most transparent.”

    which are you, UDP minister of state? criminal, liar, fool or all the above?

    BELIZE is not part of the UN treaty for government transparency.
    it fought to keep Transparency International out Belize.

    dude, you are full of $-!T.

    King, what scandals do you have in your portfolio?
    they would not let you sell visas?
    you must be small UDP player, no wonder Emperor Barrow has little time for you.
    Eric The Change has more weight, at least he is out of the country working for crimbinet.

    learn some booty calls, hit on Embassy women, up your game.
    call Castro, he has it down, he will teach you.

  2. Rod says:

    Wow the thieves surely stick together but unu wa fall all a unu thieving udp will crumble so let it be said so let it be writte.n. At the end of the day this gov will go down in history as the most corrupt pm and the history of this great nation again I say this pm is Robin Hood in reverse stealing from the poor to feed the rich.

  3. sickntired says:

    Mike you mek a laugh so much. Mark king da such a dumbo but like mike say dem had to interview somebody. If they call election tomorrow mark king will lose. Dis man da wah idiot and now the pm story bout dodge di media further associated with simpleton mark king ha ha. Dis da what di pm get fi surround himself with idiots.

  4. Love says:

    Markito said….“The P.U.P. Prime Minister and present leader have a lot of [bleep] to tell people the truth about what is happening within his government and in his cabinet.

    The man is confusing us, cause the PUP is not the government at this time. The media and the people want to know what is happening now, and present leader of the pup cannot tell what is happening within his government and in his cabinet., because he is not the leader of this government, and neither is it his cabinet. The P.U.P. neva tell unu nothing about this whole thing, because the ball is not in their court. It has been the UDP turn from 2007, and this corruption is UNDER YOUR WATCH.

    That dah all weh unu need to know. Wow… the man done close the lid, WE THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM TO OFFICE ON THE GROUNDS OF transparency, should NOT CHECK THEIR REPORT CARD. It’s none of our business, to know how rampant the corruption is. We should keep out of it, close our eyes, and ears, and PRETEND EVERYTHING IS NORMAL. Wake up BELIZE!!!

  5. Guerra says:

    “In terms of he had given recommendation and signatures, anybody can recommend; a teacher, a Justice of the Peace and a Minister could recommend.

    Markito, a teacher, nor a Justice of the peace cannot ask a secretary to type a letter for a messenger or driver to take some passport for VISA to the immigration Department, because months and years later, those visa would still not have been given. It is that simple! Money in the right hand turn the wheels of corruption.

  6. Concern says:

    Hon. Kastron was demoted because of land scam.
    He was accused of sexual advance on a female in Taiwan.
    His name surfaced earlier with other young ladies.
    He was the only one who could take a diplomatic pouch to Taiwan.
    He said he didn’t know anything about visa scandal.
    He later admitted to recommending a few.
    He is now being accused of recommending many visa for Chinese people he never knew.
    He also said he did nothing wrong in Taiwan.

    Query… Could it be, that Kastron was the one who delivered the passport of Wonhung Kim to him in the prison, because no one is allowed to visit such a criminal unless they have diplomatic status?
    Query…Secondly, can the police in Taiwan be called to send a clipping of the video showing who from Belize visited Wonhung Kim on the tenth of September.? We know they would have that.

    To produce immigration documents, medical report. police report, and passport requested for on 3rd September 2003, and have it completed by 9th September 2003, plus have it delivered, thousands of miles all the way to a PRISON in Taiwan the next day, is a feat only MONEY COULD ACCOMPLISH. We felt Erikito might have tricked Kastron into taking a diplomatic pouch without he knowing what was in it. The question now should be; Does anyone believe Hon. Kastron is innocent, except real die hard UDP supporters, or that he know nothing about visa quota racket, even though the PM mentioned it lots of times in CABINET? Which is more important to us as a people, our love of party or our love for our COUNTRY?

  7. Al Rich says:

    Wow, are you kidding me, Mr King does not see anything wrong with what is going on. Does he understand how critical this selling of nationality is? This kind of action exposes the entire world to terrorism. Foreigners coming into the country making money on the backs of the people born and raised in the country, keeping them enslaved for a few dollars.

    Mr King is typical of what is available in the country running for office, until there are some foreign educated Belizeans stepping up to run the country we will be in trouble for a long time.

  8. Joe Blank says:

    It is no accident that King Dean deployed the most thuggish of all UDP Ministers. Channel 5, don’t let them intimidate you. As for Musa et al. judgement has already been past on them. Wake up you delusional fool. U are the ones in the hot seat. Your shameless thieving is on display. PUP is not in power. By the way, take an English Class. Like that, you won’t appear to be the illiterate that you are!

    We are not impressed that you were in the military. You could be DEA, CIA, or Mossad. We ARE NOT AFRAID OF YOU!

  9. johnjohn says:

    Mark needs to sit down n quit the brown nosing………Dean doesn’t like u

  10. Concern says:

    Junior King;
    At the end of the day, I believe that our government dah di most transparent.

    Junior King, we know you are not retarded, and we know that you can count. Senior King said Penna did one wrong, (only one) with regard to Wonhong Kim, and he kicked him out of cabinet, but they did further investigation and found other MORE serious issues, so Senior King decided to kick him out of the party completely, never ever to ever be able to ever return again! : )

    We still don’t know what was found after two weeks, SO… THIS GIVES TRANSPARENCY & accountability a new meaning.

    If the government is so transparent, like you say, WHY has senior king NOT ALLOWED OPEN INVESTIGATION LIKE Musa did when he had Godwin conduct the investigation at SSB? That is REAL TRANSPARENCY, not this fake shit we SEE COMING FROM YOU GUYS.

    Senior king said the police is investigating!
    Hulsy said the police is investigating!
    CEO Saldiva said the police is investigating! So where is the report for the people to see?

    We the people know there are many cases that need to be investigated including the VISA scandal, but even Wish Willey is afraid to do anything…BECAUSE THE TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT that is not sooooo transparent, has not given the GO AHEAD, and if he does, Senior King might just wild him out of a JOB!

    At this point evidence can be shredded and tampered with before INVESTIGATION can take place. At least even if it is not so, THAT IS HOW WE THE PEOPLE FEEL, and nothing can change that. Wish Willey cleared his name by saying, “Penna is not being investigated.”

    True transparency, would have meant POLICE WOULD HAVE BEEN CALLED IN FROM DAY ONE!

  11. Belizean says:

    Arrogance display at its highest level, Its unbelievable how this bunch of corrupts keep doing what they do best ( thief) and still have the nerve to point fingers at the past administration. That will be their song for life, move on unuh bastards! the past is the past and you cant keep repeating things because it was also done in the past and expect nothing to happen to you… We are tired of all of you , this government haffu go ASAP!!!!!

  12. john wayne says:

    after all unu PUP done talk to each other here.,Penner Castro and mark king da still minister,
    and UDP da still government… so full unu plate with negative vibes because unu no mek sense lol
    bye haters…long live d udp

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