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Oct 16, 2013

Should Elvin Penner face criminal charges even if he resigns as area rep?

Tonight’s question is: Even if Elvin Penner resigns as Area Representative should be still face criminal charges? Yes or No. Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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14 Responses for “Should Elvin Penner face criminal charges even if he resigns as area rep?”

  1. Guerra says:

    Whether Penner resign, or stay on, it make no difference. The man signed many documents for people who by law he should have known before he signed, but didn’t. They should have been living in Belize for at least 5 years, but never set foot here. Unless there is a law for the regular JP, and a different law for Ministers, which we don’t know about, then Penner do not need to be charged. However if everyone is equal under law…the man need to be investigated fully and if found guilty, treated like everyone else.

  2. BelizeaninAsia says:

    He committed a criminal act right? Then of course he should face criminal charges.

  3. Rjay says:

    If the UDP government is truly sincere about “not knowing” elvin penner’s misdeeds and totally condemns such actions then they should hold him responsible to full extent including any possible criminal liabilities, which in my mind and the public’s there IS no doubt there is some, However if they fail to do so it just indicates that it is just a political maneuvering or a show for the public on behalf of the government in an attempt to “wash their hands” off this mess and dont lose public confidence entirely, and who knows probably penner may get some form of compensation from the government after the show is over and his seat is occupied by another Area Rep. so he stays silent about any dirty deeds there may or may not be within government. The only way Government can show its sincerity is to COMMIT PENNER TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW!!!

  4. beano for crimimals says:

    to the more relevant question:

    When being in Belize, committing a crime is matter of normal. Criminal politicians do not go to jail!

  5. Iselly guttierez says:

    Yes he should. What a shame of him.
    He should be giving the good examples.
    if he dont face criminal charges that means that the P.M agrees with his acts.
    I think that every one should face the consequences required if a person don’t that encouraging him/her to wrong doings and that is why Our country is unsuccessful all times.
    So please act the way it should by taking matters the way it should be

  6. cayorez says:

    The Law should apply equally across the board. CHARGE HIM CRIMINALLY!

  7. Al Rich says:

    Could it be that the PM is gone to the US to seek counsel with others, maybe he does not trust the internet, or the phone lines, so he goes for face to face consultation on what is the best move to make. It seems like every time there is a scandal in Belize the PM leaves the country either to take his wife for treatment or to go do something else. Then he comes back and nothing is done and the mess is washed away.

    Follow the behavior and you will see how the man handle governmental issues when the flames gets turned up. He goes off on the airplane and comes back and does nothing, he moves on like the issue did not even exist. Please unless the people keep this on the front burner the flames will go out unresolved, Penner will continue in his place and Hulse will continue to turn a blind eye and the sale of the country will continue to the highest bidders.

  8. Al Rich says:

    Yes, he should face charges, how can a government representative sell such sacred papers. He committed an act of treason,

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    He should be whipped then locked up.Politicians in Belize seems to be governed by a different constitution than the locals.

  10. Love says:

    Hulse did not investigate Penner before the bubble burst even though he knew a long time ago how aggressive this man was about shuffling files around. The king did not investigate the alleged band of scoundrels when he smelt the stench of corruption, like parents to little kids he just said “Stop it”!

    The question being asked by people is whether the hierarchy was afraid to investigate because the canary will sing & harm all the rest of sly foxes and the dolly glass house will break wide open and fall.

    Director and C.E.O totally scared shitless!

    Mose called the police and they were so scared they didn’t even want to answer the phone.

    Commissioner went to live in a bubble where he couldn’t smell, hear or see no evil. He is also scared & ran away every time he saw a person with a camera!

    Joey and Fonto said his gang have never ever been accused of corruption until now. With the approx. 65 gran a year legally obtained, the public is querying whether Johnnie Sal phone cards, Montes farm man, Botas yellow houses, Penner passport and Rosewood etal got so rich legally? (Should we just run a check on the etal group). We know how the King and the royal family rake in their millions legally so now we have to ask the people this question. the King says all is well in the kingdom and they are doing a splended job and want the people to keep this band in Office. At the same time he said If you hang out with Ali Baba, you can be classified as one of the forty thieves. Well, will you wipe the entire house clean by removing Ali Baba and his entire band or do they deserve to continue the hustle?

  11. beano barrow says:

    Honorable Penner only did what he was told to do.
    Why are people picking on him?
    Belize, an alleged democratic country in a constitutional crisis: criminals own the government.

  12. Belizean Pride says:

    my answer “definitely”

  13. Jri says:

    It does not matter if he resigns or not, the only things that matters is to make sure that he is charged and does hard-time in prison.

  14. Nekko92 says:

    Hi Everyone:

    I am a proud UDP. However, I’m not cynical though.

    And Yes! I believe he should face “Criminal Charges” for what he did, and it shouldn’t be judged based on if he resigns or not.

    What he did is a crime no matter how the Honorable Prime Minister or Mr. Hulse may address it. He provided a Nationality/Passport to someone how has never been to Belize, and to make it even more worst it’s to someone who is at the Interpol Website as “wanted.” – This is seen as a crime in other countries, and it should be seen as one here to. Why not? Because he is a part of the UDP? No, this should be seen the same way.

    I am sure this whole “Passport/Visas Hustling” it’s nothing new. I am sure this has happened before with the PUP and it went under the table when they were in position, but now that this has been finally revealed to us the public, we should take action on this matter.

    I read the post about Mr. Penner’s text that he sent from Guatemala stating that he will continue to serving “his” people.

    People with their right mind will not allow Mr. Penner to continue, I will not. I’m from Cayo North East, and I voted for Mr. Penner this March 2013. But to be honest, I am very, but very disappointing with what his has done. People who supports Mr. Penner are: 1. Ignorant People- who are not aware of what he has done to this country. People who gets satisfied with a $100 bill that may be given to them, but not truly realizing, and understanding in depth the damage that has been done. 2. Alias- People that works for him, his family, etc…

    I honestly don’t like to drawing conclusions especially when it comes to someone’s health. But I really don’t believe Mr. Penner headaches, etc….in Guatemala. That’s nonsense- I bet his opening a Bank account in Guatemala to have all his funds transferred there just for in case he decides to move there now that his political career has been destroyed. He didn’t do that Passport transaction for $10K USD people, especially for a criminal. This transaction would cost minimum $250K USD. For someone like Mr. Penner this may not be a lot but for us it is, and it’s a crime nonetheless by the way of it means.

    People reading this post- What will other (countries) think of us? We are still a small developing country with a lot to offer.

    I’m a 21 year young lady who just graduated from a BSc in HealthCare and enjoy travelling, and I don’t wish or want to be seen suspicious or treated differently because of this issue. There are now records of this issue all over the internet. People, countries, and now even criminals have and will take note of this issue, and how we have address it.- Our country’s integrity it’s risk.

    We should stop this now that it has finally been revealed to us the public, and continue to show pride towards our beloved country- Belize.

    Thanks for reading.

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