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Oct 10, 2013

“Boots” Martinez says he is standing by Penner

Anthony “Boots” Martinez

The Prime Minister said earlier today that Elvin Penner acted grievously wrong in the issuance of a passport to a South Korean National in jail in Taiwan. Notwithstanding, the U.D.P. is backing Penner whose political career has been destroyed by the scandal. Penner, however, still has the support of his cabinet colleagues. On Wednesday, the Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation said he was standing by Penner.


Anthony “Boots” Martinez, Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation & Poverty Alleviation

“In terms of the recall mechanism, I think that it is a tool that will be put to work or the P.U.P.s are gearing to put it to work in terms of Mister…what happened with the immigration thing. I think first and foremost, the Belizean people need to recognize that this was not a story or a news item that was hidden from the Belizean public. It was the prime minister who in other words, this dah neva no hush-hush scenario. This thing was brought forward by the prime minister and the prime minister addressed it in my view appropriately.  I am a member of the United Democratic Party and a senior member and once I am called upon and once within a man’s rights and factually, like weh I say I am with the party and Mr. Penner is my colleague and I am not divorcing myself from Mr. Elvin Penner, he is my colleague and I stand behind Mr. Penner at this point because as the Prime Minister rightfully pointed out that at this point Mr. Penner had been punished at least to the stage where he deemed it to be punishable. Anything moving forward that shed a different light. But of before and of now I am still supporting Mr. Penner as my colleague. Just like how the P.U.P. the out there to support their own I will be going out there to support the United Democratic Party and the honorable Elvin Penner who is the representative.”


Minister Martinez made this comment on Wednesday but because of the volume of news, we report on it tonight.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for ““Boots” Martinez says he is standing by Penner”

  1. Boots, time to take booty calls from Castro, he upped your game. says:

    I guess Beano is taking a break defending Honorable Penner. So…..

    Here come Boots, from the cabinet bench to show UDP still has game.

    Blood in the water, looks like the team is going down but still has fight. Soon the rats will decide who is expendable, then the cannibals begin to feast. It ain’t Boots to be eaten, he has balls to play to the last minute.

    Who is next to defend the UDP cabinet of corruption?

    Every cabinet member needs to back the team and PENNER to show their worth and willingness to go to prison.
    Castro still has booty game and a fast mouthpiece moving.
    he could pull it off with an last minute upset & penalty goal.

    Who is is left to dishonor the country and defend Honorable Penner?
    (prominent scandal noted, most have five or more)

    Gaspar Vega (land grabs)
    John Saldivar (biggest scandal escapes me, so many to choose)
    Wilfred Erlington (silly man, with the guats, against the guats, with Belize, sellout? only his barber knows)
    Manny Heredia (cruise ship lackey, NCL loves you, XXXOOO, not so much support from BTIA)
    Pablo Marin (hospitals debacles in every district, low morale, plummeting life spans, and fake medical schools)
    Patrick Faber (lowest education rank in the Caribbean, duh)
    Rene Montero (bad roads, things built wrong, fake contracts, no stripes on the road)
    Micheal Finnegan (give away housing to the new Belize citizens)
    Anthony Martinez (put Boots down ready for double duty, solid UDP next PM)
    Erwin Contrerass (only if Barrow goes first, hefe here, the brains)
    Lisel Alamilla (Rosewood, what is that? burn it, I will sit quietly and betray my history)
    Joy Grant (oil concessions to Barrow’s nephew and other UDP hanger ons)
    Godwin Hulse (current BS mouth piece coverup artist)
    Charles Gibson (not sure here, help me on this)
    Santiago Castillo (working the $$$$ numbers under Beano’s direction)
    Hugo Patt (right hand to Gaspar, up and coming, yet to earn his own major scandal, have faith he is UDP)
    Hermon Longsworth (FIFA, soccer)
    Edmond Castro (bus licenses, but we love your flying squirrel booty call screetches)
    Mark King (gang development, suspended, currently at a re-education camp)
    Elvin Penner (Passports R us, suspended, unable to speak until recall denied and brought back to the Beano’s bosom)

    Contrerass will be the last to defend if anything is left, which is unlikely from his new home outside Belize.
    Contrerass the mastermind, even Barrow has to bow to Contrerass.

