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Oct 24, 2013

A sergeant in the police department is the run man in visa scandal

Edmund Castro

Our source got hold of that passport and it shows that the visa hustle is still going on….at least as recently as August 2013. Tonight, we have part two of our continuing coverage of the breaking scandal. We start with the Chinese connection – that is, the man who delivered the application forms, Chinese passports and money to our confidential informant. That money would allegedly be paid to Minister Castro to start off the process. The man who delivered the application forms has been identified as a sergeant in the Belize Police Department. This is the man who, at the end of the process, would collect back the passports with visas attached and pay our informant. He got in touch with our informant because he knew that she had assisted residents who needed help with processing citizenship.


Voice of: Visa Facilitator

“This contact that came in contact with me, he only heard me talking about helping people get their nationality like I said…deserving people who were here working hard for a long time, and he cut off his first people like Minister Penner…you understand, because when he got in touch with me after he heard me talking about helping people and he asked about this visa thing, definitely he knows that I would be able to deal with immigration because of my PR, you understand…because I wasn’t doing anything illegal…that I know for a fact. Because the requirements were there – the people that I helped had to wait…they didn’t get their nationality papers in one day – they waited out a process…sometimes even nine months to a year, you understand. But this visa stuff…two, three days the most.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “A sergeant in the police department is the run man in visa scandal”

  1. UDP buys all Beano in Belize, shelves empty says:

    I see, that is why Castro only got $2k. He was the slow boat. nine months. I guess all those booty calls took him out the main race.

    Penner and Contrerass are the swift boats.

    How about Barrow? airplane? rocket ship? teleportation?
    No, he is the judge, setting the rules for crim-binet to follow.

    Will Barrow soon personally be in court?
    As a lawyer he has done this many times.
    But this time it will be his first as a criminal defendant.

    Go Deano, Go!!!
    Your oratory will be superb, a real Gothic collection of word smithing.
    A convolution of verbage the judges will not understand, but in awe of.

  2. Ministers form Criminal Politician Union, UDP member sign up in mass says:

    >>sergeant in the police department is the run man in visa scandal

    definitely a good reason the police commissioner should be handling this investigation.
    Many of his key witnesses to nail these parasite politicians work for him. Being on payroll he may actually be able to find them.

    So, the police commissioner will get to the bottom of it, fix it, and send it all in the secret report to Barrow.

    Good that Belize is not part of the UN treaty on corruption.
    I just don’t think Belizeans can handle all these national secrets being revealed.
    160 countries signed, but Belize is too weak and the criminals are too strong.

    These news reports must stop.
    Barrow tried to shut down ch5 in the past, maybe he thinks he can do it now.

    Blood in the water Deano, ain’t enuf Beano to get you out of this cesspool of stench, allong with your rotting government ministers, your hand picked team who have your back. Soon rats will be cutting deals to get off your sinking ship.

    When is Ch5 going to give us some of the Contrerass and Heredia stories?
    They should be juicy, with interesting international criminals that connect back to the passport and visa scandal.

    Mello loves you Deano, along with the unnamed minister who got him his legal documents.
    Let’s see who would that have been?
    Going to bat for him against the courts was a show of commitment. Got to wonder how much that cost Mello.

    Mello, you know when this comes crashing down, the next government will be sending you back to the country you came from, because of your murder indictments. You might need to get your quick exit plan ready: air, sea, or roads; what will it be? Belizeans have been putting up with criminal behavior, but I think they are really tired of foreign criminals like you and Kim Wang Doodle.

  3. Rod says:

    Lock them all up all I mean lock them all up we the citizens need to perform a citizens arrest and lock them all up since even the police involved.

  4. Hatari says:

    And we the people just stand by and let these criminal blood suckers drain us dry! Yet we will put some 20 year old mother of 2, although illegal, in jail! What thu f$%#@ is wrong with this picture? It is time to stand up and take action! Belize is becoming an international joke!

  5. Belizean says:

    Its unfortunate but Belize has already become an international joke especially when foolish Barrow gan embarrass us as shown in the video from TMZ… I wonder what people were thinking when they put this people in government, I mean, Castro? who ever even had the thought that this guy is capable of representing our country abroad? geeze people even a bind can see the type of person he is.

  6. listening silently says:

    Belize is already an international joke. Everywhere you go now and say you are from Belize they promplty say, “Oh boy Belizeans are all theives, don’t trust them” that is the name we have now and it is a shame. I used to be proud to say I was from Belize now I hide it because I am so ashamed of my country and it’s people.

  7. chiefner says:

    i hope that barrow suspends another minister…….in that case he wouldn;t have ministers they are all a bunch of crooks,,look at minister marin with all the babies that died….we need to vote them out

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