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Oct 10, 2013

But was he legally allowed to do so?

Dean Barrow

The question was raised if the Prime Minister had the authority to allow Penner to sign nationality certificates and passports.   That’s a matter of interpretation, but the PM did confirm that there is no law which confers Ministerial discretion on any Minister of State. So it is not known if whatever documents Penner signed off on are valid.



“That legal opinion that you received and followed to your regret; could the law, legislation please be cited same times in the near future that authorizes multiple signatures on the nationality certificate. Whether or not for example it would have simply been within the authority of the Prime Minister and the cabinet on that legal advice for that to happen or if there is a specific law that allow for that conveyance of authorization.”


Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

“Am not quite sure am following you pastor, you seem to some extent also to be looking at what the minister has said will now happen in the future. We are talking about three signatures now as trying to institute a safeguard. With respect to if you’re asking specifically in the case of Penner, whether the law expressly says, a minister of state in the ministry of immigration is entitled to sign nationality certificate. You are not going to find such law, it is a matter of what is the constitutional remit of a minister and a minister of state and what under that constitutional remit is able to be delegated from a substantive minister to a minister of state. I will say again sir that clearly MR. Penner has embarrassed ,e, has embarrassed the administration, has embarrassed all of us, but I don’t think it is helpful to retrace our steps in quote the way that it appear to me you are suggesting.

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6 Responses for “But was he legally allowed to do so?”

  1. BelizeaninAsia says:

    Can you believe this crap! This is BS Mr. Borrow! Just because Penner complained to YOU over and over about “Feeling left out” you took it upon yourself to “Give him the authority” to sign Passport and Nationality documents? When in fact this was and is the job of the Minister of Immigration??? What the hell!! Wow, so I guess you can alter protocol and regulations as you see fit. There is a reason why the Minister of Immigration should be the one to sign such documents. You and all your cunningly devised choice of words. This man is a deceiver and the master of it. This man needs to be ousted from his seat as Prime Minister of Belize. He is not worthy. He is crooked and a pro at it. He knew Penner was shady. Why didn’t his radar go up when he kept complaining and wanting to be in charge of signing such documents???

  2. BelizeaninAsia says:

    You say it was legal but was it NECESSARY??? Or you couldn’t say ‘No’ to a buddy?

  3. Bean O. Barrow must resign says:

    1) Beano it is Honorable Penner to you, not Mr. Penner. Tell Boots to get it straight also, they all follow you and Contrerass.

    HONORABLE PENNER, H-O-N-O-R-A-B-L-E, got it?
    You need this correct to beat the recall, so your Belizean robots will toe the line and stick with your passport salesman. You must keep calling him Honorable! At least until the ship’s bow is under water sinking.

    2) the PM Barrow and UDP does what ever they want to do. Steal BTL, BEL, SIF, pensions, whatever. Like you need to explain to anybody? Don’t these clowns get it? You have been getting away with it for years, what is so special about passports?

    next fool’s question ….

    3) “but I don’t think it is helpful to retrace our steps in quote the way that it appear to me you are suggesting.” Did Ch5 transcribe this wrong? Or is it a lawyer talking to squirm out?

    Beano, do you actually think? or just criminally act? Most professionals will look, re-look, and keep looking to figure out how the train wreck happened. Not for you, the investigation is done, recall is priority one to be prevented.

    Stick with Penner, that is all you need to think about, you loose him and your prison sentences go higher, he knows too much.

    4) Belize why stop with Penner’s recall? This is a unique chance for patriotic Belizeans to recall ALL the criminals and take control of their country.

    BTW, Go Toledo! you sent these UDP criminals packing on the last election.
    You may be the poorest district, but you have the most integrity and smarts than the rest of the country.

  4. James says:

    Ha Ha Ha! Well, people of Cayo Northeast…the entire country is depending on you to set the example. It’s up to you…Take the offers and do what you think is best. They took away your lands to sell for money…so ask them back for your lands…

  5. Joe Blank says:

    Make Ministers Chief Accounting Officers in their Ministry! In that way, they cannot bully civil servants and Permanent Secretaries to look the other way or comply with their dirty deeds. It’s simple. Barrow knows that. Musa knows that. Make them primarily accountable, in a very legal way, for what happens in their ministry. The lawyer politicians know this. This is the key that sends them to jail and they will never bring such legislation to the house. So, civil society needs to hold their feet to the fire.
    We need a independent commission of enquiry including panellists from reputable international organizations.

  6. Al Rich says:

    This is not the first passport scandal that has come before this PM. There was the loss of I can’t remember how many passports, why was there no safeguards put in place at that time. I see this PM riding a bicycle backwards. Corruption has been internationally exposed and now he is trying to pull the covers up. It is too late PM the world is looking in and is making judgment of your ineptness to lead a country.

    It really does not matter what you say, because everything you say does not make sense. You know what was done is illegal, it is treason and yet you are looking to white wash the black off the corruption. Dig in because this thing is not going away soon.

    I Believe the history of this country will paint you as the worst leader that ever sat as PM over this country.

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