    Of course a legion of new UDP wannabes are ready to get in on the money.
    Like Eric the Change, traveling the world, as Belize’s new passport salesman; let the boy come home or at least back to this country to get his belongings.

    These newbies are not so smart as the second batch (first batch 1990′s),
    but they are your future cabinet members, dumb as dirt and prouder.
    and severely underpaid.
    They are ready to take stage when the old farts are exhausted.

    My bet is Penner will fold under the pressure, but somebody else might take the fall to keep Penner from talking.
    His morality and religious beliefs might be kicking in and could spill the Beano.
    What would Elvin’s grandfather say if he knew what they are really up to?
    Got to wonder how many Mennonites are OK with the corruption.

    As they say, you ain’t solid UDP until you have a major scandal under your belt.
    Honest people, don’t bother applying, it ain’t your game.

  2. Beano for all says:

    Boot’s you solid UDP and you are going down with the ship.
    When the criminal trial is over and your prison sentence is being imposed,
    ask for the max, you are a solid UDP man.
    In on the ground floor.

  3. boots speak it queens protocol says:

    show respect.

    It is not Mr. Penner, it is Honorable Penner to you and the rest of Belize.

    Don’t they teach you anything in cabinet besides corruption?

  4. Rod says:

    Of course thief the support thief so if you stand behind penner then you should join him in jail for being traitors to your country.

  5. Concern says:

    Boots: “I am a senior member and once I am called upon and once within a man’s rights and factually, like weh I say I am with the party and Mr. Penner is my colleague and I am not divorcing myself from Mr. Elvin Penner”

    Such support to try to continue the corruption should truly be rewarded senor Boots. Your loyalty to corruption is truly Admirable.

  6. cayobway says:

    so they are sending the 2 gang ministers and the police minister to cayo northeast, tthis can only mean that if the voters do not comply with the government agenda then they will either be handled by the police or shot up by the belize city gangs, please cayo people you all know beter than that, do not be persuaded by any belize city, or belmopan people.

  7. Ragadre says:

    Dude, you full of bull crap!!

  8. belizean to the bone says:

    Mr. Martinezz will definately support Mr. Penner. He is also hussling big. you see the assests that he has. No way his salary can buy all that. But every think the come to light now.

  9. Al Rich says:

    What a joke Boots Martinez as Minister of Poverty Alleviation. Whose poverty was he alleviating certainly not the people’s. There are more poor people in the country since UDP took over.

    It is plainly to be seen the only poverty that has been alleviated is the politician’s, their family, friends and other flunkies who knows the inside illegal activities and for a few dollars keep their mouth shut and eyes closed, they become blind, deaf and dumb.

    Unless the people take to the streets and protest and stop just talking in the market place and street corners, nothing will done.

  10. melvin says:

    “In terms of the recall mechanism, I think that it is a tool that will be put to work or the P.U.P.s are gearing to put it to work in terms of Mister…what happened with the immigration thing, HMM of course mr boots martines have to be their and support corruption,and the re-call mechanism,law was passed by dean barrow and the UDP and it is a good law and it goes to the PUP, that if they continue the same way as before of continue the same as corrupt as dean barrow the people have that right to ‘RE-CALL, no matter wat party it is,we are tired and tired to continue with this bull$#+&,corruption,corruption,if it is PUP,OR UDP,we Belizeans deserve better.enough is enough! so what is dean barrow afraid of? RE-CALLLLLLLLL PENNER AND THEN OTHER S WILL COME!

  11. ceo says:

    What about standing up for your country; Boots? What about standing up for what is correct? What about just doing the right thing? Don’t stand up for crooked man, don’t stand up for a political party: Stand up for your country: Dam it! To see the PM and others up there defending this act of dishonesty speeks to their integrity!

  12. Nekko92 says:

    What Mr. Penner did is a ‘crime & corruption”- done!

    But I am curious, what will happen to Mr. Penner, are they just going to let him walk away like nothing happened?

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    Boots don’t even want to divorce Penner,”That is how corrupt this Government is”

  14. Independent says:

    Now that is what you call a: classic babel.

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