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Oct 23, 2013

Insider speaks of the thousands of dollars paid, the process and how it all started

The individual claims that over two hundred visas were ‘assisted’ by Minister Edmund Castro for two thousand dollars each. If you do the math, that’s four hundred thousand dollars to Castro, in a scheme which lasted six months, from October 2012 to March 2013, but may involve a much longer period with other facilitators. According to our source, visas were facilitated on a weekly basis for Chinese nationals.


Voice of: Visa Facilitator

“The process would only take two days. If I go to see Minister Castro today, he would have his secretary prepare that letter. She would deliver it to him in front of me. He would then sign on it and take the application form and other paperwork that I take to him and put them in an envelope and deliver it to his secretary who then sends the driver or the messenger to the Immigration office with these applications. That is like maybe today. Tomorrow I would get a call from his secretary saying that the application forms have been approved so I can go into Immigration. I already had the passports so I knew exactly the persons’ name that I was going to pick up the little piece of paper that they give you with the immigration stamp on it. And then they would tell me this is the paper, go to the window and pay. But at that time I wouldn’t have the government money so I would have to come outside, call my contact who gave me the money to pay Minister Castro. And he would then come and bring the cost for the government – like if its six passports I have had approved, the applications, he would bring that twelve thousand dollars that I would pay to the cashier to the government. Then I would get the receipt and leave the passports. Then they would tell me to come back in half an hour or an hour, because the visa would already have been implanted in the passports.”



“Could you give me an idea of how many of these things you have done – you said you did it on a weekly basis?”


Voice of: Visa Facilitator

“I did probably about two hundred, about two hundred.”



“Primarily for who…Chinese, Indian?”


Voice of: Visa Facilitator

“Only Chinese.”


The passports, complete with brand new visas, would be handed over to the contact at the end of the process to be delivered to the Chinese nationals. Those nationals, for the most part, would then enter Belize and immediately head north for the border, destination U.S.A. Be sure to tune in Thursday for much more on the visa hustle, which places Castro right in the middle. We’ll show you the evidence in Chinese passports which proves that the hustling continues to this day, and tell you why our source finally decided to come forward. We tried to reach Minister Castro today, but were unsuccessful in our attempts. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Insider speaks of the thousands of dollars paid, the process and how it all started”

  1. For God sake stop the Beano, Deano says:

    each oountry has a seperate corruption officer.

    should have asked her if she was Taiwan or ROC.

  2. Rod says:

    Lock them all up including the pm and his merry band of thieves stealing from the poor to feed the rich I hope all a unu udp lovers are happy now you have been defending thieves and traitors and to me their is nothing worse than traitors we the people need to rise up and lock up this whole gov for subversion corruption guan judas guan.

  3. Guerra says:

    These Ministers are the biggest honorable gang of thieves in Belize, for they are no different than the population currently in the Hattieville prison. They all need to be hauled in, locked up and throw away the keys. I am sure the boys in the pen would love fresh honorable meat! : ) Not that we can anymore class them as Honorable men.

  4. Belizean says:

    YES!!!! ROD, we are happy and still love the UDP, Cuz there is NOT ONE SINGLE PUP ADMIN. that has ever uncovered corruption. We should all be thankful that these things are coming to light. PUP still has the darkest clouds hanging over them, as opposed the dark clouds being cleared away now!! Look ya man, this corruption terrible, but i de geh clean up! One by one.

  5. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    Its not only Edmund Castro, John Saldivar as well. He is involved in this scam big time. They need to interview John Saldivar secretary and ask her how many letters of recommendation she prepared. Because i know for a fact that its not only 200 its more than that. I know nothing will come out of all this. Ask Contreras he also has a quota as well.

  6. Buju says:

    If this wonderful, honest, caring, patriotic person has a change of heart and wants to do good and repent her sins well i will give her a suggestion:

    Go str8 to the Police Station and give herself in and confess to her dealing in this crime and then she will be credible enough to accuse someone else.

    I can never trust someone to come and tell the truth about something if he/ she is hiding their identity. The only reason why someone would hide their identity would be if they are telling a lie or left of a major part of the story or has something to hide him/herself!

    This person is as credible as Said Musa and Yolanda Schrakron

  7. Joann says:

    PUP paid her off. Is she mad? She clearly committed an illegal act and yet she has the face abroad to get on the media and make allegations. She definitely knock she head. Lock her up!!!

    Now don’t get me wrong. Ministers / Area reps from all political parties engage in corruption, some more than others….where is the proof? I want to see the proof….

  8. TNO says:


  9. TNO says:


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