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Oct 8, 2013

Is attorney Arthur Saldivar abusing and manipulating nationality documents?

Arthur Saldivar

Arthur Saldivar is not disclosing how the more than a hundred and fifty documents found their way into his hands just before they were destroyed. But he says he will provide proof that they came from the Immigration Department on Wednesday. The press, this afternoon, cornered Saldivar on that point.



“Why have you not been more forthcoming as to where you have sourced the documents from considering that all the sourcing is finished; because you say you have a throve of documents. So why can’t you explain the full circumstances of how you retrieved them from a disposal process? Why are you yourself…”


Arthur Saldivar, Attorney

“Why would that be for me to explain? What is to be explained is how they got out of the immigration office in the first place?”



“But we don’t know that there are out of the immigration office; we can’t verify your claims.”


Arthur Saldivar

“This is the reason why tomorrow when you see the binder, you can then go to the binder, you can then go to the immigration; check with them to see if they are liked binders and from there you draw your conclusions. I am not here to do the job of the investigators. The investigators should be doing that. If the persons charged with the responsibility to investigate want to get that information, by all means, I am here. I am a citizen who is ready to cooperate with them; I’m a citizen who is willing to give them that information, but certainly it is not for the press at this time.”



“It’s not for the press? Then certainly you are just like the people you are criticizing.”


Arthur Saldivar

“No not at all. Not at all.”



“You can’t have it both ways sir.”


Arthur Saldivar

“Of course I can.”



“Well you can because right now you have control of the process. But you are using that to abuse and manipulate; that is your want.”


Arthur Saldivar

“If you want to take it that way Jules, it is for you to have that belief and that perception.”


Saldivar says that if Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, wants access to the documents, he is willing to provide them. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for “Is attorney Arthur Saldivar abusing and manipulating nationality documents?”

  1. Joe Blank says:

    Lol! Jules is trying to shoot the messenger to discredit the message. Lol! You can’t save your crooked gov’t Jules. Sure, Arthur Saldivar is a shameless opportunist. But hey, if the message is true, cover your nose while the messenger reads!

  2. Beano needs help says:

    Aurthur, the PM and cabinet want all the documents now.
    No copies, no one else needs to see them, just the PM and Cabinet, now.
    You need to tell the press you are a liar.

    Watch out you are a marked man.
    You are making Uncle Beano look bad.

  3. Love says:

    It’s the first time we see Jules feathers being ruffled. We are with Arthur. You are missing the point Jules. Your focus and our focus should be on the truth. The PM told us in no uncertain terms that this is the first time any such thing had happened with Penner. He lied!!! Hulse did not lie, as he said: ‘ Penner have ALWAYS BEEN AGGRESSIVE WITH MOVING THESE FILES AROUND.’ We can see from the documents that it’s not the first time, and that criminal investigation need to be done pronto at the immigration department, before all the evidence can be destroyed.

  4. belizeanheat says:

    Stop playing games Saldivar. Either you have the files or you don’t. Are you doing this for the benefit of the Country or do you just like to have your face on the six o’clock news? Show us the files and tell us how you got them. Or are you going to turn this into the Saldivar show by releasing them one file at a time? I recall another media whore who claimed to have hundreds of hours of recordings of government corruption that never materialized.

  5. Angel says:

    It only takes ONE document for a criminal investigation. The Prime Minister has been given that document by Highly Credible International Agencies. Penner should have already been ejected from the UDP and a Criminal Investigation launched. There are honest UDP’s who are allowing this disgraced Penner to drag down their party and their country. Stop protecting this Godless Man!!

  6. Name Witheld says:

    I believe what Mr. Arthur Saldivar is doing is a good thing, he he delivered all the documents to the police or people from the immigration department they will destroyed the files!!! By delivering one or two to the media daily will let it be in the public view and more and more people will understand what is happening! the head of state (Dean) already said that Penner will not be charged criminally, What does that tell you, It told me that more Ministers are involved and they all benefit Financially, so they will try as hard as possible to suppressed evidence.
    read betwen the line… Why do you think the government had implemented a law that allows ministries to operate foreign currencies accounts and that they Ministries (ministers) doesn’t have go thru the central bank, they were (washing) transporting the money they gained from selling Belizeans Nationality left right and center. The Us homeland security should look into that and hold the corrupt Belizeans politicians whenever they go to the US. and charged for plotting with terrorists and for allowing terrorists to paid for new nationality (by which they may evade detection/capture) or some other criminal charges, they should put less resources on fighting Maria Juanita and put those resources in fighting corrupt politicians, who plots with terrorists!!!!

  7. Guerra says:

    Anybody who want to cover up this corruption, is just as bad as all the criminals in prisons. Where is the love for your country? Thank you Arthur for getting hold of these evidence because if it was up to all those running the country, the Belizean public and the world would be none the wiser as to the magnitude of this scandal. The world is watching, and still we have people wishing they could have kept this terrible incident, in secret. They have No shame , and are not hiding their wicked intent. Law abiding citizen, don’t care how you got hold of the documents, or how much you have. The fact remain that true Belizean patriots, consistently question why an investigation was not carried out immediately to avoid the destruction of evidence.

  8. Guerra says:

    Public officers take heed! Hulse is not interested in the real investigation, as it may reveal enough to bring down the UDP empire. He is more interested in finding scapegoat public officers who need to be sent home for somehow allowing these document to reach the public domain.

  9. Belizean says:

    Jules is diverting the attention from the point. The issue here is the crime of issuing nationality certificates and passports not if the documents were taken out of the office or not Jules!!! STOP pushing the corruption from your government under the rug and face it! you are doing the same as Barrow, trying to cover up

  10. ABC says:

    It does not matter what Arthur has done, what he is doing now is a good thing. The entire Immigration Department has been into the corrupt practice for long, they just like the Ministers get rich overnight so let it be disclosed once and for all. It is still happening as we speak and it needs to stop. All the government is trying to do is cover up their nasty deeds plus they want to continue reaping.

  11. Patriot says:

    Now, Jules should cover his face when he goes out doing his job as a one-cent journalist. True Belizeans welcome the revelation of evidence into the worse case of corruption in Belize. Jules should be pressing on Godwin Hulse and Dean Barrow on why there is no criminal charge so far. Do your job, Jules or lock up yourself in your room.

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